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Mareliniana, Linhelliana, or Marellinhiana is the romantic/friendship pairing of Linh Hai Song, Marella Adene Redek, and Biana Amberly Vacker.

Throughout the books, they are portrayed as close friends, and could work well together as a triad since their dynamics seem to match well.

Pairing Names[]

  • Bialinella (Bia/ana, Lin/h, Mare/ella)
  • Linhelliana (Linh and Mar/ella and B/iana)
  • Mareliniana (Mar/ella and Lin/h and B/iana)
  • Marellinhiana (Marel/la and Linh and B/iana)
  • Bianellinh (Bian/a and Mar/ell/a and Linh)
  • Mareianalinh (Mare/lla and B/iana and Linh)


Book 6: Nightfall[]

  • The three all went to Vespera's Nightfall together.
  • Both Linh and Biana offer Marella support upon learning she manifested as a Pyrokinetic.

Book 8: Legacy[]

  • When Sophie asks Marella if Linh has a crush on Keefe, Marella says, "No, but not for the reason you're thinking." The 'reason Sophie is thinking' could be that Fitz has a crush on Linh, while the actual reason could be that Linh likes girls and Marella knows this.

Separate Moments[]

Biana and Linh[]


  • When Linh first meets Biana in Neverseen she bows.
  • Biana then compliments Linh's hair.
  • Biana defends Linh in Nightfall by saying "Aw, Linh has awesome control."
  • And then later, "And while Tam managed to force Keefe into a few of the research slots, he gave most of them to Linh, not wanting her spending too much time underwater-- no matter how many times Biana swore he was underestimating his sister."
  • When they found Biana after she was pushed onto the mirrors in the Nightfall facility, Linh was the one to think of calling Livvy.
  • In Unlocked Fitz says that Biana "likes silver-bangs," which could be referring to Linh.


Linh and Marella[]

  • Mr. Forkle says that he wants Marella to train with a Hydrokinetic "'since there are stronger correlations between abilities that affect the elements.'"
  • Tam asks why Marella doesn't want Linh to know about her pyrokinesis, and Marella says she doesn't care if Linh knows.
  • "Linh worked with Marella, learning to control their abilities." As told to Sophie, Marella would start a flame, Linh would extinguish it, and Marella would turn the water to steam.  
  • Marella and Linh show up at Havenfield together with Maruca.
  • When Sophie asks Marella if Linh has a crush on Keefe, Marella says, "No, but not for the reason you're thinking." The 'reason Sophie is thinking' could be that Fitz has a crush on Linh, while the actual reason could be that Linh likes girls, or that Linh has a crush on Marella.
  • Marella tells Sophie that she thinks that Fintan is impressed with Linh during the time she went along with her to her pyrokinesis training.
  • When the gang is about to go to Loamnore, Marella tells Linh, "If you're there, the Neverseen can use you to control Tam." Linh replies, "But if there's a fight, you're going to need me. You're going to need me (emphasizing Marella)". This is why Marella and Linh are originally excluded from the group that is heading for Loamnore.
  • Marella and Linh go to Loamnore anyway with Keefe.

Biana and Marella[]


  • Marella calls Biana "Princess Prettypants".
  • Marella wants the details of Sophie's afternoon at Everglen with Biana.
  • Marella defends Biana after Stina says abilities aren't as important as the elves make them out to be.
  • After Dex says Marella cried when he asked her about Caprise, Biana feels guilty for not checking if Marella was okay sooner.
  • Biana decides to fix her friendship with Marella.
  • They went to both the fake Nightfall and the real one together.
  • "'Why didn't you tell any of us?' Biana asked her. 'I know we don't hang out as much as we used to--' 'Uh, we never hang out,' Marella corrected. 'You all pretty much forgot I existed--until you realized my mom knew something about what happened to Cyrah. Then suddenly we were BFFs again.' 'That wasn't the only reason,' Biana argued."
  • Biana asks Marella if it hurt when she manifested as a Pyrokinetic.
  • Biana is concerned about whether or not she can hold Marella's hand.
  • Biana sympathizes with Marella after she says her mom is having a rough day.
  • Biana tells Marella she is there for her and places a hand on her arm.
  • Marella regains control of her Pyrokinesis after Biana says this (see above).
  • Biana reassures Marella she would help her break into Fintan's prison if she needed it.


  • They all are female elves.
  • They all are members of the Black Swan.
  • They are all part of the "Sophie Squad".
  • They all attend Foxfire.
  • They have all attended Exillium.
  • They are all somewhat side-characters.
  • They all have manifested.
  • They all have blue eyes.


  • Linh and Marella have element based abilities, but Biana does not.
  • Linh has black hair, Marella has blond, and Biana has brown.
  • Biana and Linh have brothers and Marella does not.
  • Biana and Marella have good relationships with their parents, while Linh doesn't.
  • Biana has teal eyes, Marella has ice blue, and Linh has silvery-blue eyes.
  • Linh has hair tips, Biana and Marella don't


  • All three have parts of their characterization that could be read with LGBTQ+ implications. Marella has to hide a part of herself for fear of rejection from society, Linh was kicked out by her parents, and Biana's interest in Keefe was written similarly to how many LGBTQ+ women force a crush on a boy to convince themselves they don't have feelings for girls.

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