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“Okay, I don't mean to freak anyone out, but I'm pretty sure that's a Kraken.”

Keefe Sencen, in Everblaze

The Kraken is a huge green aquatic beast that was mentioned in Everblaze. They look like a mix between an octopus, an elephant and a lion. These creatures have six fangs, trunk-like tentacled noses, and slimy bodies. SophieKeefe and Sandor encountered a Kraken when light leaping, using the light from the unmapped stars to test the Black Swan's security. Later in Neverseen, they are referenced and it is revealed that they live in colder water, as the Black Swan's eastern hold was too warm for them to have been. In Flashback, Keefe gives Sophie a Kraken Prattles pin named Krakie while she is recovering in the Healing Center. In Legacy, Stina’s patch for Team Valiant displays a Kraken, and Sophie's reaction was, "...clearly everyone still had realistic expectations."[1]

Known Krakens Edit


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