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Lushberry juice is a type of Elvin beverage which is favored by many children, although adults drink it too as shown by the time Sir Faxon had snorted it all over himself in reaction to "The Great Cape Destruction." It is bright green and is kept in a bottle, which is seen both when Edaline conjures it, as well as when it was in a midterms bubble. It can be noted that Dex slipped a balding elixir in Stina's juice as mentioned in Book 1: Keeper of the Lost Cities. Also, it is served in the Foxfire cafeteria and is mentioned to be good for washing down bad tastes. Later, in Flashback, Flori had rigged a dummy for Sophie, under Sandor's leadership to appear as blood to give a more life-like affect. She had also done this for some of Sophie's friends when they had wanted to get in on the training with the experienced five bodyguards.

It is possible that there are multiple types or flavours of lushberry juice, as in one book it says that it is bright green, but Sandor uses it as fake blood in Flashback.

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