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Larulla is the romantic/friendship pairing of Linh Song, Marella Redek, and Maruca. The three become good friends in Book 8: Legacy when they often hang out in Tiergan's House.

Pairing Names

  • Larulla (L/inh, Ma/ru/ca, and Mar/ella)


Book 8: Legacy

  1. Linh and Marella come with Maruca to try and convince Sophie to let Maruca help her 'so she doesn't chicken out'.
  2. Linh, Marella, and Maruca hold hands.

Linh and Marella

Book 6: Nightfall

  • Mr. Forkle says that he wants Marella to train with a Hydrokinetic "'since there are stronger correlations between abilities that affect the elements.'"
  • Tam asks why Marella doesn't want Linh to know about her pyrokinesis, and Marella says she doesn't care if Linh knows.
  • "Linh worked with Marella, learning to control their abilities." 

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