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The Theory Edit

Many people think that characters in Keeper of the Lost Cities are LGBTQ+, a likely occurrence due to the high population of LGBTQ+ citizens of the world.

Dex Edit

Many people think Dex is bisexual. This is shown through many instances and ships such as Detz/FedEx. Some people think that even though Dex doesn't hate Fitz anymore, he can't possibly like "Wonderboy" even if he stopped with the nickname, but others believe that the nickname is just a way of Dex trying to hide his feelings. He is also headcanoned as genderfluid, pansexual, nonbinary, and/or demiromantic. He is often shipped with Keefe (Keefex/Dexeefe).

Biana Edit

Many people headcanon Biana as bisexual (Bi-ana), but others headcanon her as lesbian, dubbing her "Lesbiana" and pairing her with Sophie (Sophiana/Biophie), Marella (Marelliana/Biella), Linh (Linhiana/Binh), Stina (Stiana/Bina) or both Linh and Sophie (Solinhiana).

Sophie Edit

Some people think Sophie is bisexual, asexual, pansexual, nonbinary, gray-ace, or lesbian, though it is not clear. She is shipped with Linh (Solinh/Lophie), Biana (Sophiana/Biophie), both Linh and Biana (Solinhiana), and/or Marella (Sophella/Marphie).

Keefe Edit

Keefe is widely headcanoned to be bisexual, pansexual, asexual, or gay. Some people ship him with Fitz (Feefe/Keefitz), Dex (Deefe/Keefex), Tam (Teefe/Kam), or both Biana and Tam. He flirts with most people, so we do not have much ground on who he likes other than maybe Sophie. He has also been headcanoned as trans, genderfluid, and nonbinary.

Tam Edit

Tam is headcanoned by many as gay, bisexual, nonbinary, demiromantic, aromantic and/or asexual, and shipped with Keefe (Teefe/Kam) due to them hating each other, similar to Drarry (Draco and Harry). He has also been headcanoned as transgender due to it being impossible for identical twins to be born of opposite sexes.

Linh Edit

Linh is mainly headcanoned as asexual and/or lesbian and liking Sophie (Solinh/Lophie), Biana (Linhiana/Binh), both Sophie and Biana (Solinhiana), or Marella (Marellinh/Linhella). She has also been headcanoned as trans, similar to Tam.

Fitz Edit

Fitz is widely headcanoned as bisexual, transgender, gay, pansexual, genderfluid, and many others. People ship him with Dex (Detz/FedEx), again due to their supposed rivalry in the beginning of their friendship. People also ship him with Keefe (Feefe/Keefex) due to them being best friends.

Wylie Edit

Wylie is headcanoned as gay and/or a trans boy (born in a female body but identifies as a male). He is most commonly seen as liking Tam (Wytam/Endsong).

Marella Edit

Marella is headcanoned as being lesbian, pansexual, or bisexual and being romantically involved with Sophie (Sophella/Marphie), Biana (Marelliana/Biella), Stina (Stinella) or Linh (Marellinh/Linhella). She is also headcanoned as aromantic and/or demisexual.

Definitions Edit

Abrosexual Edit

[1] Alternating between sexualities, or not having fixed sexuality. Sometimes said to be "permanently questioning" or "sexualityfluid".

Androsexual Edit

Attracted to males and masculinity from all genders.

Agender Edit

[2] Identifying as having no gender.

Aromantic Edit

[3] Not romantically attracted to others. Can still be platonically, aesthetically, sexually, or sensually attracted.

Asexual Edit

[4] Not sexually attracted to others. Can still be platonically, aesthetically, romantically, or sensually attracted.


Bi-Curious Edit

Mainly attracted to one gender, but occasionally attracted to another gender. (See homoflexible and heteroflexible)

Bigender Edit

[5] Identifying as any combination of two genders.

Bisexual Edit

[6] Attraction to two or more genders.

Cisgender Edit

[7] Someone who identifies with the sex that they were born with.

Demigender Edit

Identifying partially as one gender (male, female, nonbinary, etc.), but partially as another (nonbinary, female, male, agender, etc.). This may be aligned with one's biological sex, or not.


Only attracted to those that they've formed a strong emotional connection with.

Gay/Lesbian/Homosexual Edit

[8] Attraction to the same gender. (Lesbian refers to female homosexuals only, though Gay can refer to male and female as well as Homosexual)

Genderfluid Edit

Alternating between genders, or not having a fixed gender identity.

Gray-Asexual Edit

Only experiencing sexual attraction at certain times or in certain situations or to certain people.

Gray-Aromantic Edit

Only experiencing romantic attraction at certain times or in certain situations or to certain people.

Gynosexual Edit

Attracted to females and femininity from all genders.

Heteroflexible Edit

[9] Mainly attracted to the opposite gender, but occasionally attracted to other genders.

Homoflexible Edit

Mainly attracted to the same gender, but occasionally attracted to other genders.


[10] Stands for: Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Queer/Questioning, and more.

Omnisexual Edit

Attraction to all genders.

Nonbinary Edit

A gender/gender spectrum outside of the male/female binary spectrum. Can also be used as an alternate term for genderqueer.

Pangender Edit

[11] Identifying as any combination of all/multiple genders.

Pansexual Edit

[12] Attraction to all genders, or attraction to people regardless of gender.

Polysexual Edit

[13] Attraction to multiple genders or all genders.

Transgender Edit

[14] Transgender means you were born in a body opposite to the gender you actually are. For example, you were born with the body of a girl, but you are a boy.

Trigender Edit

[15] Identifying as any combination of three genders.

Questioning/Queer Edit

[16] Someone who is unsure about their sexual/romantic orientation and/or gender identity.


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