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Lumenite is a material that was used for building Lumenaria (which is the origin of its name) when the Ancient Councillors built it. It does not burn, even with Everblaze, so it is also used for bottling said substance when necessary.

However, in Lodestar, the Neverseen find a way around the no-burn rule and the confusing hallways and staircases, using Gethen to collapse the Lumenaria castle using outward channelling (a skill) during the Peace Summit, killing Mr. Forkle's twin (as revealed in Nightfall) and Brant while Councillor Terik lost his leg.

In Candleshade, Keefe says there is a giant statue of his father, Lord Cassius, made of Lumenite that gave him nightmares.

Fintan Pyren was once held in a Lumenite prison for a short period of time.

Sophie bottled Everblaze in Book 1 with Lumenite and gold to show Alden that the white hot, sweet smelling fires were actually Everblaze.

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