Kesline, or Julser, is the romantic pairing of Kesler and Juline Dizznee. Kesler and Juline are married with four children; DexBex, Rex and Lex. They love each other very much and will support one another. They still decided to get married even though they were considered a bad match by the matchmakers. The two of them both had to go through the hardship of having triplets, which is shamed upon by the elvin world.

Other Names

  • Kesline (Kesl/er and Ju/line)
  • Julser (Jul/ine and Ke/sler)


  • They both live in Rimeshire.
  • They both have prejudices surrounding them.
  • They both have red-ish hair.


  • Juline is a female and Kesler is a male.
  • Juline is in the Black Swan, but Kesler is not.
  • Juline is a Froster, whereas Kesler is Talentless.
  • Kesler owns an apothecary, while Juline does not.
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