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== Differences ==
== Differences ==
* Juline is female and Kesler is male.
* [[Juline Dizznee|Juline]] is female and [[Kesler Dizznee|Kesler]] is male.
* Juline is in the [[Black Swan]], while Kesler is not.
* [[Juline Dizznee|Juline]] is in the [[Black Swan]], while [[Kesler Dizznee|Kesler]] is not.
* Juline is a [[Froster]], whereas Kesler is [[Talentless]].
* [[Juline Dizznee|Juline]] is a [[Froster]], whereas [[Kesler Dizznee|Kesler]] is [[Talentless]].
* Kesler runs an [[Slurps and Burps|apothecary]], while Juline does not.
* [[Kesler Dizznee|Kesler]] runs an [[Slurps and Burps|apothecary]], while [[Juline Dizznee|Juline]] does not.

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Kesline, or Julser, is the romantic pairing of Kesler and Juline DizzneeKesler and Juline are married with four children; DexBex, Rex and Lex. They love each other very much and will support one another. They still decided to get married even though they were considered a bad match by the matchmakers. The two of them both had to go through the hardship of having triplets, which is shamed upon by most of the Elvin world.

Other Names

  • Kesline (Kesl/er and Ju/line)
  • Julser (Jul/ine and Ke/sler)


  • They both live in Rimeshire.
  • They both have prejudices surrounding them.
  • They both have reddish hair.


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