Loamnore is the dwarven capital. It reminded Sophie of an ant farm because of its maze of tunnels leading to different places like underground plazas, marketplaces, and bubble-shaped living quarters.

Unlocked Description[edit | edit source]

Loamnore (or Nymtyranyth in Dwarven): The dwarven capital is an enormous underground maze of intricately woven tunnels the snake deep into the earth and lead to marketplaces, plazas, and even bubble-shaped living quarters. Visitor unable to tunnel into the city must wade to the middle of a muddy quagmire and sink down through the muck into a cavern known as the Visitor Center. Two paths are available from there: one narrow but bright enough to see (for those heading towards the main city), and the other wide, black void of nothingness previously called The King's Path. (The name will likely be changed to the Queen's path in light of the dwarves' new leader.) The path can be a disturbing journey and shout not be braved unless a visit to the ruler of the dwarves is both approved and absolutely necessary. Parts of Loamnore were recently rebuilt after King Enki's betrayal (and the battle that followed), and residents of the city hope the Queen Nubiti's rule will bring a new era of peace and prosperity.

To Reach Loamnore/The King's Path[edit | edit source]

To get there, you must trudge through a smelly bog, and then sink through the mud. Then, magsidian that is cut in a special way gets all of the mud off of you by drawing the earth to them. You land in a bubble-shaped room, called the visitor center, with packed and shimmery sand as the ground and smooth dark mud for the ceiling. The walls are made of a gleaming marble stone. It is lit by small glass jars with pale orange fire. Then the path is split: one way for those with permission to enter the city, the other for those wishing to see King Enki. The path that Team Valiant and the Councillors took was the latter, and they had to go through the King's Path, a long, unsettling maze with a total absence of light. Everyone going on this route apart from the guides usually hallucinates so they are unable to remember the exact path taken and due to the absence of light. The reason for this path is to make sure that nobody who isn't supposed to reach the Grand Hall doesn't reach it. The Grand Hall has an intimidating door made from thousands of pieces of metal intricately welded together. Inside is the King's throne, which is made from a huge block of solid magsidian. The walls are made from onyx, except for one block that was made of magsidian, and when it was hit with light, it destroyed the chandelier.==References==

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