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Lylie or Winh is the romantic/friendship pairing of Linh Song and Wylie Endal.

Linh and Wylie met when Linh was helping Wylie recover from his burns after he was captured in Lodestar. Since then the two have spent a lot of time together. Linh was the first person to make Wylie smile after he was kidnapped using her Hydrokinesis. Linh has shown that she was worried about Wylie in Nightfall. Wylie also stole a glance at Linh after he leaped to Havenfield.

Pairing Names Edit

  • Linlie (Linh/Wylie)
  • Lylie (Linh/Wylie)
  • Winh (Wylie/Linh)
  • Wylinh (Wylie/Linh
  • Lylie for the Winh

Moments Edit

Keeper of the Lost Cities: Lodestar Edit

  1. When Wylie was recovering after being captured by the Neverseen, Physic says that his recovery is going well in large part thanks to Linh because she wrapped him in a watery cocoon.
  2. Linh spends the days before Sophie goes to see Gethen with Wylie.
  3. The only thing Wylie responded to for a while was Linh's hydrokinetic tricks in which he smiled at.
  4. She manages to make him smile by shaping the water into a dancer and letting it twirl around the room.
  5. Linh skips the skills session at Foxfire because she didn't want to leave Wylie alone.
  6. When they're talking about whether to trust Lady Gisela or Fintan, Linh says that she doesn't want to trust Lady Gisela because she probably killed Wylie's mom.

Keeper of the Lost Cities: Nightfall Edit

  1. Sophie suggests that Linh should check on Wylie while she's in Ravagog because they have been spending so much time together.
  2. Livvy asks where Linh is asking if she's with Wylie again and Tam agrees she is. Fitz mentions that they spent all of the day yesterday together.
  3. When they find out that Prentice was exposed to soporidineLinh asks how Wylie's taking the news because she's worried.
  4. When they're planning Prentice's healing Linh says they should talk to Wylie to make sure it's okay with him or if he wants them to wait.
  5. When Sophie asks how Wylie's doing Tam says that Linh told him he was doing better, making jokes and adding light tricks to her water tricks.
  6. Linh volunteers to go with Tiergan to see Wylie 'In case he needs cheering up.'
  7. When they're thinking about what/who to use as a distraction so they can get into Nightfall, Linh says they could ask Wylie but she doesn't want to ask him probably because she doesn't want him to get hurt.
  8. When Sophie says they can't ask Wylie to do that Linh tells her that they should ask him because he might want to help.
  9. When Wylie arrives at Havenfield, he steals a glance at Linh.

Book 7: Flashback Edit

  1. Wylie protectively steps in front of Linh and glares at Bo for glaring at Linh.
  2. When Bo is mad at Linh she steps closer to Wylie for protection.
  3. Linh has a crystal that leaps to Wylie's house.

Silimarities and DifferencesEdit

Similarities Edit

Differences Edit

Trivia Edit

  • Two of their ship names, Lylie and Winh, can be put into a sentence: Lylie for the Winh! (pronounced "Li - lee for the Winh")
  • In Flashback, when they are figuring out names for the baby alicorns, Wynn is accepted. Wynn is pronounced the same as Winh, and Winh is a ship name for Linh and Wylie so perhaps that means something.
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