The following is a list of policies that are meant to ensure everyone can enjoy this wiki and the information/community it offers. By implementing these policies and guidelines, administrators expect users to adhere to them, and all contributors will be held accountable by administrators; if you have any questions, please ask them.

Administrators always try to "assume good faith." We do not want to block someone who made a mistake—only users that intend to harm the wiki.

Current Active Administrators:

Behavior Policies

Administrators/Moderators will delete or edit out content that breaks these policies. They will issue a warning and may block you, especially if you have past offenses.

  1. Be kind to everyone; be inclusive and polite towards others.
    • Do not bully or post other hurtful comments. These are not tolerated under any circumstances.
    • Do not ship bash. Please consider others' opinions, and keep ship-related arguments civil. This includes comments such as: "This ship is stupid." "Down with this ship." "All ships except this ship are dumb."
    • If debating, arguments are expected to be made respectfully, without degrading others' opinions.
    • Do not direct any arguments towards users. You are arguing against the user's comment, not the users themselves. (For example, instead of saying "You're wrong. This ship is better because..." try saying, "I prefer this ship because...")
  2. Ensure that all content is suitable for all readers. Nothing inappropriate or mature is permitted on this website.
    • Do not mention any violence that is unrelated to the series.
    • Do not swear. Even minor swear words, acronyms, or abbreviations can hurt, offend, or discomfort others.
  3. Be respectful of administrators' requests and the things they do. Administrators ensure that the community is friendly and that the pages are informational. You are expected to follow any requests. If you disagree, you may send a polite message that explains ways for them to improve or suggests a solution.

Commenting Policies

Comments that do not follow these policies will be deleted, and warnings may be issued. Blockings may follow if the offense is repeated.

  1. Make sure to post your comments on the pages they relate to. Do not post comments unrelated to the topic of the page. Conversations unrelated to Keeper of the Lost Cities may be had on live chat, the forum, and/or message walls.
  2. Do not spam, whether it be on pages or threads.
  3. Post long comments, such as fanfiction, on the forum or a blog post instead of article comment sections.

Editing Guidelines

Edits that do not follow these guidelines will be undone. Warnings and/or blockings may follow.

  1. All wiki pages are to be factual and contain only information directly acquired from the books or Shannon Messenger's official social media sites. Do not add any second-hand information. Do not edit pages to include opinions or theories.
    • Administrator-added theory sections are permitted. You may request them.
  2. All edits to wiki pages are expected to be helpful for growing the page. Removing content, inserting false or unrelated content, and any other vandalizations are prohibited.
  3. American grammar and spelling is preferred to other forms of English since the books originated in America. (For example, use "color" instead of "colour.")
  4. Categories are to be necessary and helpful. Ensure that pages added to a category are relevant. Do not create any extra or spam categories. Typically, do not create a category that does not fit at least five pages. If you are unsure about adding a category, ask.
  5. Please get administrative permission before using automated editing. (Scripts, bots, etc.)
  6. Do not add any fanart to pages unless you have explicit permission from an administrator.

Page Guidelines

Pages that do not follow these guidelines will most likely be deleted. Warnings may be issued, and blockings may follow for repeat offenses.

  1. Before creating a page, ensure that the page has not already been created.
  2. Instead of making a non-factual page (as seen in "Editing Guidelines"), make a blog post or forum post. Examples of non-factual pages are fanfiction, fanart, and pages unrelated to the series.
  3. Only administrators may create disambiguation pages.
  4. If something you want to make a page for does not have a name, and not much is known about it, you should not make it. For example, you should not make "Marella's Friend" if Marella mentioned that she asked her friend about something. But, if the friend's name was mentioned, you could. Finally, if quite a bit is known about the subject, (such as "Sophie's Biological Parents") you may make it.
  5. Do not make a page that is not exclusive to the elves or the series. It does not need its own page; you can add information important to the series to other pages. For example, you should not make a page about a human city that elves visited.
  6. Do not make a family page unless there are multiple family members mentioned in the series.

Warnings and Blocking

Only administrators are able to block users. Administrators may use the following notices/warnings against users who break these policies.

1. A First Warning is used for a first violation that does not warrant a blocking. It appears on a message wall like this:

First Warning
You have violated one of the wiki's policies or gone against a guideline. It may be that you have cursed, been rude or offensive, vandalized a page, bullied, or not have adhered to the editing/page guidelines. This will remain on your history, and influence any further consequences. Please review the KoTLC Wiki Policies and Guidelines.

2. Additional Warnings are used when more than one violation of a user does not warrant a blocking. (See numbers 3-6.) They appear on a message wall like this:

Additional Warning
If you have received this on your message wall, then you have been previously warned. This is your second offense; therefore, any continued violations will likely result in further consequences. Please review the KoTLC Wiki Policies and Guidelines or a blocking may follow.

3. Blockings of 1 to 7 Days are typically performed for minor, repeated violations or more serious first offenses. The notice appears on a message wall like this:

Blocking of 1 to 7 Days
If you have received this, know that you have been blocked from the wiki for a time period of 1 to 7 days because you violated the wiki's policies or guidelines. Once the allotted time is up, you will be allowed to participate on the wiki again. Please review the KoTLC Wiki Policies and Guidelines.

4. Blockings of 1 to 4 Weeks are typically performed for more serious violations or repeated minor violations. The notice appears on a message wall like this:

Blocking of 1 to 4 Weeks
If you have received this on your message wall, know that you have been blocked for a time period of 1 to 4 weeks because you violated the wiki's policies or guidelines. Once the allotted time is up, you will be allowed to participate on the wiki again. Please review the KoTLC Wiki Policies and Guidelines.

5. Blockings of 1 or More Months are typically done for major violations or continually repeated violations. The notice appears on a message wall like this:

Blocking of 1 or More Months
If you have received this on your message wall, know that you will be blocked from the wiki for a time period of 1 month or longer because you violated the wiki's policies or guidelines. Once the allotted time is up, you will be allowed to participate on the wiki again. Please review the KoTLC Wiki Policies and Guidelines.

6. Permanent Blockings are usually only done against these users:

  • Bullies.
  • Users that are seriously rude or offensive, especially continuously or if the account is used only for this purpose.
  • Users that post inappropriate things, especially continuously or if the account is used only for this purpose.
  • Users that seriously vandalize pages, especially continuously or if the account is used only for this purpose.

Notices appear on the message wall like this:

Permanent Blocking
You will be permanently blocked from contributing to this wiki in a matter of days. You will still be able to view the wiki; however, your page editing and discussion access will be removed. Please contact an active administrator if you have a reason why you should not be permanently banned.

Frequently Asked Questions

What should I do if I noticed that someone broke a policy/guideline?

Tell an active administrator. Users' reports are invaluable when it comes to keeping the wiki a friendly, safe place. We greatly appreciate your help. If you're concerned about saying it publicly, you could message an administrator on Discord or ask one to live chat with you.

Why have I been blocked?

When a blocking has taken place, you should receive a message from an administrator stating why they blocked you and for how long. If you are still confused or have not received a message, don't panic. Administrators often leave blocked users the ability to post on their message walls. If you don't understand your blocking or want to appeal it, post a message on your wall.

Am I allowed to put fanart on a page?

No. Fanart is generally kept off of the wiki because the wiki is for canon information. Some pages do have fanart on them. In those cases, administrators have given special permission because the art is especially useful to that page. You may ask an administrator about adding fanart to a page, but, again, fanart is generally kept off the wiki.

You are allowed to post fanart on the Fan Art board on the forum, and you can put the page name in the Topic section. The discussion will then appear at the bottom of the page.

I don't think a page should have been deleted. What should I do?

First of all, please trust that the administrator had a good reason for deleting it. That said, pages can be restored, and aren't gone forever if they're deleted. You may send the administrator that deleted it a message asking why they deleted it. You may also start a petition for undeletion. That means to write out the reasons you think it would be a useful page for the wiki, and get one or two other users to agree with you. Please respect their decision if they still don't think it's a good page for the wiki.

Is character bashing allowed?

While we have no issue with fans expressing their opinions, we do request that they express them in a way that is courteous to other users. Commenting "I HATE HIM!" isn't as polite as commenting "I hate this character because of _____." The first example is unnecessary and adds negativity. The other example is respectful of other opinions, explaining why they think something.

How do I become an administrator?

When a new administrator is wanted on the wiki, the current active administrators will choose a user to become an administrator. The user can then accept or turn down this request. The chosen user is not necessarily one of our top contributors. Potential administrators must:

  • Have an account.
  • Have at least 500 contributions. (Exceptions may be made.)
  • Have been on the wiki at least three months.
  • Have not been blocked before. (Exceptions may be made, and this does not include requested blockings.)
  • Log on/be willing to log on at least once a week.
  • Be friendly and kind.

Something considered when appointing a new administrator is the breakdown of their contributions. We typically pick users with high article edits.

What are the templates on people's profiles?

Some users make "badges" to put on their profiles. They're listed in Category:Badges. Feel free to add one to your profile as long as the badge doesn't say that you have to have permission from someone, or that it's "rewarded" for something. They typically share something about a user or a club they're in. To see what users have a badge, go to Special:WhatLinksHere/Template:INSERTNAMEHERE.

I'm too lazy to read this full page.

Well, you're still responsible for following it. We'd obviously much prefer if you read the whole thing, but here's a summary for those of you who are too lazy because we'd rather have you read a summary than nothing.

  • Behavior Policies: We hold you to a higher standard of behavior than a lot of wikis; instead of "Don't be a jerk," we expect you to be kind and respectful. We are also a clean wiki, which means no cursing and nothing mature.
  • Commenting Policies: Post on related pages; don't spam; if your comment is long, consider posting it somewhere else.
  • Editing Guidelines: All article content should be canon and related to the series; don't vandalize; American spelling is preferred. If you're going to make a category, please read guideline four. Ask before using automated editing.
  • Page Guidelines: Be careful with duplicates; canon, series-relevant articles only; ask before adding fanart to an article or making a disambiguation page; make pages about minor things only if they have names; don't make a page for something that's common knowledge; don't make a family page for just one elf.
  • Warnings and Blockings: We try to be lenient. If you're blocked, you'll receive a message notifying you and stating why. We typically warn before blocking.
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