Laura Hollingsworth has designed most of the official Keeper of the Lost Cities art. She's designed many of the main characters in the series as well as their close relatives.

Biography [1] Edit

Laura Hollingsworth is a twenty-seven-year-old artist with a passion for digital art, border collies, and Diet Dr. Pepper. She is a former Navy kid and recently moved to California.

Since 2009, Laura has been writing and drawing her own webcomic The Silver Eye. It’s an action/adventure tale about a wealthy orphan and a vagrant king who must unite to stop a conqueror. The comic is over 350 pages long so far and updates on Fridays. She illustrated the children’s book, What Should I Put on My Feet to Go Run? Every once in awhile she dabbles in fanart, and she has been featured on YA Interrobang.

Keeper of the Lost Cities Artwork Edit

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