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Lady Zillah is a Shade Mentor at Foxfire; as she is a mentor, she is also a noble. She is described by many as to being intense, though highly educated in her ability. She speaks in a soft, breathy voice - a quality that conflicts with her piercing eyes.

The name "Zillah" means shadow, corresponding with her ability.


Lady Zillah is said to be a statuesque female with warm brown skin. Her height is at an intimidating point and she has shiny black hair in an angled crop. Her eyes are a shade of blue that somehow change from light to dark blue as she moves.


Lady Zillah comes off as intense and strange to most who meet her. She also appears defensive and tired of people who distrust or hate Shades. She has a strong belief that shadows and darkness are always going to be stronger than light. She also believes that light it not the solution to every elvin problem, and there's conflict described with her and Elwin in Flashback.

Book Appearance[]

Lady Zillah is introduced in Flashback as Tam's Shade mentor. She comes to help explain Shadowflux and the echoes. Even though the Shadowflux doesn't respond to her, she tries to help Tam.


Tam Song is her prodigy and she says that he has the most potential of any of her prodigies. She also tells Tam that he should not fear his power nor himself. She also seems to have a lot of confidence in Tam.

Edaline is wary of Lady Zillah and the two don't really seem to understand each other. Some of the misunderstanding might come from Edaline's worry over Sophie and the echoes. She also doesn't like how Lady Zillah would call Sophie "girl" instead of by her name.

Elwin finds Lady Zillah intense and memorable based on when he met her. But he also acknowledges that she knows her stuff. He also gets tired of her slamming his ability until he's reminded that's what she goes through everyday. He also keeps trying to find solutions to the echoes with light even though she tells him light won't help.


“This isn't doubt I'm hearing. This is fear. And you should never fear your power, Tam. Or yourself. I know our world makes it hard not to. Very few value our talent the way they should. But darkness is vital-and not because it teaches us to appreciate the light. It's part of everything we know, and we've only begun to harness its potential.”

—Lady Zillah, in Flashback, page 196

“I'm sure you are. Now you know how I feel everyday of my life.”

—Lady Zillah replying to Elwin after he says he's tired of her slamming his ability, in Flashback, page 201

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