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Master Cadence Talle is the current Beacon of the Silver Tower in Foxfire.

She is meant to be called Master Cadence, as pointed out by her in Nightfall, but everyone still calls her Lady Cadence because "that's how [she] sees [herself]."

She is a Polyglot and a Conjurer and mentors Sophie on the techniques of mimicking and developing a knowledge of each existing language.

Lady Cadence studies ogres and only returned to Foxfire to mentor Sophie, which she wasn't very happy about. She has a close friendship (-well as friendly as Lady Cadence and King Dimitar can be) relationship with King Dimitar.

Pronounced Cay-dence or Cah-dence.


Book 3: Everblaze[]

Master Cadence was promoted to the position of Beacon of the Silver Tower in Everblaze after Master Leto was promoted to Principal of Foxfire.

Book 4: Neverseen[]

She continued to tutor Sophie until Neverseen, when Sophie went into hiding with the Black Swan. She also gave her Markchain to the keeper crew, so they could sneak into Ravagog, undetected.

Book 5: Lodestar[]

In Lodestar, when King Dimitar was accused of wanting to make weapons in secret, he said he would grant Master Cadence, who had previously worked with the ogres in Ravagog, access to his cities whenever she wanted, as an assurance he would comply with the new treaty. As a result, she is known to have an in-depth knowledge of the location and structure of the ogre capital. While Sophie was at Lumenaria interrogating Gethen, a band of ogre rebels attacked Havenfield while she was there with Grady, Edaline and their bodyguards and got seriously injured.

Book 6: Nightfall[]

Keefe Sencen and Sophie Elizabeth Foster went on her houseboat Riverdrift, along the King's Path to get to Ravagog.

Known Abilities[]

As an experienced Polyglot, Master Cadence can translate all languages fluently and mimic uncannily.

As a Conjurer, she is able to summon objects from large distances with a snap of her fingers or put/take them from the void, which is also where people go when they're teleporting.

Physical Appearance[]

Master Cadence has raven black hair and midnight blue, or indigo eyes, as mentioned in Exile, and her hair is usually swept into a tight bun.

Personality and Traits[]

Master Cadence can be a bit pessimistic. She also may be a bit narcissistic, as she thinks that Sophie and friends don't really know anything. Master Cadence was very indignant after Sophie translated everything she said perfectly because she had assumed something was wrong with Sophie's Polyglot abilities. This was due to her being called back from Ravagog to mentor Sophie. She, however, was less than impressed with Sophie's mimicking skills, saying that she had seen toddlers with better scores. Afterwards, however, Master Cadence slowly warmed up to her and even showed some concern when Sophie's hands were coated with aromark.


Sophie Foster[]

  • prodigy

Sophie is her student, studying how to become a full-fledged Polyglot.

King Dimitar[]

  • friend

King Dimitar was formerly her king when she lived in Ravagog, and even bestowed her with a Markchain: an object that grants permission for the wearer to enter and exit Ravagog as they please. Their relationship is somewhat rocky, but Master Cadence remains the only elf besides possibly Keefe whom he respects.


  • She works with a group of pannoniasauruses.
  • She was unconscious for three days when touched by soporidine.
  • She was nominated as a replacement Councillor for Kenric, but she did not get the position.
  • The name Cadence means "a modulation or inflection of the voice" in English.
  • Talle means "waist" or "waist-line" in Vietnamese.

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