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This article is about the facility that Lady Gisela built. You may be looking for Vespera's Nightfall or Book 6: Nightfall.
The corresponding disambiguation page is Nightfall.

Lady Gisela's Nightfall facility was part of Keefe's legacy and could only be opened by his blood (as mentioned in the book Nightfall). Lady Gisela chose to use blood instead of spit for the DNA test because blood shows sacrifice and sends a stronger message. Keefe's blood also works as a master key for all the locked doors in Nightfall. Nightfall was inspired by Vespera's own laboratory in Atlantis. Lady Gisela's Nightfall is set at an unnamed location; however, the facility is noted to be set into a mountain. Lady Gisela used Starstones to light-leap to the facility. It was guarded by three gorgodons (a creature Lady Gisela created), but two were later killed by the Neverseen when they used Keefe's blood to enter. The inside is solid stone with a glittering white floor. The doors have runes over them which list qualities such as "Courage" and "Ingenuity". Sophie notes they may have to do with the criteria that Fintan gathered from questions asked to Keefe. Like the original Nightfall, the place was created for human experimentation.


The layout of Nightfall is not shown. However, it seems to be a multi-layered structure, as Lady Gisela states that Sophie's parents should be being held on the fourth floor in the observation platform. There was also a floor for Soporidine experimentation. When Sophie and her group journeyed through the facility, they spotted spaces where furniture might've been in the past. Many doors are rigged with alarms, and anyone who goes in would need to know the trick to bypass these alarms if they wanted to explore the facility.

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