Lumenaria was an elvin fortress built on an island. It served as the meeting place for the six intelligent species, especially for events such as the Peace Summit, and also the prison for diplomatic prisoners who held too much value to be imprisoned in Exile.

Lumenaria was built out of lumenite so that it would not be able to burn, even with Everblaze. The layout was intentionally ambiguous to ensure that no one can find their way through unless they have been trained.

Visitors to the cells had to be first patted down to make sure they did not carry with them any weapons, gadgets or jewelry. They are blindfolded and escorted by goblin guards down a stone spiral staircase and several hallways to the dungeon where the prisoners were held.

The dungeon had six arched silver doors lining the room, with no visible locks or handles. To open a door, one had to place their palms on the door to make a combination panel appear so that they could key in the code. The codes changed three times a day and were passed along to the Councillors in a random order to make it impossible to predict who would have access at any given moment.

Visitors were enclosed in a force field that shifted as they move. Every prison cell had a waist-high stone pillar with a silver sword trapped permanently in the stone. The prison cell was set to an extremely low temperature. The prisoner was brought a pillow to sleep, but never at the same time, to mess up their internal clock.

For the Peace Summit, the attendees stayed in rooms in the underground quarters that were luxurious and secured with two locks. There have been only 4 known prisoners: Vespera, Gethen, Brant, and Ruy.

During the Peace Summit, Gethen, Fintan Pyren, Ruy Ignis, and Brant (and possibly Vespera) made use of the skill of outward channelling to not only break out of their prison but also to bring down and destroy Lumenaria.

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