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Keepers are elves with minds that are practically impenetrable.


When something is too important to write down, the Council or another organization gives the secret to a Keeper to remember and protect. They are mostly Telepaths. It is the Keepers' job to remember things.


Book 1: Keeper of the Lost Cities[]

Quinlin thought that Sophie Foster is, or had the potential to be, a Keeper due to the fact that the Black Swan made her with an impenetrable mind, which is the ideal for Keepers. Sophie and Fitz later discuss this, talking about how either Sophie or Fitz could become Keepers because of their near-impenetrable minds.

Known Keepers:[]

Trivia/Other Information[]

  • Caches are like Keepers for the Council, except more secure, and a cache contains intentionally forgotten secrets that no one else knows because they pose such a large threat to society.
  • The opposite of a Keeper is their partner, a Probe.