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The parents of the baby Alicorn twins, Luna and Wynn, are Greyfell and Silveny. Luna is the older of the twins, with Wynn following her a couple minutes after. There are now currently four alicorns currently known to the Elvin world. Luna and Wynn were prematurely born and had to finish growing in a special troll hive built for them by Luzia Vacker. After the battle against the newborn trolls, Sophie, Keefe, and Tam were summoned to the hive by Silveny. Although Silveny and Greyfell were given a lethal dose of soporidine by Lady Gisela (who had called Sophie, Keefe, and Tam), they were given the proper antidote in time to save them, at the cost of Tam joining the Neverseen as a replacement for the recently deceased Umber. A few weeks after they were safely implanted, they hatched. The day before the hatching the trolls at the hive gave them the notice that the membranes on the cubbies were thinning. That day, there was a “constant baby watch.”

Wynn is described to have blue tipped wings just like his father. Both twins are described to look as if they had been dipped in moonlight.

Sophie suggested the name Luna and Keefe suggested the name, Wynn. Other names that were suggested include Keefster, Keeferina, Keefiana, Argent, and Sterling, which Sophie, Silveny, and Greyfell all disliked.

In Book 8: Legacy, the baby alicorn twins keep attempting to befriend the gorgodon by wiggling through the bars on its enclosure, causing lots of problems because they can't seem to be kept away. They can also teleport while sprinting by building up speed.

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