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Map of the Lost Cities

Map of the Lost Cities

The Lost Cities are the cities for the elves. Many of them have been previously inhabited by humans, before the Human Betrayal. The most well-known city the humans have previously lived in is Atlantis.

The Lost Cities are scattered throughout the globe, but each are easily accessible by leaping crystals.

Unlocked Descriptions of Known Lost Cities[]

Splendor Plains.jpg

Splendor Plains: Elwin's residence is just as bright and bold as his fashion sense, and every pane of his widowed walls is set with a different color of glass. But the architecture is also surprisingly sleek and modern, with a flat roof and lots of sharp angles. And while the décor is some what sparse there are plenty of "Elwin" touches-like the room holding his stuffed animal collection and the tunnels visible under the glass floor, which allow his pet banshee(Bullhorn) to scurry wherever his little heart desires. The house is bordered by forest on one side and ocean on the other, providing Foxfire's resident physician with a variety of peaceful views to enjoy after stressful days in the Healing Center (most of which involve complicated injuries suffered by Sophie Foster).

Keefe's House.jpg

Wanderling Woods: As the Lost Cities' only graveyard, the Wanderling Woods is a place of peaceful silence, filled with carefully arranged, incredibly special trees. Wanderlings are planted with the DNA of someone deceased in order to grow with hints of their physical attributes. As a result, no two Wanderlings are alike, and each is labeled with a sign to indicate the life being memorialized- though there are three Wanderlings that were planted prematurely: Sophie Foster's, Dex Dizznee's, and Alden Vacker's. Only elves may enter the Wanderling Woods (unless special permission is granted by the Council), and a golden sign arches over the entrance reminding visitors that "those who wander are not lost." And while some might comment on how few trees grow in the woods-and claim it as proof that death is rare in the Lost Cities-those mourning loved ones would likely argue that there are still far too many Wanderlings.


“The Lost Cities wasn't a bad place. But it wasn't the ideal world everyone wanted it to be either. And it it had a lot of buried secrets.”

—Narration, in Flashback

Lost Cities



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Exile Places

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Neutral Territories

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