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“'I know. It’s one of the things I like about you." Her stomach filled with fluttering things, which flitted around even more when she noticed how close they were now standing. The toes of their boots were almost touching, and his breath felt warm on her cheeks.”

Keefe Sencen, in Book 4: Neverseen

Sokeefe or Team Foster-Keefe is the romantic/friendship pairing of Sophie Foster and Keefe Sencen. Sophie and Keefe trust each other and try to be there for the other. For example, the window slumber parties in Book 4: Neverseen when Keefe was upset about his mom, Lady Gisela. Sophie has had "fluttery moments" with Keefe that she calls her heart going into "hummingbird mode." As the series progresses, Sophie grows closer to Keefe. Fitz seems to realize that to some degree and becomes jealous of Keefe. Keefe clearly likes Sophie, as stated in Keefe’s Short Story. Sophie admits to liking Fitz but has shown signs of liking Keefe as well.

One of the various reasons Sophie and Keefe fit so well together is because they both know what it feels like to be different. Keefe has his parents, and Sophie has her brown eyes and all her different abilities that some don't seem as special. Especially in Book 4: Neverseen, Book 5: Lodestar, and Book 6: Nightfall, Sophie and Keefe grow closer as they rely on each other to move on from their losses. Keefe is always putting Sophie before anyone else, and Sophie the same. They always try to keep each other safe, even if they don't think it through, like when Keefe joined the Neverseen, trying to act as a spy. He's constantly trying to act like a hero for her, and it is said that she impresses him.

Sophie cares about Keefe a lot. Every time Keefe gets hurt she gets worried and does her best to keep him safe and as far away from danger as possible; yet, Keefe always comes back for Sophie.

Keefe is always the first one to volunteer for anything Sophie plans and was the first one Sophie let into her plans and secrets. Keefe dubbed them team 'Team Foster-Keefe' in Book 2: Exile.

In the first few books, Sophie clearly states that she has a crush on Fitz. However, in Book 3: Everblaze, those feelings begin to shift towards Keefe. In the latest books, Sophie cannot decide between Fitz and Keefe. Sophie also tries to keep herself from liking Fitz in Book 6: Nightfall to improve their Cognate relationship. Some theories arise that Shannon introduced the Cassius Sencen Head Vs. Heart theory to foreshadow Sophie liking Fitz in her head and Keefe in her heart, but this has not been confirmed.

In the Keefe Short Story, Keefe admits his feelings and says he will tell her soon, that he was waiting for her to trust him first. But, he is too late (see paragraph below).

However, in Flashback, Fitz and Sophie confront their feelings for each other, which makes them start a relationship, causing the relationship of Sophie and Keefe to possibly be lowered slightly, but nothing is confirmed yet. Keefe tells Sophie he is happy for them and thinks they are "perfect for each other" but fans can see he is upset as well. Sophie feels a rush of "tangled emotions" at Keefe's upset face too, making fans wonder if she's feeling regret about her relationship with Fitz or simply sympathy for Keefe.

Pairing Names Edit

  • Sokeefe (So/phie and Keefe) (most common ship name)
  • Kophie (K/eefe and S/ophie) (not a commonly used ship name)
  • Team Foster-Keefe (as named by Keefe, second most common ship name)
  • Keephie (Kee/fe and So/phie) (Shannon Messenger's name for it.)
  • Keefoster (as named by Keefe)
  • Seefe (S/ophie and K/eefe) (not a commonly used ship name)
  • Keefster (Keefe and Fo/ster) (Common as a ship name)
  • Keester(Kee/fe and Fo/ster) (not a commonly used ship name)
  • Feefe(F/oster and K/eefe) (not a commonly used ship name)


Keeper of the Lost Cities: Keeper of the Lost CitiesEdit

  1. Keefe and Sophie's first meeting happens when Keefe, lying down on a bench, states that Sophie must be lost. Sophie analyzes him and notices that Keefe is, "watching her with curious, ice blue eyes." Pg 195
  2. He laughs and says that she's the biggest thing that has happened in the school since the Great Gulon Incident, which Keefe claims to have nothing to do with. Pg 196
  3. Sophie can point out that Keefe is cool and popular with his clothes disheveled. She wonders why someone cool and popular like him started speaking to her. Pg 196
  4. Keefe says that Lady Belva has a crush on him and Sophie thinks that he is good-looking and is certain that almost half the girls in school must have a crush on him as well. Pg 197
  5. Sophie blushes when Keefe's grateful that skipping class would be a good thing because he got "to meet the mysterious new girl." Pg 197
  6. Keefe winks at Sophie and suggests that she doesn't tell Lady Galvin, Sophie's alchemy mentor, that they're friends due to Keefe pulling off a few pranks in her class. He laughs when she tells him that she destroyed Lady Galvin's cape. Pg 197-198
  7. Keefe notes that the burn on Sophie's hand would likely make others cry from pain. He seems concerned and recommends that she get treated. Keefe then attaches his arm around Sophie's and leads her to the Healing Center. Pg 198
  8. Keefe won't leave until he knows Sophie's okay, but he also does this to get a pardon from his class. Pg 200
  9. Keefe laughs at Sophie when she tells him the serum exploded when she whipped it even though it said WHAP. He explains to her that WHAP means - 'wash hands and present'. Pg 201
  10. Sophie blushes during the splotching match when Keefe states that Sophie, a Level Two, is able to make it to the top ten was very mysterious. This causes Keefe to ask if Sophie has any hidden talents he is unaware of, then becomes interested when Sophie turns pale. Pg 217
  11. Keefe cheers Sophie to take down Fitz during the Splotch match and urges her to color Fitz in pink; Sophie obliges,"to make Keefe happy." Pg 219
  12. When Sophie and Fitz return from the Healing Center, Keefe and the others run to them. Keefe claims that Sophie beat Fitz hard during their splotching match, but Sophie denies it by calling it a tie. Pg 225
  13. Keefe wraps an arm around Sophie's shoulders after making her blush. Pg 226
  14. While at Alden's home, Keefe says that they should actually giggle about boys to find out who Sophie likes. Sophie blushes and lies saying she doesn't have one. Pg 239
  15. When Keefe announces that they are playing Base Quest, he claims Sophie on his team and places his arm around her shoulders, but Sophie shrugs him off because she notices that Biana was glaring at her. Pg 239
  16. Keefe teases Sophie that she shouldn't get better at alchemy so that they can depend on her to burn Lady Galvin's cape again. Pg 244
  17. Sophie joins Keefe in detention where he grins and gives her a thumbs-up. He smiles and questions why she's in detention while coming over to sit behind her, but Sophie refuses to tell him making Keefe claim she's still mysterious. Pg 253
  18. Keefe asks how long he's going to enjoy being with Sophie during detention and she replies, "Till the end of midterm." He assures Sophie to leave all the pranks and catastrophe to him since it's his forte. Pg 253-254
  19. Keefe tries to grab Sophie as his dance partner in detention, but Lady Belva partners Keefe with herself and Sophie with Valin instead. Whenever Sophie, "promenade," while dancing with Valin, Keefe would giggle. Pg 254
  20. At the end of the dance, Keefe states that Valin is in love with her and Sophie teasingly calls him terrible. Keefe doesn't deny the fact since he felt Valin's emotions when he brushed him. Sophie realizes that Keefe is an Empath, Keefe winks at her while reaching for her hand and offers to read her emotions. Sophie gets away from Keefe though he says it's futile because he can still read her emotions without touching her. Pg 255
  21. Afterward, Sophie inquires Keefe to reveal if he can actually read her emotions without physical contact, Keefe teases her when she's hiding something, causing Sophie to be irritated. Keefe just laughs it off, claiming that it's easy to frustrate her and confirms that he can feel her emotions at a distance. Pg 255-256
  22. During detention with Lady Galvin, Keefe clears his throat when he feels Sophie's emotion as she starts to think about Fitz. Sophie turns away when she meets Keefe's eyes, rejecting the idea that Keefe can feel her emotion with the distance put between them. Pg 257
  23. Keefe whispers to Sophie that she has to relax because she's beginning to worry him with the negative emotions she's bringing out. With that, they discuss how both of them have photographic memories and how it helped Keefe skip Level One which Sophie has also gone through. Pg 260-261
  24. As lunch is over, Keefe helps Sophie up to her feet and tells her to loosen up after she said she felt sick. He says that he's not the ideal supportive type, but reassures that she'll be okay with the effort she sets forth. Sophie smiles and thanks Keefe when he tells her to confirm that he was right so that he can brag about it. Pg 261-262
  25. Sophie notices that Keefe is gloomy around his father and apologizes Sophie through his eyes when Lord Cassius says some indirect rude remarks. Sophie leaves straight after they're done talking and feels sorry for Keefe for having to deal with a harsh father. Pg 269-270
  26. Keefe laughs and teases Sophie about the gift she got from Valin where it mentions their dance. While Valin is the vice president of the Sophie Foster Fan Club, Keefe declares that he's the president so he will take care of her. Pg 273
  27. Keefe doubts that Dex's gift is the best since Sophie hasn't seen Keefe's gift for her. Pg 274
  28. When Sophie passes her midterms, Keefe whispers, "Told you so." Pg 276
  29. Sophie opens her locker and sees a huge box of mood candy from Keefe with a note that said she should stay calm and keep away from detention. Sophie also finds a necklace and wonders apprehensively whether Keefe likes her because she thinks that he placed it in her locker (he didn't). Pg 277
  30. Keefe snickers when Alvar calls Sophie famous. Pg 279
  31. After Keefe lost three times in base quest, he refuses to continue if Sophie isn't on his team. Sophie accepts but purposely made them lose twice, causing Keefe to be frustrated while naming conspiracies and making Sophie laugh. Pg 329
  32. Keefe comes up behind Sophie and wonders what she's doing, he waves the air to push away the strong emotions that Sophie is letting out. Keefe knows Sophie doesn't want to talk about her problems due to Sophie remaining silent, so Keefe wishes she has a good night but Sophie responds that she won't. Pg 373-374
  33. Keefe tells Sophie to not think that there's no possible chance that she's not mysterious when they come across each other at Keefe's usual ditching spot. Sophie panics and Keefe senses that, but promises to remain silent about it in exchange for, "a really awesome gift as thanks," at finals. Pg 380-381
  34. Sophie ponders on how Keefe opened her locker to put in his gift for her, and she's persistent to know the answer. Keefe has a slight blush as he tells her the truth that her locker was opened at that time and confirms that he wasn't the one who gave her the necklace. Pg 381-382
  35. Keefe feels Sophie's rage and puts his hands up to not be on her bad side. Later he pulls Fitz back when Sophie lashes at him for pretending to be her friend and suggests that Sophie needs to be alone. Keefe looks at Sophie and his eyes look to ask if Sophie would be okay. Pg 414-415
  36. Keefe noticed that the Four Seasons Tree was what Sophie was talking about telepathically with Fitz, so without Keefe, she would have been gone permanently. Sophie smiles and thanks him. Pg 454
  37. Keefe is surprised that Sophie's a Telepath and it officially makes her the most mysterious girl ever. After a while, he demands that Sophie to get well since school was no longer the same and became dull without her. Pg 454-455
  38. Keefe tells Sophie and Fitz to stop having, "secret telepathic conversations," or he'll believe that they're flirting, and laughs. Pg 455

Keeper of the Lost Cities: ExileEdit

  1. Keefe remarks that Sophie's mysteriousness is brought out by the crazy things she does. Pg 44-45
  2. Prior to coming late to meet Sophie due to Keefe fixing his hair, Keefe excuses it by saying he needed to look good for the ladies, meaning Sophie, causing her to blush. Pg 45
  3. When Vika asks for assistance from Sophie, Sophie throws a good comeback, making Keefe compliment her. Pg 46
  4. Keefe interrupts Sophie's and Fitz's telepathy conversation which Fitz notes that Keefe just wishes to share secrets. Keefe counters it when he mentions that he can feel Sophie's secrets. Sophie, feeling embarrassed enough, is wondering how she should hurt Keefe. Pg 51
  5. While commenting on when their nexus was taken off, Keefe states how Sophie beat them all. Pg 53
  6. Upon waiting for Sophie by beating Fitz in Bramble, Keefe claims Sophie to be on his team for Base Quest. Sophie decides to change the game by not using their ability which Keefe is against and still wishes to be paired with her. Pg 162-163
  7. Rolling his eyes, Keefe pulls Fitz away when he notices Sophie and Fitz are having another telepathy talk. Pg 164
  8. Keefe questions if Fitz and Sophie are okay after Sophie unintentionally teleports to a tree hurting herself while Fitz catches her fall. Pg 167
  9. Keefe is wondering what happened with Sophie and suspects that it's a new ability emerging. He later comments on how Sophie is always needed for a physician when Fitz sees that Sophie is bleeding. Pg 168-169
  10. As Della puts some first aid on Sophie, Keefe adds on how Sophie at least has some sort of trouble every other week. Pg 171
  11. Keefe grumbles about "Telepaths" when Fitz helps Sophie telepathically to understand the meaning of an aurenflare. Pg 171
  12. When Sophie and Alden get into a long conversation, Keefe calls out from a distance wondering why it's taking so long for her to come out. Pg 178
  13. Sophie finally comes out with a red dress that compliments her eyes and catches both Keefe and Fitz staring at her. She questions on it, but both of them mumble, "Nothing." Pg 179
  14. Fitz and Sophie having a telepathic conversation, Keefe cuts in by reminding them to talk. Pg 182
  15. Sophie secretly listens in on Keefe's and Lord Cassius's talk to pick on their relationship. pg 280-281
  16. Sophie stands out when people distance themselves from her knowing that she was The Girl Who Was Taken, so Keefe praises her for having a path cleared. pg 281
  17. Sophie bids farewell to Keefe after a short talk with his father where she expected Keefe to tell a joke. pg 282
  18. Keefe feels Sophie's panic from a long distance, so he rushes over to her to see what's the problem as Sophie explains the situation about Alden collapse. Keefe comforts and reassures her that Alden is in good hands, and even takes the advance of hugging her but decides against it. pg 287
  19. Keefe is reminded of when Sophie was fading away and was scared that she could have almost died. pg 287
  20. Keefe affirms that he is never wrong and that Alden will be all right. Sophie holds onto that hope while pulling out her crystal to go to Havenfield. At the last second, Keefe almost extended his hand to hold Sophie's, but pulls back and salutes her. pg 288
  21. Sophie praises Dex for his ability causing him to blush which Marella concludes to be one of her favorite games (making Dex blush). Keefe agrees as well while sitting next to Sophie and includes having fun when Sophie blushes resulting in Sophie mimicking the same thing Dex did. pg 360-361
  22. When Dex asks why Keefe isn't with the other Level Fives, Keefe answers that Foster needed his company as he pulls his chair closer to her. pg 361
  23. Keefe wonders what happened with Alden and Fitz, but Sophie doesn't plan on telling him. Keefe is persistent and feels Sophie's mood shifting; Sir Rosing notices this and gives them both detention, though Keefe is grateful to have Sophie as his 'detention buddy'. pg 361-362
  24. Keefe jokes that they should name the Healing Center into the Foster Center. pg 374
  25. Keefe runs after Sophie pressing her to tell him about her plan. He tells her that she is the only one he believes can fix Alden. pg 376-379
  26. At Havenfield, Keefe agrees to Sophie's rules, including the following:
    • Everything they talk about will be kept secret.
    • Sophie gets to make all the decisions.
    • Keefe tells Sophie that he will never hate her. pg 382
  27. When Keefe messes up his hair, even more, Sophie thinks he looks even better. pg 386
  28. Keefe reassures Sophie that she is perfectly fine, and not in fact "malfunctioning". pg 389
  29. Keefe looks extremely worried when he realizes Sophie has faded again. pg 398
  30. Keefe tells Sophie that she looks much better with color, and tells her not to fade again. pg 400
  31. Grady wonders about Sophie's relationship with Keefe, asking about Dex. pg 402
  32. When Stina makes fun of Sophie, Keefe defends her. pg 408
  33. Sophie admits to herself that Keefe has a way with animals as he cuddles Iggy. pg 428
  34. Keefe compliments Sophie on her bravery when they realize the Black Swan stole her memories. pg 429
  35. Keefe says that Sophie is cute when she is panicking. pg 465
  36. Sophie is happy for Keefe when his father finally gives him his Sencen crest pin. pg 466
  37. When Sophie gets very angry at the Black Swan, Keefe calms her down. pg 470
  38. Keefe comforts Sophie and tells her not to feel bad about herself and tries to make her laugh. pg 470
  39. Even Grady admits that Keefe is the only one allowed to travel with Sophie on Silveny to go to the Black Swan hideout. pg 486
  40. Keefe wraps his arm around Sophie as they board Silveny. pg 490
  41. Keefe leans very close to Sophie and tells her that even though he makes a lot of jokes, he really cares about her. pg 493
  42. Keefe promises Sophie that he'll take care of her. pg 493
  43. Sophie tries to tell Keefe that his parents really do care about him, and he tells her that her parents do the same. pg 494-495
  44. Keefe tightens his grip on Sophie's waist as they descend, and helps her off Silveny. pg 495
  45. Keefe is worried when Sophie goes by herself to the Black Swan, and he promises he'll be right there if she needs him. pg 498
  46. Keefe is very worried when Mr. Forkle brings Sophie back to him, saying that she almost died twice. pg 513
  47. When Sophie curls into a ball and starts to cry, Keefe picks up her head and sets her head on his knee so it's off the ground, and tells her that she is one of the bravest people he has ever met. pg 515
  48. Keefe helps Sophie to her feet and allows her to hold on to his shoulders as they walk to Silveny, and lifts Sophie onto her back. pg 516
  49. Keefe feels guilty that all his injuries can be fixed quickly while Sophie has to suffer through the pain for an entire day. pg 528
  50. Keefe looks into her eyes and tells Sophie that her ability is going to work. pg 537
  51. Keefe tells Sophie not to have any "almost deaths" while he is gone, and winks at her as he leaps to Candleshade. pg 537
  52. After Alden's healing, Keefe wraps his arm around Sophie and yells that Team Foster-Keefe triumphed. pg 548
  53. Keefe takes Sophie's hand and encourages her by saying there is absolutely nothing wrong with her. pg 568

Keeper of the Lost Cities: EverblazeEdit

  1. Keefe drapes his hand over Sophie's shoulders and assures Sandor that he can take care of her.
  2. Keefe assures Sophie that her Teleporting abilities are strong, and she needs to stop doubting herself.
  3. Sophie holds Keefe's hand very tightly when they go to Teleport.
  4. Keefe attempts to comfort Sophie and help her when she believes that they are trapped in the void.
  5. Keefe and Sophie are embarrassed when Sophie blurts out that she thinks Fitz is cute.
  6. Keefe admits that Sophie is his friend, and that is why he doesn't want her at his house.
  7. Sophie holds Keefe's shaking hands as the leap to Candleshade.
  8. Keefe grabs Sophie's hands as she has a flashback and steadies her.
  9. Keefe and Sophie are embarrassed when Lady Gisela says that Keefe talks about Sophie often.
  10. When Keefe tells Sophie to hold on tight onto the vortinator, Sophie mistakenly tightens her grip on his hand.
  11. Keefe offers Sophie his hand after she becomes dizzy from the vortinator.
  12. Keefe gives Sophie his cape when he realizes she is cold at the Sanctuary.
  13. When Sophie tries to return his cape when she sees that he too is cold, he denies it saying that she deserves it, since she saved his life before.
  14. Keefe holds Sophie's gaze for what she considers "a second too long" after he fixes his cape to cover her ears.
  15. Sophie worries about Keefe and his father's relationship, as well as his family life.
  16. Keefe teases Sophie when she barrels into him, saying "that there are less painful ways to knock him off of his feet." Sophie blushes.
  17. Keefe holds Sophie to his chest and asks if she's okay after she returns from being in Greyfell's mind.
  18. Keefe catches Sophie when she almost falls trying to see Greyfell's sedated state.
  19. Sophie blushes when she realizes she and Keefe are holding onto each other longer than intended.
  20. Keefe doubts Biana's Special Ability could be better than Sophie's.
  21. Grady is overprotective of Sophie's relationship with the "Sencen Boy".
  22. Keefe asks Sophie not to go when she storms away because of the Black Swan's vagueness.
  23. Keefe assures Sophie that the Black Swan needs her and that she is in the right.
  24. When Sophie jokingly says he is hopeless, Keefe responds by telling her to fix him and that she's his only hope, to which Sophie blushes.
  25. Keefe tells Dex that if he were to brag about someone, he would brag about himself or Sophie.
  26. Keefe asks if Sophie wants to ditch class with him, but she refuses.
  27. Keefe tries to comfort Sophie when Elwin prepares them for the piquatine treatment.
  28. When Sophie admits to Elwin that she was hurt, Keefe becomes very defensive and offers to punish whoever hurt her.
  29. Sophie mentally thanks Keefe for volunteering to spread reveldust on Silveny again.
  30. Sophie offers to go to the Healing Center, but he tells her that it's okay and that she doesn't have to go with him, because if she were there, he would have to act brave.
  31. When Keefe places all the effluxers in the wrong places, with Sophie chasing him to stop him, Lady Cadence chides Sophie of paying too much attention to boys rather than her studies.
  32. Sophie calls Keefe amazing when he mimics Dame Alina perfectly without being a Polyglot.
  33. Keefe offers to help Sophie in Linguistics, and she doesn't deny his help.
  34. Keefe compliments Sophie's ring, a present from Dex, with a wink.
  35. Sophie tells Keefe about her Inflicting session with Bronte before anyone else.
  36. Keefe tells Sophie that she looks cute when she worries.
  37. Sophie tells Fitz that his "coolness level" is par with Keefe in her eyes.
  38. Keefe leads Sophie to the corner of the study hall when the room becomes silent when she walks in.
  39. Keefe asks Sophie is she is okay during Kenric's Wanderling Planting.
  40. Keefe immediately reassures Sophie that he doesn't mind not being at the Wanderling Planting.
  41. Keefe grabs Sophie's hand when she tells him to "cover her".
  42. Sophie clings to Keefe hand and squeezes really hard when King Dimitar says that there is nothing special about her.
  43. Keefe winks at Sophie when he talks about his wedding planning skills.
  44. Keefe attempts to comfort Sophie and help her figure things out when she thinks the Black Swan didn't leave a note for her.
  45. Keefe begs Fitz for a chance to hold Sophie during their trust exercises.
  46. Keefe agrees with Sandor due to the fact that they both have Sophie as their first priority.
  47. Sophie holds Keefe's hand and attempts to comfort him when he wonders if his parents are worried about him.
  48. Keefe smirks and calls Sophie "cute and smart" when she rambles off more information about Lucilliant and the other stars.
  49. Keefe teaches Sophie how to skip stones.
  50. Sophie grabs Keefe's arm when she wonders if their whole endeavor was a trap by the Black Swan.
  51. Keefe grabs Sophie's arm when he thinks he sees something on the shore.
  52. Keefe promises to keep Sophie away from the Neverseen with his melder.
  53. When Keefe can't come over to Havenfield because his parents want to spend a day with him, Sophie is very happy for him, hoping that his parents have finally realized how awesome their son is.
  54. When Sophie teases Keefe on his fancy clothes, he blushes.
  55. With his new clothes, Sophie realizes Keefe has broad shoulders.
  56. Keefe tells Sophie, "'Admit it Foster—you've been checking out the Keefster. And maybe even... the keester.'" He dancing in a weird way until Sophie throws a pillow at him.
  57. Keefe offers to walk ahead of Sophie so she can 'admire the view' and she throws another pillow at him.
  58. Edaline stares at Sophie and Keefe bemusedly when they chase each other up and down the stairs.
  59. Keefe scoots very close to Sophie as he reminds her that no matter what information the Black Swan tells her, they can never change her because no matter what, she'll always be Sophie Foster.
  60. Sophie is afraid to meet Keefe's eyes when she speculates that his Sencen crest pin could be the source of the homing device.
  61. When Sandor starts talking about how Sophie and Keefe are going to be bait again, Sophie says "I don't care about that, I care about Keefe. Look at him!"
  62. Sophie holds Keefe steady when he is in shock of learning his father is part of the Neverseen.
  63. Sophie squats by Keefe as she asks Mr. Forkle if he could do the same thing he is asking Keefe to do.
  64. Keefe looks into Sophie's eyes and tells her that he is going to make things right and fix things, even though Sophie tells him it's not his fault.
  65. Keefe gives Sophie a heartbreakingly-sad smile as he heads home to Candleshade.
  66. Sophie promises to Mr. Forkle to keep an eye on Keefe.
  67. Sophie apologizes to Keefe when they find out that his father is with the Neverseen, and worries about him when he says he's going to drink slumberberry tea to knock himself out.
  68. Keefe begs Sophie not to hate him because of his father, and Sophie says that she could never hate him, and reassures him that he will never be his father.
  69. Once Sophie is given the circlet, Keefe comes by to comfort her, saying silver circlets are the hot new trend.
  70. Sophie feels selfish when she is worried about her circlet when Keefe's whole world is falling apart and asks him how he is doing.
  71. Keefe, Fitz, and Biana reassure Sophie that nothing could stop them from being her friends.
  72. Keefe jokes that even if Sophie dressed in green feathers and started acting like a dinosaur, he would still be her friend, and even join in.
  73. Keefe moves to the seat beside Sophie to show her the Black Swan's scroll.
  74. Sophie understands why Keefe needs to go after his father and supports him.
  75. Sophie notes that Keefe's reaction was the largest when Mr. Forkle is about to teach Fitz to enter Sophie's mind, and he grumbles grumpily about it.
  76. Keefe asks Sophie (and Fitz) if she is okay after Mr. Forkle shows Fitz the entrance to Sophie's mind.
  77. Keefe is very angry at his father for paralyzing Sophie.
  78. When "Lord Cassius" taunts Sophie's mind, Keefe berates him and yells that Sophie can handle anything.
  79. Keefe takes a step toward Sophie when he is about to reveal Biana.
  80. Lady Gisela tells Biana that she doesn't have to try and impress Keefe, as he is already impressed with Sophie.
  81. Sophie refuses to leap off the cliff without Keefe.
  82. Sophie reassures Keefe that she can't see his mother at the bottom of the cliff.
  83. Sophie and Keefe twine fingers as they leap off of Mount Everest to Teleport.
  84. Keefe sneaks into Sophie's room, and she is very worried about him, but he denies her worries.
  85. Keefe seems to know exactly what Sophie is thinking.
  86. Keefe holds Sophie's hand, looks into her eyes and asks her not to make him beg to go with her.
  87. Keefe says Sophie looks cute when she is in denial.

Keeper of the Lost Cities: Neverseen Edit

  1. After wearing a Batman shirt, Keefe concludes that since he is Batman "he could be Sophie's hero any day," and drapes his arm around her.
  2. Keefe winks at Sophie when Alden entrusts her protection in his "capable hands."
  3. Keefe holds Sophie's hand as they run through the forest, as well as when they teleport.
  4. Keefe jokingly compliments Sophie when she spouts off a plethora of information about the Vasari Corridor.
  5. Sophie holds Keefe's hand when he recalls how his mother ambushed him and his friends.
  6. Keefe defends Sophie when Mr. Forkle does not share any of his memory-snatching plans with her.
  7. Keefe offers to share his lufterator with Sophie (but winds up having to share with Dex).
  8. Keefe slides on to Sophie's plesiosaur and they share a short conversation about Lady Gisela and Keefe's bitterness towards her. Due to his closeness, Sophie's heart switches to hummingbird pace.
  9. Keefe gags along with Dex when Fitz confirms that Sophie could never let him down.
  10. Keefe volunteers as Sophie's "something to hold on" when Mr. Forkle returns one of her memories. (Unfortunately, Biana beats him to it.)
  11. Because of Calla's reveriebells, she fell asleep dreaming of: "mallowmelt and custard bursts and cute boys flying on alicorns", and only Keefe has ridden on Silveny.
  12. Keefe doesn't deny it when Fitz accuses him of being jealous of him being Sophie's Cognate, only saying that "Team Foster-Keefe will always be cooler."
  13. Sophie agrees to share any information about Lady Gisela with Keefe because he felt betrayed when he found out Sophie didn't tell him certain information.
  14. Sophie comforts Keefe when he complains about "reading for an entire day".
  15. Sophie is glad that Dex's pranks are occupying Keefe from feeling frustrated.
  16. Perhaps intentionally, Keefe interrupts Sophie's concentration when she was about to tell Fitz that she liked him.
  17. Keefe grabs Sophie when she almost faints and begs her to tell him about the conversation between her, Lur and Mitya in gnomish.
  18. Sophie is worried about how Keefe will react to the possibility of his mother dying.
  19. Sophie takes Keefe by a river and holds his hand while she tells him about what happened to Lady Gisela. He is angry and sad, and Sophie lends him her shoulder to cry upon. Keefe asks her to stay with him so he won't do anything reckless out of anger, and he leans his head upon her shoulder. Sophie was glad he didn't want her to leave. They stay like that until it becomes dark, then they walk home with their hands entwined. Sophie ensures him that she is always a window away if he ever needs her.
  20. Sophie is concerned about Keefe and the state of his hair.
  21. Sophie begins to follow Keefe as he stalks away from the group, but Mr. Forkle holds her back.
  22. Sophie becomes exceedingly worried about Keefe as he doesn't come out of his room.
  23. Sophie throws shoes at Keefe's window to get his attention, and after a small talk, he makes Sophie promise that she won't hate him. They confide in each other about having a shaky future and feeling like outsiders. When it is time to go back to sleep, Sophie suggests that they have a "window slumber party" and they both sleep by their windowsills with blankets and pillows and enjoy one another's company.
  24. Keefe becomes upset at Sophie since she and Biana fought a Neverseen agent without him.
  25. Keefe offers Sophie his hand when they prepare for the tredgeon to make a pathway to Gethen's prison.
  26. Keefe becomes very angry when he hears that Gethen had intended to attack Sophie from inside his mind.
  27. Gethen chides Keefe of trying to impress "the Black Swan's little doll" (Sophie).
  28. Sophie suggests that they leave the prison when she realizes how hard Keefe is shaking.
  29. Keefe's sadness at always wanting to be a part of the Vacker family breaks Sophie's heart.
  30. Sophie storms into Keefe's room after he doesn't come out for many days after taking the fathomlethe and tells him that she won't leave until he talks to her.
  31. Sophie begs Keefe to let her help him sort out his memories.
  32. Sophie tells Keefe that he knows he's a heart-breaker and tells him that there are probably girls crying in the Foxfire halls, wishing that he never left.
  33. Sophie tells Keefe that everyone loves bad boys and expects him to tease her about saying 'everyone'.
  34. Sophie grabs Keefe's hand after he talks about always wanting to be a Vacker, and how being a Sencen is getting worse and worse.
  35. Sophie says Keefe is one of the best guys she knows.
  36. Sophie cleans up Keefe's room while he goes to sleep and wishes she could clear away his worries as easily as clearing up his room.
  37. Sophie tells him, "Sweet deserve them." as she's leaving and swears that he was smiling at that.
  38. Sophie smiles when she sees Keefe acting more like his normal self.
  39. Sophie changes the subject when she sees Keefe clearly uncomfortable when Della teases her children about her relationship with Alden.
  40. Keefe "supports" Sophie when she feels sick in anticipation for stretching her concentration all over the prisoners in Exile.
  41. Sophie begs Keefe to be careful when he goes off to rile up the exiles with Squall and Blur. He teases her that her "fan club is going to get jealous".
  42. Keefe sits next to Sophie as they wait for news on Fitz's condition.
  43. Keefe tries to make Sophie laugh when she is worried about Fitz, saying that he looked nothing like she did when she was kidnapped and faded.
  44. Keefe holds Sophie steady when they go to see Fitz.
  45. Keefe tightens his grip on Sophie's shoulders.
  46. To make Sophie feel better, Keefe volunteers for her to help Fitz.
  47. Sophie is afraid of Keefe's reactions if he finds out anything about the Neverseen's plan.
  48. Sophie is impressed with Keefe's drawings.
  49. Sophie asks Keefe if she can enter his consciousness and that yes, she knows that it sounds creepy. But Keefe tells her that it sounds less creepy coming from her.
  50. Sophie's mood shifts when she realizes how close they are. Keefe notices this and, with a slight grin, asks her if she's okay.
  51. When Sophie was searching through Keefe's memories she saw the part of the Mount Everest battle that she had missed. After she had been dragged through the roof she hadn't realized how hard her friends had fought to get her but Keefe had fought the hardest.
  52. Sophie goes through Keefe's memories; memories of his horrible childhood and all the battles with the Neverseen. Sophie puts her hand on his shoulder and reassures Keefe that she thinks he is very brave and that he shouldn't work alone.
  53. When Keefe tells Sophie that his dad always said he'd end up in Exillium, Sophie reassures him that his dad was wrong, along with Fitz.
  54. Keefe teases Sophie on aging nine months in a day and "welcomes her into the cool fourteen-years-olds club".
  55. Keefe tells Sophie that he thinks she is cute.
  56. Sophie clenches her fist when Keefe tells her that he kissed Biana on the cheek on a dare.
  57. Sophie blushes when Keefe asks if she wants a demonstration of how he kissed Biana.
  58. It seems like Keefe almost tells Sophie that it seems like she likes him.
  59. When Keefe gets sad and scared over thinking about his mom, Sophie wonders if this is the real Keefe.
  60. Keefe tells Sophie that he likes her eyes because they are much warmer than blue eyes.
  61. Sophie wishes she wasn't put in a different group than Keefe.
  62. Keefe is upset with Sophie when she goes off on her own.
  63. While all the other boys stare at Linh, Keefe appears to the only one not interested.
  64. Keefe gets all up in Tam's face when he sees him and Sophie shadow-whispering, and he tells Tam that he is the president of the "Foster Fan Club" and they are not currently accepting new members.
  65. Keefe tickles Sophie's neck and when he tries to do it again, she grabs his wrist to stop him.
  66. Sophie tries to reach for Keefe's hand to reassure him, but he jerks away from her because he was upset with her.
  67. Sophie and Keefe, without speaking, have another window slumber party, although this one is much more somber, and Sophie assures Keefe that she is always there for him.
  68. Sophie feels bad for Keefe when he doesn't have any family to hug when they meet Kesler and Grady.
  69. Sophie holds Keefe's hand when he sees his father.
  70. When Keefe goes practically catatonic when a Washed memory resurfaces, Sophie stays by his side all night at the Hekses house.
  71. Sophie reassures Keefe that his family problems would never deter her away from being friends with him.
  72. Sophie sneaks up on Keefe when he tries to go to Ravagog by himself and convinces him to wait until morning when they can all go together.
  73. When Keefe gets very upset about having to wait until the next morning to go to Ravagog, Sophie convinces him again to wait for them. He looks into her eyes and whispers that he will wait only because of her, and Sophie's heart flips to hummingbird mode again.
  74. Keefe begs for Sophie to boss him around and include him in on the plan. She begs him to be careful and she tells him that she trusts him.
  75. Sophie is very impressed with Keefe's acting skills.
  76. When the King Dimitar abuses Keefe, Sophie's heart twists in worry.
  77. Keefe holds Sophie with him until she can control her levitating.
  78. Keefe grabs on to Sophie when she says they should stay in groups.
  79. Keefe drags Sophie back before she went overboard off of their piece of the Ravagog bridge.
  80. Sophie clings to Keefe when they dive under the water for Linh's protection.
  81. Keefe tells Sophie that he likes his and Sophie's group better, and he saves her from nearly being impaled by a rock.
  82. Sophie leans her head on Keefe's shoulder.
  83. Alvar tells Sophie and Keefe that they look cute together and teases Sophie and Keefe of "cuddling".
  84. Sophie goes over to sit by Keefe and holds his hand when he tells her that Alvar tried to recruit him into the Neverseen the day before. She reassures him that he is nothing like Alvar.
  85. Keefe and Sophie hold hands when they hear that Calla is going to sacrifice herself.
  86. Sophie worries about Keefe going back to Candleshade.
  87. Keefe gives Sophie his mother's necklace outside the Sanctuary. Sophie really appreciates the gift and wears it immediately.
  88. Sophie worries about Keefe being alone outside Havenfield.
  89. Sophie holds Keefe's hand when the Councillors appear.
  90. Sophie and Keefe hold hands as they watch Silveny and Greyfell fly away.
  91. Sophie accidentally says to Keefe that she likes him and is worried about him when he reassures her that she doesn't have to take care of him and then says that is what he likes about Sophie. Her stomach gets all fluttery when she realizes how their boots are almost touching and how she can feel his warm breath on her cheeks. They almost kissed.
  92. They both blush when Grady and Edaline tell them that they are leaving.
  93. Keefe tells Sophie not to worry about him and begs for her not to hate him, but trust him. They are standing really close again and Sophie realizes how dark and long Keefe's eyelashes are.
  94. Keefe is very worried that Sophie is with him and desperately tries to make her go back home.
  95. Keefe jumps in front of Sophie to protect her once Fintan, Brant, and Alvar arrive and pressures them to let her go.
  96. Sophie tells Keefe that she and he could work together to save his mom.
  97. Sophie is very hurt when Keefe uses her voice to steal the cache and give it to Fintan, and Keefe can't look at her out of shame.
  98. When pressured to brand her a traitor (quite literally), Keefe tells Sophie that he has realized that he can't be who Sophie wants him to be anymore, and that she was always meant to be the hero and he the villain, and that he has to join the Neverseen because it had always been his destiny planned by his mother.
  99. Keefe tells Sophie that he gave her the necklace to remember him by. Instead of branding her, he uses a small crystal he placed on her necklace to send her safely back to Havenfield and begs her not to hate him. The minuscule bead contains two words intricately painted on it: Trust me
  100. Sophie is very hurt when she realizes Keefe had betrayed her when she retold the story to her parents, Mr. Forkle, and Granite.
  101. Sophie believes that Keefe would never hurt her.
  102. Sophie decides that even though she doesn't understand what Keefe is doing, she won't hate him.

Keeper of the Lost Cities: Lodestar Edit

  1. When she is greeted by Fitz, his teasing words made Sophie wish that he was Keefe instead.
  2. Sophie notices Keefe's empty chair at her table among her friends.
  3. Keefe smirks and asks Sophie if she missed him.
  4. Keefe tells Sophie that he feels that she wants to hug him (or strangle him).
  5. Keefe is saddened when he learns that Sophie is afraid of him.
  6. Sophie believes that she and Keefe can beat the Neverseen together, referencing 'Team Foster-Keefe'.
  7. Keefe admits that he's trying to protect Sophie.
  8. Sophie believes she knows Keefe very well.
  9. Keefe assures Sophie that he is not like the Neverseen and knows the hard lines, and he won't cross them.
  10. Sophie tells him that they can figure out a plan together, and offers him her hand.
  11. Sophie tells him that he's hurting the people he cares about (including her), but he insists that he's helping them.
  12. Sophie admits that she cried more than any of her friends about him leaving, but that she is furious with him as well because he stole the cache.
  13. Keefe reminds Sophie that it was thanks to both him, her and the rest of their friends that Gethen was locked away.
  14. Sophie really wants to trust Keefe.
  15. Keefe takes slow steps toward Sophie and smiles sadly.
  16. Keefe brushes a fallen eyelash off of Sophie's cheek, and Sophie admits that the past few weeks have been really rough.
  17. Sophie wonders if Keefe made a wish on her eyelash, and makes one herself.
  18. Keefe affirms if Sophie trusts him now and isn't still afraid of him.
  19. Sophie reaches out her hand towards him, and he takes it to read her emotions.
  20. He thanks her for believing in him, and Sophie describes his smile as 'glorious'.
  21. Keefe steadies her when her knees wobble.
  22. Keefe protects Sophie after he blows up Magnate Leto's office, and asks him not to hate her.
  23. She realizes Keefe kept his promise and she didn't get hurt.
  24. Sophie corrects Grady and tells him that Keefe is still her friend.
  25. Magnate Leto tells Grady that Sophie understands Keefe in ways that no one else can.
  26. Magnate Leto also tells Grady that Keefe opened up to Sophie, leaned on her, and trusted her. He tells her to listen to her heart when judging him.
  27. Sophie remembers Keefe crying on her shoulders at Alluveterre, them having window slumber parties, them searching through his memories in his room, and a younger Keefe waiting for his parents. Then she remembers Keefe in the Healing Center showing his true self under the humor and self-confidence, and it makes her heartache.
  28. Sophie imagines Keefe's tree in the Wanderling Woods and tells them that they need to get him out of the Neverseen.
  29. Sophie gets upset when Grady continues to call Keefe 'That Boy'.
  30. Sophie telepathically contacts Keefe when she is about to go to sleep.
  31. She hears his loudest thoughts about him being relieved that she was safe and that she was still talking to him.
  32. Sophie suggests that they have telepathic chats every night so that he can tell her what he has learned.
  33. Keefe calls it a 'date' and tells her that he can think of many guys that might not be fans of all this 'Keefoster' time.
  34. He tells her that Keefoster sounds way cooler that Sophitz or Dophie.
  35. Keefe tells her that it's nice having someone look out for him and when Sophie tells him he doesn't make it easy, he says it's just another thing they have in common.
  36. Sophie can tell that Keefe is filled with determination about protecting her and it makes her heart feel light and heavy at the same time.
  37. Keefe asks how Dex reacted to her new ring and says that she has to solve the 'love triangle' sooner or later, then getting real and calls it a 'square', practically admitting he likes her.
  38. Keefe says the thing he missed most about Sophie is her whole adorable-when-angry thing and she replies by saying she misses him too.
  39. Sophie makes Keefe promise that if things got too tough, he'll walk away no matter what.
  40. Sophie gets flustered after Tam notes that Keefe probably flirts with Sophie whenever she checks in with him.
  41. Sophie is the only person out of her whole group of friends that trusts Keefe.
  42. When Fitz and Sophie visit Keefe at InkTide Island (the selkie skin place), Fitz catches Keefe blushing when Sophie reaches for his temples to check his memories.
  43. Keefe says that nothing good ever comes from his mom, but Sophie says "One thing did. One of my favorite things." (Meaning Keefe)
  44. Keefe knows that Sophie can't deny that she finds him cute.
  45. When Sophie finds out the memory which made Keefe join the Neverseen, she hugs him as tight as she can and tells him not to make a joke out of it. When Keefe says he had to, she buries her face in his shoulder and cries.
  46. Keefe says he is always serious, especially when she thinks he's joking.
  47. He tells Fitz that even though Sophie likes Fitz better right now, he will wear her down because Keefe is sneaky like that.
  48. Sophie asks Grady why he was so much harder on Keefe and a conversation about boys start, starring Sophie, Grady, and Sandor. (Because Grady suspects that Sophie might have a crush on Keefe)
  49. Sandor states that Keefe seemed to be 'special' to Sophie.
  50. During one of their telepathic conversations, Keefe admits that it's fun to flirt or tease Sophie.
  51. Brant decided to use Keefe as a 'shield' because he knew that Sophie cared about Keefe and wouldn't do anything that could harm him. Brant even called him "lover boy".
  52. As Sophie inflicted upon Brant, Alvar, and Ruy, Keefe was the only thought that kept her from being swallowed by despair.
  53. Sophie feels guilty that she had hurt Keefe and tries to fight back sobs, telling him that she would never enjoy hurting him.
  54. Tam tries to help Keefe make the right decision so that he won't "'lose her.'" (Meaning Sophie)
  55. Sophie states that the intensity of Keefe's stare turned everything floaty and fluttery.
  56. Sophie felt shocked and 'sickeningly sad' when Keefe betrays her for the second time.
  57. Sophie says "she will cry for Keefe later" when Silveny questions about Keefe.
  58. Sophie wasn't able to tell the Councillors about Keefe's betrayal as her voice wouldn't cooperate.
  59. After the first dinner of the Peace Summit, Edaline and Sophie talk about Keefe (probably like the "boys" conversation Sophie had with Grady and Sandor).
  60. Keefe waits outside in the freezing cold at the Peace Summit for Sophie until it is finished.
  61. Sophie describes Keefe as a 'beautiful blond boy' when she regains consciousness after the tower fell apart in Lumenaria.
  62. Keefe stroked her cheek.
  63. Keefe said that Sophie could never look bad.
  64. Sophie leaned against Keefe.
  65. Keefe asks Sophie why he got a 'crazy rush' whenever he held her hand. After Sophie explains that she had manifested as an Enhancer, he asked if the rush was a clearer reading of her feelings and looked away as he grinned when she answered, "Probably."
  66. Keefe promises Mr.Forkle that he won't let Mr.Forkle's death break Sophie.
  67. Keefe holds her tight when Mr. Forkle dies.
  68. Keefe visits Sophie more than any of her other friends.
  69. Keefe reminds Sophie to breathe when they discover her human family is "Not Found", according to her Imparter.
  70. Sophie holds onto Keefe when she realizes that her human family was not found when she looked for them on her Spyball.
  71. Keefe hooks his arm through Sophie's and tries to keep her calm while they are walking around her human family's house.
  72. Keefe fiercely promises that they'd find her human family when the house appears empty.

Keeper of the Lost Cities: Nightfall Edit

  1. Keefe smooths his hair while saying that they're all in the "Foster Fan Club" when Sophie introduced him to Amy/Natalie. Pg 6
  2. Keefe reaches for Sophie's shaking hand when she worries about her parents and promises her, “We’ll get them back safe. I promise.” She squeezes his hand, twining their fingers together when she knows Keefe has been working hard. Pg 7
  3. Keefe gently elbows Sophie in the ribs to ease the tension. Pg 9
  4. Sophie plunges into a terrifying flashback and Keefe tightens his hold on her hand, asking if she's okay. Pg 10
  5. Sophie gets mad (at Fintan) when Keefe mentions that Fintan threatened him that he'd burn off his arm. Pg 13
  6. Keefe assures her that he’ll “fix everything“, but Sophie corrects that with, "WE are going to fix this." Pg 14
  7. Keefe's voice is “soft, timid even,” when he asks her if she hates him. She assures him that she would never hate him while smiling at him, and he smiles back. Pg 14
  8. Keefe thinks of "Team Foster-Keefe and the Wonderboy," as the team name, putting Fitz as a side member. Pg 15
  9. Sophie's sister asks why Keefe and Sophie are “staring at each other like that". Pg 15
  10. When they learn that Sophie's human family were kidnapped by the Neverseen five days ago, Keefe looks like he is trying hard not to swear. Pg 16
  11. Keefe can tell that Sophie is thinking of dangerous plans, and without asking what they are, he tells her that he's “in. All the way.” Pg 16
  12. Keefe moves close to Sophie, leaning in to whisper that he would take care of her sister, even though the place he's living in is small and “smells like Sasquatch breath mixed with rotting toenails.” He guaranteed that no one would find them. Pg 18
  13. When Alden threw a strong sedative in the room where Sophie was starting to faint, Keefe lunged to catch her. Pg 21
  14. Amy asks Sophie if Keefe is her boyfriend, noting that they were holding hands a lot. When Sophie denies Amy's claims, Amy questions if she's sure because he was 'staring at her pretty intense'. In reply, Sophie says that because he's worried about her. Pg 65
  15. Keefe comes to see Sophie early before they're supposed to go with the Collective. Pg 108-109
  16. He tells her she looks especially sparkly after saying he looks like he lost a fight with his pillow and he compliments Sophie that the sparkles and her new hairdo look good on her. Pg 109
  17. Keefe traces his hand across her braid. He adds that if she's trying to impress him it's working, even if she always impresses him. Keefe says that she must have someone else in mind if she's trying to impress someone (by dressing up) because she always impresses him. Pg 109
  18. Sophie asks if he brought Mrs. Stinkbottom when he sneaked into Candleshade, saying it will help him sleep when he replies that he did. Keefe agrees with Sophie and says that he never thought he would need a stuffed animal to sleep, adding that he hadn't known he needed a lot of things before he met her. Pg 110-111
  19. Keefe moves closer to Sophie and her throat goes dry as he touches her braid again. His mouth curves with one word until it changes. Pg 111
  20. Keefe watches as Sophie reaches for his hand when he said that he hasn't believed that his 'mommy loves him and misses him' lie for years and as they talk about his mom Sophie comforts him. Pg 113-114
  21. When Sophie asks if he wants to risk everything on a 'pretty sure' and he says that the only thing they're risking is him she says that's way more than she's willing to lose. Pg 114
  22. When Keefe hails his mom, Sophie sees him shaking and thinks he might be in pain from where he had to cut himself before she realizes that this is the first time he's talked or seen his mom since he found out that she might be dead. Pg 119-120
  23. Keefe wraps his free arm around Sophie while his mom is talking about her kidnapping and her parent's kidnapping. Pg 121
  24. Sophie reaches for Keefe's hand when he rubs them against his forehead, trying to remember what memories his mom took from him. Pg 129
  25. Sophie hooks her arm through Keefe's and leads him to her bathroom to help him take care of his wound where Sophie complains that he didn't have to cut so deep when she's cleaning his cut. Keefe grabs her hand to stop her from fussing over his cut saying that he's fine unless she wants to try kissing the cut to make it better. Pg 135-136
  26. When Keefe's imitating Sophie, he says 'I don't care if you're the most gorgeous guy I've ever seen-WAY better looking than other guys with their dimples or weirdly teal eyes.' Pg 136
  27. When Keefe ask if he gets points for not calling his mom alone by himself, Sophie agrees even after Sandor said, 'no'.Pg 136-137
  28. Keefe knows that Sophie worries about him and his connection with his family, but he's more worried about Sophie and her family and that he doesn't want Sophie to hesitate because of him. Pg 137
  29. Keefe says that to make it up to her he will let her take a favor from him and says that he'll even treat her to his best shimmy *cue demonstration* and proposes on helping her solve the complicated triangle, or, more precisely, the square. Pg 137
  30. When Sophie agrees with Keefe that going to Lady Cadence is their best chance, Keefe asks if the Mysterious Miss F. just agreed that he's a genius, saying that's what he heard. He also says that that fills his heart with 'all the warmest, softest fuzzies', but Sophie tells him that he's the most ridiculous person she's ever met. Pg 140
  31. Keefe teases that that's why she adores him and adds that it's also because of his awesome hair. Pg 140
  32. He assures her that they'll get the starstone back the next day and he asks if she knows why. Sophie doesn't respond. Keefe takes both of her hands and Sophie's mind "can't ignore the rush of warmth that tingled through her when she met his eyes" where Keefe replies her that Team Foster-Keefe is going to win. Pg 140
  33. Then, someone clears their throat and Sophie expects to see Grady because he'd been ramping up the protective-dad mostly when it comes to Keefe, but it turns out to be the rest of her friends that are glaring at them (except Linh). Fitz's jaw is clenched (because he's jealous/mad at Keefe).
  34. Keefe doesn't say 'wow' like Fitz and Dex do when Linh does something cool with the water as Keefe is already amazed by Sophie.
  35. When Dex gets weak in the knees while Sophie's enhancing him Keefe says that it's typical for Sophie, always knocking guys off their feet (referring to "Everblaze" where Sophie rolls down a hill and literally knocks Keefe off his feet).
  36. When Sophie says that she's including Keefe because he had to give blood, Keefe jumps in and says it's also because she can't live without him. Sophie tells him don't make me smack you, Keefe smirks and says he'd like to see her try.
  37. When they're about to leap Keefe claims her hand before Fitz or Dex can grab it and asks her if she's OK because she kinda feels like she wants to barf.
  38. Keefe bets that Sophie will trip on the 6th step on the huge staircase to the Black Swan hideout, while Fitz bets 10. When Keefe is right and Sophie trips exactly on the 6th step he says that he knows her better than the Fitzster.
  39. When Fitz volunteers to make sure that she won't fall Keefe insists on doing the same saying it's a two-person job and catches her when she trips on the sixth step proving he knows a lot about her.
  40. When Fitz gives Sophie a gift while they're climbing, Keefe asks if anyone else is ready to vomit from the Fitzphie. After Sophie tells Fitz that the gift made her feel better, Keefe mumbles about Fitzphie again.
  41. Even though when it's revealed that Mr. Forkle is a twin who's alive Keefe is as torn as the others from mixed feelings when it's his turn to ask questions he instead goes over to Sophie and asks how she's holding up and Sophie replies that she's fine. Mr. Forkle comments that he's keeping his promise of taking care of the Moonlark, saying that he never doubted that he would.
  42. Keefe gives his cape to Sophie insisting that they can't have her freeze and reminds Sophie that she didn't refuse Fitz's gift when she was given the honor to throw Alvar's award. Sophie didn't want Keefe to be cold, so she scoots closer to Keefe and pins it around both of them.
  43. Tam scores one for Keephie and Grady sighs/groans when Tam says that. Linh comments that her brother just likes to make trouble, but Keefe for once says he doesn't care and scoots even closer to Sophie, resting his head on her shoulder.
  44. Then Sophie shoves him away and tells him he can freeze now and Keefe says that it was worth it.
  45. Keefe complains to Mr. Forkle he doesn't want to go on another super long journey, slumping against Sophie's shoulder.
  46. When Grady asks how worried he should be, Sophie (pretending she thinks he's talking about the new argentavis at Havenfield) states that she's unsure from the dangerous look the Havenfield's new pet gives. Grady was actually talking about King Dimitar and complains that she's been spending too much time with Keefe and that she's starting to sound like him.
  47. Keefe says he's so proud that his little girl is growing up and getting so snarky, pretending to wipe tears from his eyes.
  48. Keefe holds Sophie's hand when they're talking about the attack on Havenfield.
  49. When Keefe 'overshares' about his dad Sophie wants to comfort him but doesn't know how.
  50. When Keefe says that if there was a possibility to catch his mom he says he and Sophie would be having a slumber party. Grady refuses such idea and Keefe questions if he's afraid of being pranked, but Grady says that's not what he's worried about.
  51. When Sophie asks Keefe where he's staying, he doesn't tell her and changes the subject to her sister.
  52. Sophie and Keefe talk about Sophie's crush cuffs from Dex and Sophie and Dex's in a more serious tone that seems worried, than changes it to teasing.
  53. Sophie notices that Keefe's jerkin is snug in the shoulders also noticing his extra muscle that he got from the Neverseen's training.
  54. When Keefe saw a glimpse of Sophie's true feeling he said it was very enlightening and won't tell Sophie what emotion he felt when she enhanced him in Lumenaria. He says that he can't tell her because emotions from the heart and the head are very different, and once you know about your heart emotions, they change. When she enhanced him, he got a glimpse of her heart emotions.
  55. Before Sophie turns away, Keefe, not wanting her to lose any sleep, says that he hasn't registered for his matchmaking scroll. Sophie asks why, and he wants to see how a few things shake out.
  56. Sophie worries about the fact that she could have lost Dex (when she kissed him to prove they weren't compatible), but Keefe reassures her that she hasn't and will most definitely not lose him either and says to trust the Empath. When she didn't smile, he leaned in and whispered, "And here's another thing you can count on. You'll never lose me. No matter how any of this stuff goes down." There was a softness to his voice. Maybe even a sweetness. And for a second, Sophie's breath seemed to catch.'
  57. Keefe leans back and says he has too much fun annoying her which Sophie notes that it's one of the things that he's best at. Keefe says that she adores him for it and should check if they're meant to be. He puckers his lips.
  58. Sophie shoves him and Keefe whines how come the Dexinator gets the smooch test and he doesn't. Then he points out that they've both kissed someone before him and causes Sophie to be surprised since it's hard to believe that someone as handsome as he hasn't had his first kiss.
  59. He adds that he's had many offers and Sophie asks about Biana, but he replies that she doesn't count because it was a dare, and he's relieved she didn't turn her head anymore and that he didn't have his eyes closed, or that would've been "a disaster".
  60. Keefe says that Sophie's braver than him. And not just because she's faced the Neverseen but because he could never be honest the way she was with Dex.
  61. Sophie wants to ask what he means but hesitates from fear that it'll ruin her friendship with Biana. So Sophie tells Keefe to "Please don't lead her on." and Keefe confirms that he would never since it's the reason why he flirts with everyone except for her.
  62. Sophie takes this the wrong way and thinks the reason she is 'subjected to so much Keefe teasing' and for some reason it 'stings' where she gets a strange prickly feeling (jealousy, disappointment etc.).
  63. Sandor tells Keefe that if Sophie returns home with even a scratch Grizel will decide his punishment making Keefe live in fear of the scary girlfriend. Grady, the terrifying father, adds that he can make King Dimitar seem cuddly though Sophie says if she'll be held responsible for getting hurt.
  64. When Sophie hugs her parents Grady reluctantly pulls Keefe in the hug and Keefe jokes it's like he's already part of the family.
  65. When they're on Lady Cadence's boat Sophie catches Keefe before he slams face first into the deck. Keefe jokes how is it possible that she's the one catching him. Then Sophie catches him again.
  66. Sophie scoots close to Keefe "Partially to shield herself behind him, but mostly because he was slumped over the railing like a piece of soggy laundry." Sophie asks if he's okay.
  67. Keefe says that in case he doesn't make it she needs to know something. When she leans closer she feels his breath on her cheek and she gets goosebumps, but before Keefe can say anything Lady Cadence scolds interrupts him for being too melodramatic. When Sophie asks again he says he'll tell her later as he's to busy trying not to throw up.
  68. When Lady Cadence tells Keefe that there are still many rivers they have to travel through, he whimpers and asks for someone to hold him which Sophie offers to do and wraps her cape around him, sharing under one cape. She wraps her arms around his shoulders and pulls him down so they're sitting on the deck leaning against each other.
  69. Sophie tells him to go to his happy place and Keefe inquires about her happy place she responds that it's flying with Silveny; Keefe imagines himself there too, just the two of them with Silveny.
  70. Keefe and Sophie talk about going to the High Seas hideout, and Keefe says the thing he remembers the most about that trip was the fact that it was the first time he felt that she really trusted him. She thinks about how that was the first time he let her see his serious side under his mask of jokes.
  71. Keefe says he likes when Sophie trusts him and she says "So do I."
  72. He asks if she trusts him, and Sophie reminiscences the time when Keefe escaped the Neverseen where he camped out in a cave that was dark and freezing just in case she needed him in Lumenaria. "She hadn't known at that point just how devastating Lumenaria's collapse would end up being. But she knew that things would never be the same--and that Keefe was right there with her." She tells him that of course, she trusts him. He lets out a breath, and starts to reply, "One of these days-"
  73. When Sophie gets no answers from Silveny when she tries to contact her Keefe asks if she's OK.
  74. Keefe says he doesn't believe her and says they should talk about the favor he owes her. He asks if she's leaning toward humiliation, punishment, or servitude.
  75. Sophie helps Keefe up to his feet when they arrived at Ravagog, and he drags her to a boulder.
  76. When they're visiting King Dimitar, Keefe says he wants to be Mercadir because "All I care about is that you hold me accountable if something goes wrong today, and not her." Sophie says that's not what they agreed on, and Keefe says he won't let her face any of the consequences.
  77. Sophie holds Keefe back before he can go with Lady Cadence and Blur and he says he knows she's mad at him. He says she can hate him, but when he found out his mom was part of the Neverseen she only gets to hurt him because it's the only way he could live with himself. He's trembling, and Sophie thinks about the different sides she's seen of him, and that now she saw a "new boy, broken into sharp, painful pieces. And the only thing holding him together was his determination to fix this mess they were caught up in." She starts to talk to him, but Lady Cadence calls them over.
  78. When Keefe has to spar against King Dimitar instead of Sophie, she tries to convince King Dimitar that Keefe's special ability won't help and that he can't fight.
  79. Keefe calls Sophie "adorable" when she worries about him, but assures that he wouldn't have accepted the challenge if he didn't know how to handle it.
  80. Keefe undresses his tops where he has, "a rather impressive amount of muscle tone when he added the shirt to the pile draped over," Sophie's arm.
  81. Sophie holds Keefe's arms and says she has a bad feeling, but Keefe covers her hand with his and promises that he won't lose against King Dimitar. Dimitar mentions Sophie, and Keefe says to keep Sophie out of it.
  82. When Keefe gets slashed by Dimitar's blade he promises that he's fine to avoid keeping Sophie worried, but Sophie notices that Keefe looks pale and tries to keep her rage under control while her eyes tear up and her vision blurs.
  83. When Keefe gets stabbed and pinned again, Sophie yells at the ogre king to let Keefe up.
  84. Sophie thinks of healing Keefe with Panakes blossoms and tears Keefe's cape to be used as bandages.
  85. When Keefe defeats King Dimitar, Sophie doesn't clap or focus on anything around her, she just runs to Keefe's side to bandage his wounds.
  86. Keefe tries to make light of his wounds and assures to Sophie that he's alright, but Sophie was having none of it so she commands him to show her his injury.
  87. Sophie starts to see rage and couldn't hold back, but suddenly she felt a cool rush breeze through her saying to be calm and relax. The black and red colors faded away to an ice blue that resembled Keefe's eyes color.
  88. During that time Keefe took off Sophie's glove and crush cuffs and twined his fingers with hers where he helped calm her down by channeling her emotions.
  89. Sophie was too worried about Keefe to pay attention to what King Dimitar was saying to his daughter, Ro.
  90. Elwin claims that either Keefe beat or is tied to Sophie from the number of visits to the Healing Center; Elwin plans on putting Keefe's photo next to Sophie's which Keefe finds himself to be proud of.
  91. Ro refers to Keefe as "Your boy" when talking to Sophie.
  92. Ro crinkles her nose and asks about a "stench", and when Sophie responds that it's fresh air, Keefe says "Awww, my girl keeps getting snarkier and snarkier!"
  93. Ro calls Keefe's and Sophie's fight a "lovers' quarrel,” and Sophie tries to deny it, while Keefe whispers that Sophie isn't ready to face her feelings.
  94. Sophie was desperate to get Keefe to the Healing Center that she didn't pay attention to what Blur and Lady Cadence were doing at the moment.
  95. Keefe tries to put Sophie at ease when she hears that Keefe's skin has to be melted off by telling her not to look freaked and that he planned on getting his skin melted anyways.
  96. Sophie feels terrible about the scar on Keefe and Keefe doesn't think of it as a big deal since it makes him look tougher to make Sophie less worried.
  97. Keefe noticed when Sophie was losing it in Ravagog, he took her her gloves off and synced with her emotions in hopes of calming her down.
  98. When Ro wants to find out about the secrets with the gloves and cuffs, Keefe answers with Sophie not wanting Keefe to read her emotions or else he would find out how irresistible he is.
  99. Keefe tells Sophie that, “It’s cute that you think that," when Sophie says Keefe is not going to Nightfall.
  100. Keefe wraps his arm around Sophie saying that Sophie gets worked when she's trying to protect him, but Sophie shoves him away and says he might get killed if he does whatever he wants.
  101. Sophie says that Keefe has to rest before he makes any permanent damage, like their friendship.
  102. Sophie takes the starstone hairpin from Keefe as payback from when he stole the scroll from Sophie. And when you thought that was how cool she went, she even pre-planned and took Keefe's blood-soaked bandages when Keefe said that she needed him for his blood.
  103. While Sophie was leaving, she was unable to look at Keefe because she didn't want to see the hurt on his face and only wished for him to take care.
  104. Lady Gisela reveals that after Sophie's funeral he was devastated and had taken sedatives for days.
  105. Sophie thought that her heart stopped when Keefe walked in after not seeing him for 6 days.
  106. Keefe is hit with a lot of emotions coming from Sophie where one is to run to Keefe and have a "Team Foster-Keefe hugfest," while the other is where she rips his arms off and slap him with it. Keefe then gets closer until he's a few feet away from Sophie and says that he's all healed.
  107. Keefe has a lot of questions, but the only thing he asks is how much groveling will he get until Sophie trusts him again which Sophie gets to choose.
  108. While deciding on his punishment, Keefe is able to make Sophie smile with his talks even when she should be mad at him.
  109. Keefe leans closer and tells Sophie he's sorry, really, and he'll do whatever it takes to make it up to her.
  110. While trying to find another way to solve the puzzle, Keefe moves in closer to Sophie as they bicker.
  111. When Lady Gisela says that Sophie's parents' mind will experience trauma, Keefe says not to let any of her words get into Sophie while holding her shoulder.
  112. Grady suspects that Keefe wants Sophie to come with him to search Atlantis, but Keefe promises that he's not trying to control Sophie's decisions and that it's entirely up to her. Sophie doesn't want to spend time in the library, so she decides to go with Keefe and Keefe cheers, "Woo! Team Foster-Keefe is back!"
  113. Keefe knows that Sophie is distressed and blocks Sophie from walking away as he wipes a tear flowing down her cheeks. He then gives Sophie two options, either tell him what's wrong or put his Empath abilities to work which can detect all kinds of other emotions. Sophie gives in and tells him that they're getting nowhere and are wasting time from finding her parents.
  114. When Grady says that people think adults are better at handling tough situations, Keefe and Sophie shared a look and laughed. Grady points out that they are spending too much time together to be able to express the same reaction. Ro wonders if Grady joined Team Foster-Keefe because they're "cute together," particularly when Sophie looks like she wants to kill Keefe.
  115. Keefe offers to join Sophie on her healing for Prentice to keep track of his feelings and also calm her down like what he did in Ravagog. Sophie accepts Keefe's help and Keefe feels her forehead to see if anything is wrong with her because she barely accepts Keefe's proposals.
  116. The jokes and conversation helped Sophie because she was no longer crying and Keefe knew that.
  117. Keefe grabs half of Sophie's books to carry home, meanwhile, Grady looks at Keefe like he never seen him before. While they carry the books, Sophie says she's glad that Keefe is back and Keefe responds with the sweetest smile that he is too.
  118. When Sophie and mostly all the Telepaths are in Prentice's room to check his mind, Keefe assures Sophie that he's got Sophie's back. He plans on squeezing her shoulders if Prentice's emotion gets intense and if that doesn't work where both Sophie and Prentice are losing control, he'll pull off Sophie's gloves and calm both of them down.
  119. While Sophie was in her zombie-like state, Dex finds a bold-lettered sign on her shoulder saying, "ALL HAIL TEAM FOSTER-KEEFE!"
  120. Keefe is surprised that Sophie is in front of Magnate Leto's office rather than in class and thinks that she's either ditching or was sent there though it wouldn't matter because Keefe praises her in deserving the, "highest of high fives."
  121. Sophie elbowed Keefe for leaving her in covered in shattered glass when he blew up Magnate Leto's office and Ro says that is not a way to impress a girl, but Keefe rebuttals that Sophie likes the thrill.
  122. When Ro stabbed Keefe to get some blood out - Ro asks if Keefe wants her to kiss his wound to make it better or offer that task to Sophie.
  123. When Sophie hears about Human experimentation, Sophie feels like vomiting, but Keefe undid her gloves and shifted her emotions to sooth away the darkness.
  124. Keefe whispered to Sophie, telling her to breathe when he saw her holding her breath.
  125. Sophie fills herself with darkness when she hears that the experimented humans die causing Keefe to scoot closer to her and send more soft glowing breezes to push the darkness away and reminds Sophie to once again breathe from the information she has taken in.
  126. Keefe tried especially hard, compared to Sophie's other friends, to make Sophie cheer up with constant teasing and pushing, but it doesn't work.
  127. Sophie only feels emotions (rage) again and snaps once Lord Cassius announces that Keefe's problems were entirely his own. Sophie replies that both Keefe's parents don't deserve him. Keefe is proud and relieved that Sophie is finally showing emotions and tries to guide Sophie away from his father.
  128. Keefe wraps his arm around Sophie to keep her steady.
  129. Keefe gets mad when his father mentions about going to his beach house, but hides it when he turns to Sophie to say he'll go and give Sophie the details about what they are talking about.
  130. Sophie grabbed Keefe's hand when they leap to the beach house.
  131. Lord Cassius says that, because of their stubbornness, Keefe and Sophie are either perfect for each other or their relationship will end in disaster.
  132. Sophie is able to see Keefe's lie behind his smirk when Lord Cassius says something hurtful about Keefe which makes Sophie answer that he can't force Keefe to live with him.
  133. When Sophie thinks about reading Lord Cassius's mind, Keefe jumps in and says as much as he enjoys the "adorable Foster-rage-it's not worth it."
  134. Sophie worries about how Lord Cassius treats his son and questions if he can handle it. Keefe answers that he can and the thing that worries him is Sophie who's been feeling nothing for the past few days. During that moment Ro chants: "Kiss! Kiss! Kiss!," when Keefe says he needs his Foster back.
  135. Keefe claims that he has the best gift (and demands a hug) and when he presents it to Sophie she is left amazed from Keefe's incredible artistry of painting her with Grady and Edaline and another of her with all her friends.
  136. Ro notes that Keefe painted himself next to Sophie calling it a "Smooth move..." and Keefe replies that Sophie can't bear to be away from Keefe...... even in a painting.
  137. Keefe went through the trouble of learning how to write 'Family' in the Black Swan cypher so that Sophie is able to read it on the painting. Sophie laughs that Keefe didn't paint a picture of them, but also tears up from the amazing gift that she receives - which most of the people were doing (the adults to be exact).
  138. While Keefe gave Sophie an awesome present, he again gave everyone else mood candy.
  139. Keefe said that Sophie was bugging him to draw something for her room, which barely had anything, as a joke, but Sophie “tackle-hugs” him causing Keefe to say, "Breathing is overrated," and Sophie agrees without loosening her grip on him. In return, Sophie says thank you and Keefe hugs her closer and replies with, "Anytime, Foster." Then she pulls away when Fitz and Lord Cassius arrive at the scene.
  140. Keefe notices that Sophie had no sleep from reasons that he listed correctly when he gets in her room in the morning and sits next to her and said that he came early to distract Sophie from pulling off all her eyelashes and to contact his mom.
  141. When Keefe traces the crease between Sophie's eyebrows, she finds it incredibly hard to come up with an answer.
  142. Sophie concerns herself with how Keefe is holding with his dad, but Keefe just changes the topic.
  143. Sophie hopes this will be the last time that Keefe stabs himself to reach his mother.
  144. Sophie feels bad when she realizes that Keefe can get lost in others’ emotions, and hers are even worse. Keefe assures her that it's “worth it” and walks closer to her. She crashes into the wall and he stands in front of her, blocking her from moving, knowing that Sophie's being ridiculous when she said that he should stay away from her, but Keefe claims that he likes to take on a challenge. When he leans in Sophie's stomach flutters as his breath tickles her skin. Keefe starts to say, "You know, there's—," but is interrupted.
  145. Grady commands the kids that he gets to decide what they should do, Keefe gets disappointed since Grady is taking over. Ro whispers to Keefe that he's not helping himself in the"father-approval department," since Keefe needs Grady's consent to go out with Sophie.
  146. When Sophie meets a dead end while trying to find her family, Keefe denies that they're at a dead end and reaches for her gloves and asks if she wants him to calm her panicking. Sophie refuses the offer and tells him that they need to store their energy.
  147. When Sophie needs Tam's help, Keefe overlooks the situation and finds it funny that Fitz was not needed saying that his face looks priceless and that he's resisting to say that they're Cognates, but also warns Tam that he better not think that he's in the Foster Fan Club just because Sophie needed his help.
  148. While Sophie spots her parents bruised and hurt near the gorgodon, Keefe tells her to breathe and reaches for her hands to take off her gloves, but Sophie moves away because she doesn't want to be calm.
  149. During the questioning that Vespera had for Sophie, Sophie shakes from the fear that she held for her parents well being so Keefe wraps his arm around Sophie's waist to calm her shaking.
  150. Keefe takes the chance to go get Sophie's parents and while that's happening Sophie can't take her eyes off of him as he goes to the highest section of flames.
  151. When Sandor and Grizel take Sophie's parents to Elwin, Keefe reminds Sophie that they'll be alright and sends her a mental breeze which Sophie clings on to.
  152. When Vespera was talking about Biana and how she hurt her, both Keefe and Sophie shake. Sophie notices this and hooks her arm with his.
  153. Lady Gisela pulls out a flashing white object, blinding everyone and as that happened Sophie clung to Keefe. During that moment, Ro was shot with soporidine causing Sophie to tremble with fear. Keefe told her to breathe again and sent her white and blue breezes into her mind even though he was just as scared for Ro.
  154. When Vespera was blaming Sophie for making wrong choices which lead to Atlantis being flooded, Keefe gets mad and screams at Vespera that who cares about choices and that choices are a tiny part that makes up a person. Keefe takes Sophie's hand and tells her not to let a word get into her and that they need to do something else.
  155. Keefe joins hands with Sophie and Linh and when Linh starts to connect the water together. Sophie starts to feel the pull of the water. Keefe asks if she's okay and sends her a blue breeze to calm her mind. When Sophie expresses that she feels the water wanting to take over, Keefe smiles and gives another gentle breeze, saying that they are trying to stop the water, although it would be fun to call her the "Foster of Many Floods."
  156. Keefe tries to cheer Sophie up while they are preparing to erase her parents' minds by showing her a sample of his famous dancing.
  157. Keefe is shown to be worrisome about Sophie after they wipe her parents' minds and sends soft breezes to calm her.
  158. Keefe waits for her under the Panakes tree when the Foster family were being relocated. He says that he brought her a gift and holds his arms out when Sophie is confused he says "Foster, Foster, Foster-always so adorably oblivious. I'M the gift. I'm all yours today--though l might be able to extend my servitude if you call me the Gift Master. He asks what she needs and says it could be anything between a shoulder to cry on, brainstorming or a good old-fashioned cuddle.

Keeper of the Lost Cities: Keefe Short StoryEdit

  1. Keefe tries to convince Elwin that he's fine so he can go and help Sophie.
  2. When Elwin tells him he only needs to stay for a week, he asks if Elwin knows how many times Sophie can die in a week.
  3. When Ro mentions that Sophie doesn't want to see him, Keefe thinks that that makes him queasier than Gurgle Gut.
  4. Keefe can't stop thinking about the emotions that Sophie had hit him with when she left. They hadn't been just anger, but also hurt. And a deep, overwhelming disappointment that made it hard for Keefe to breathe.
  5. When Elwin suggests that Keefe should give her time to cool off, Keefe says he doesn't have time. Sophie's probably heading off to Nightfall, and he wants to go too.
  6. Elwin says that Sophie has a powerful group of friends to protect her, and Keefe says that he's supposed to be one of them.
  7. Keefe "agrees" to stay in bed if Elwin checks on Sophie and updates Keefe regularly.
  8. Keefe thinks that on the first chance he gets, he's sneaking out of Alvar's place and going straight to Havenfield. He thinks he doesn't care what anyone says, Sophie needs help.
  9. When Elwin shares with Keefe that he Sophie didn't find her parents at Nightfall Keefe knows that she's panicking.
  10. When Elwin gives Keefe a sedative he gets lost in his 'floaty dreams' most of which were focused on the gold-flecked brown eyes he could never get out of his head.
  11. Ro scolds Keefe for playing with the puzzle she found at Candleshade Keefe asks if she's mad because she couldn't solve it. She says she's mad because he's only doing it to fix things with his little girlfriend (Sophie) and it's not going to work.
  12. Keefe asks why it isn't going to work and Ro says he really has it bad; it's so obvious it's adorable. She says it's so much worse because she's clueless about it. She asks if he knows that and he tells her he does because he's an Empath.
  13. Ro giggles and says that's true which must drive him crazy that Sophie's so oblivious and Keefe agrees that it does.
  14. Ro asks if he gets why 'his girl' doesn't know how much he liiiiiiiiiiikes her. Keefe says because she grew up hearing all the less than awesome things everyone thinks about her even from her family and now she just assumes that everyone thinks those things about her.
  15. Ro says he didn't expect him to go all deep on her and Keefe says it's true. Ro says it is but there also could be another reason. Keefe asks what her theory is for the Great Foster Oblivion. Ro says that's the problem. He makes everything a joke, and it sends too many mixed signals to her head.
  16. Keefe says that might be true but she's not ready for any more than that.
  17. Ro says if he really wants her forgiveness he shouldn't go and give her the creepy thing from his mom especially if he tries to act like a hero. She says Sophie needs a friend, not a hero. She suggests if he wants to say sorry he should get her a present. Keefe admits that he doesn't know what to get her, whilst privately thinking that gifts are Fitz's thing.
  18. Keefe figures out how the puzzle fits together but admits he doesn't know how it works, and Ro says that it's good he's not trying to swoop in and save the day anymore because that isn't gonna cut it.
  19. Ro says that his gift idea better be better and he says that it's gonna top anything she's ever gotten before meaning it's gonna top all of Fitz's gifts.
  20. Ro says that it's good he still has to rest because it'll give him time to figure out how to apologize to his girl (Sophie). Keefe then claims to already know how.
  21. Keefe admits that it probably will whilst silently making a promise that he will be there for Sophie as a friend until she would be ready for more.

Keeper of the Lost Cities: Flashback Edit

  1. Sophie and Keefe are walking down the Tribunal hall together.
  2. Sophie notes that Keefe's hair is expertly styled.
  3. Sophie catches Keefe staring at her eyes. She asks Keefe if she smudged the golden eyeliner she's wearing.
  4. Keefe tells her she looks perfect, making her blush.
  5. When Sophie starts to feel guilty about Kenric, Keefe makes sure she's okay.
  6. Sophie forces herself to meet Keefe's ice blue eyes to reassure herself.
  7. Keefe tells Sophie she's adorable when she worries.
  8. Keefe's smile only widens when Sophie glares at him.
  9. Keefe steps closer to reach for Sophie's hands.
  10. Keefe traces his thumb over the sliver of skin between Sophie's glove and sleeve.
  11. Their eyes meet after Keefe tells Sophie she can trust him.
  12. Keefe moves to Sophie's side, whispering that he understands what she's saying.
  13. Keefe tells Sophie that she loves him and Ro.
  14. Keefe drapes an arm around Sophie's shoulders coaxing her to join the bet.
  15. Sophie became aware of how close she and Keefe were standing.
  16. Sophie heard some people say the word 'matchmaking' while talking about her and noticed Keefe's smirk.
  17. Keefe was at the Healing Center the whole time Sophie was getting her injuries treated and while they were waiting for her to wake up.
  18. Keefe sends Sophie a blue and purple mental breeze when she is starting to panic.
  19. After the Neverseen attacked Sophie and Fitz, Sophie is unconscious in the healing center when she hears Keefe's voice begging her to wake up, realizing that Sophie is afraid to, Keefe tells her to sleep and sends her mental breezes.
  20. Keefe wants Sophie to have a Kraken Prattles pin for backup, and since Sophie wanted him to have it, he said it was both of theirs.
  21. Sophie's voice is thick with emotion when she tells Keefe "It's good to have backup."
  22. Keefe pins the kraken (after naming it Krakie) to Sophie's bandage, and her breath catches.
  23. Sophie and Keefe do skill training together during Sophie's stay at the Healing Center.
  24. Keefe says, "And don't worry Foster, I'll still love you when you're oozy."
  25. Keefe collects several other Prattles pins for Sophie to add to her bandage.
  26. Even after Fitz, Keefe is still a loyal friend to Sophie.
  27. As Sophie is searching Keefe's memories, she says "her heart broke for him," and is very concerned and sympathetic about Keefe.
  28. When Sir Tiergan tells Keefe to make his "mental box" a color that is important to him, Keefe chooses to make it gold (the color of the flecks in Sophie's eyes).
  29. In the memories that were colored gold (memories Keefe doesn't want Sophie and Fitz to see) Sophie catches a few glimpses of herself. Keefe also said those memories were "distracting".
  30. In a memory in Keefe's mind, we see him "break down" after Sophie's "death"; he is sobbing and obviously heartbroken.
  31. Keefe calls Sophie "cute".
  32. Keefe takes Sophie to the secret mentor's cafeteria to help bring her out of her "Foster funk".
  33. Sophie and Keefe hold hands.
  34. Keefe says he'll leap over to Havenfield if Sophie needs him, even though it means losing his bet with Ro, and Sophie thinks that she doesn't deserve that kind of devotion.
  35. Keefe's features get "all pinched and strained" when he's talking to Sophie about her relationship with Fitz.
  36. When Sophie sees Keefe so upset, she feels a "rush of emotions" that she can't quite place.
  37. Keefe made very bad jokes of the Fitzphie relationship not realizing he hurt Sophie’s feelings.
  38. Keefe apologizes for the jokes. He states that if Sophie and Fitz can keep the snuggling and smooching away, that would be fine.
  39. When Keefe sees the heart-shaped teal necklace that Fitz gave to Sophie, she cringes and has to resist the urge to cover it with her hand (she doesn't want Keefe to see it for some reason).
  40. Sophie and Keefe helped each other name Silveny's babies.
  41. When Sophie asks Keefe to stay after everyone else leaves he says, "Don't worry Foster, I'm not going anywhere."
  42. When Sophie (yet again) promises Keefe she will never hate him, he says: "Well. I guess that's good enough. For now."
  43. Fintan gave Sophie the answer to one question of her choosing, and she chose to ask about Keefe's missing memories.
  44. Keefe becomes emotional when he learns that Sophie used her one question to ask about his memory and says,'"Thank you for thinking about me,' he whispered. 'No one ever does that.'"
  45. Sophie reassures Keefe that people care about him.
  46. Keefe goes with Sophie's group to the Celestial Festival and announces that they are "Bringing back Team Foster-Keefe!"
  47. Keefe tells Sophie that she's not a wimp.
  48. Keefe sends Sophie blue mental breezes and tells her, "You've got this".
  49. Keefe sends Sophie mental breezes to help calm Sophie.
  50. When Sophie is being chased by one of the mutant troll babies, Keefe tries to divert its attention towards him to save Sophie.
  51. Keefe hugs Sophie and admits that he was worried about her.
  52. When Sophie learns about what happened with Umber, Keefe moves closer to her and lets her lean on him.
  53. Before Sophie goes into the hive, Keefe promises he would be there for emotional support when Sophie got back.
  54. When Sophie comes out of the hive after seeing Alvar "dead", she notes that "Keefe was right where she left him - right where he'd said he'd be - his arms stretched out and ready to catch her, like he'd known she'd be dizzy and heaving by the time she finally fled" then he leads her away from the hive and comforts her.
  55. Keefe takes both her hands and helps her sit down, holding her together.
  56. Lady Gisela says that Keefe "has always been the best at keeping Sophie together during these stressful situations."
  57. When Lady Gisela shoots Silveny with soporidine, Keefe keeps Sophie from falling and sends her mental breezes.
  58. After Tam leaves with Lady Gisela Sophie tells Keefe, "You can't blame yourself for this." Then Keefe pulls her into a hug.

Similarities Edit

  • They both were seen on a bench together for the endpapers of Legacy.
  • They both end up in the principal's office multiple times.
  • They are both elves.
  • They have both manifested an ability, although Sophie has manifested more than Keefe.
  • They both have nearly died many times.
  • They are both training to join the Nobility.
  • They both attend Foxfire.
  • They are both extremely talented.
  • They both have photographic memories.
  • They are both Silveny's favourites and are among the few she trusts.
  • They both have blond hair.
  • They both enjoy Base Quest.
  • They both feel like outsiders in some way.
  • They both have had Lady Galvin as a teacher and have annoyed her in some way (Keefe turning her alchemy table into silver, Sophie destroying her cape)
  • They both have spent a great deal of time at the Healing Center.
  • They both have spent a lot of time at Everglen.
  • They have both joined the Black Swan at one point.
  • They both have fought Lady Gisela together.
  • They both like to annoy Sandor.
  • They both would do anything for their friends.
  • They have both asked each other not to hate one another.
  • They both dislike Stina Heks, although their relationship with her has recently become less hostile.
  • They were both among the first to know about Dex's ability as a Technopath.
  • They both dislike getting bossed around by the Black Swan.
  • They both skipped Level One at Foxfire.
  • They both see Alden as a father figure.
  • They both spend a good deal of time in detention.
  • They are both (currently) an only child.
  • They both watched Mr. Forkle die.
  • They both have stuffed animals (Sophie has Ella and Keefe has Mrs. Stinkbottom).
  • They both were enrolled in Exillium.
  • They both care about each other a lot.
  • They both despise the Neverseen.
  • They are both broken inside but they're dealing with it.
  • They both currently live in the Lost Cities.
  • They both have problems regarding their parents.
  • They are both very stubborn.
  • They both have Ogre Bodyguards

Differences Edit

  • Keefe is Level 6 at Foxfire while Sophie is Level 4.
  • Keefe has ice blue eyes, while Sophie has brown ones with golden flecks.
  • Sophie was born and raised in the Forbidden Cities, while Keefe has lived in the Lost Cities all his life.
  • Sophie is very focused and kind of uptight, while Keefe is easygoing and a jokester.
  • Keefe is an Empath, while Sophie is an Inflictor, Telepath, Polyglot, Enhancer, and Teleporter.
  • Sophie lives at Havenfield while Keefe lives at Candleshade (Formerly) and now at Shores of Solace.
  • Keefe joined the Neverseen as a spy before escaping, while Sophie has always been part of the Black Swan.
  • Keefe dislikes Tam Song, while Sophie sees him as her friend.
  • Keefe is more emotional, while Sophie is more of a logical thinker.
  • Keefe is 16, while Sophie is 15.
  • Keefe has a crush on Sophie (revealed in Nightfall Barnes and Noble Edition Short Story) but Sophie doesn't know if she likes him or not.
  • Keefe excessively obsesses over his hair, while Sophie barely fusses over her appearance in general.
  • Keefe despises his parents, but Sophie doesn't know hers.
  • Keefe is a very good artist meanwhile Sophie isn't.

Trivia Edit

  • Grady, as an over-protective parent, dislikes it when Sophie and Keefe hang out, although Edaline finds it adorable.
  • Keefe paints a new bead for Sophie, and he paints a Panakes blossom, which can cure almost anything.
  • Keefe considers himself to be the "President of the Foster Fan Club."
  • Keefe was the first friend Sophie told about the Black Swan.
  • Keefe can feel Sophie's emotions without even touching her.
  • Keefe has dubbed their team as "Team Foster-Keefe".
  • Keefe tends to tease Sophie a lot, and she often gets nervous when he does that and her heart switches into what she calls: "Hummingbird mode."
  • In Keefe's short story, he admits his crush on her and vows to always be there for her, until "She was ready for more."
  • Keefe constantly teases Sophie about the love square, and hints her sometimes along the way.
  • Keefe once did a drawing of her, Grady and Edaline. He also did one of her and all of her friends.

Quotes Edit

  • "And Keefe was right where she'd left him - right where he'd said he'd be - his arms stretched out and ready to catch her, like he'd known she'd be dizzy and heaving by the time she finally fled."

— Shannon Messenger, Keeper of the Lost Cities Flashback

  • "'Tonight would've been . . . pretty rough if you hadn't stopped by.' 'I know,' he told her. 'For me too.'"

— Shannon Messenger, Keeper of the Lost Cities Flashback

  • "Sophie wasn't sure why her voice sounded so thick when she said, 'It's good to have backup.' 'It is.' His smile softened into something that made Sophie's cheeks warm. And her heart seemed to trip over itself as he leaned close and carefully pinned Krakie to the back of her hand, right in the center."

— Shannon Messenger, Keeper of the Lost Cities Flashback

  • "'No, Foster. You look… perfect.' She blushed at the slightest catch in his voice – and then wished she hadn't when he flashed his trademark smirk."

— Shannon Messenger, Keeper of the Lost Cities Nightfall (Extended Edition)

  • "From that point on, he only had one goal: to be whatever Sophie needed. Not the hero. Not the one taking charge of everything. Just a guy ready to listen and help and be there for her. A friend. Until she was ready for more."

Shannon Messenger, Keeper of the Lost Cities Nightfall (Extended Edition)

  • "Then he was lost to his floaty dreams, most of which focused on the gold-flecked brown eyes he could never get out of his head."

Shannon Messenger, Keeper of the Lost Cities Nightfall (Extended Edition)

  • "... And I know you're going to tell me it won't be that simple -- and it probably won't be. But whatever it takes, it's going to happen. Do you know why?"

When she didn't answer, he took both of her hands, and she couldn't ignore the rush of warmth that tingled through her when she met his eyes.
There was no teasing glint to be found. Just pure determination when he told her, "Because Team Foster-Keefe is going to win."

— Shannon Messenger, Keeper of the Lost Cities Nightfall

  • "'Foster, Foster, Foster--always so adorably oblivious. I'm the gift. I'm all yours today--though I might be willing to extend my servitude if you call me the Gift Master.' Sophie rolled her eyes as she smiled. 'You're ridiculous, you know that?' 'And you love it.' His grin shifted into something softer, something that made her stomach tighten."

Shannon Messenger, Keeper of the Lost Cities Nightfall

  • "Grady, meanwhile, was studying Keefe as if he'd never seen him before in his life. 'I'm glad you're back,' Sophie told him, keeping her voice low--just for the two of them. Keefe's smile turned unbearably sweet, 'Me too, Foster. Me too.'"

Shannon Messenger, Keeper of the Lost Cities Nightfall

  • "I don't know if I'm going to make it, Foster. And in case I don't, there's something I need you to know."

Shannon Messenger, Keeper of the Lost Cities Nightfall

  • "'And here's another thing you can count on. You'll never lose me. No matter how all this stuff [crushes] goes down,' there was a softness to his voice. Maybe even a sweetness. And for a second, Sophie's breath seemed to catch."

Shannon Messenger, Keeper of the Lost Cities Nightfall

  • "If l thought there was even the slightest chance we could catch her, Foster and l would be having a slumber party tonight." "No you wouldn't," Grady informed him. Keefe smirked. "Worried I'd prank you?" "Definitely not what I'm worried about."

— Shannon Messenger, Keeper of the Lost Cities Nightfall

  • "She threw her arms around his shoulders, hugging him as tight as she could. Maybe if she never let go, she could hold the broken pieces together."

Shannon Messenger, Keeper of the Lost Cities Lodestar

  • "'Is this the best time to reach out to you each night?' she asked. ‘Yep--it's a date. Tell your boyfriends not to be jealous.'"
—  Shannon Messenger, Keeper of the Lost Cities Lodestar
  • "She shook her head. 'We can beat them together. Team Foster-Keefe, remember?'"
—  Shannon Messenger, Keeper of the Lost Cities Lodestar
  • "The deep, crisp accent was instantly recognizable. And yet, the teasing words made Sophie wish she'd turn and find a different boy."
—  Shannon Messenger, Keeper of the Lost Cities Lodestar
  • "'Thanks,' He whispered back, so close she could feel his breath on her cheek. His arms tightened ever so slightly, making her heart switch to hummingbird pace."
—  Shannon Messenger, Keeper of the Lost Cities Neverseen
  • "Keefe giggled. 'Everyone farts, Foster. It's cool. I still think you're cute.'"
—  Shannon Messenger, Keeper of the Lost Cities Neverseen
  • "‘You keep trying to fix everything, Sophie. You even fixed Exillium. But you can't fix me.’"
—  Shannon Messenger, Keeper of the Lost Cities Neverseen
  • "‘I know.  It’s one of the things I like about you.’  Her stomach filled with fluttering things, which flitted around even more when she noticed how close they were now standing.  The toes of their boots were almost touching, and his breath felt warm on her cheeks."
—  Shannon Messenger, Keeper of the Lost Cities Neverseen
  • "He stepped closer then, so close she could count the snowflakes in his eyelashes, which were much longer and darker than she realized."
—  Shannon Messenger, Keeper of the Lost Cities Neverseen
  • "'You're Keefe Sencen. Master mischief-maker. Tormentor of principals. Frequenter of Detention. And one of the best guys I know.' He raised one eyebrow as he turned to study her. 'I'm not the best?' 'It's a three-way tie. And you're also always there when your friends ever need you.'
—  Shannon Messenger, Keeper of the Lost Cities Neverseen
  • "'Fine, I'll wait until dawn.' His eyes found hers as he whispered, 'For you.' Sophie didn't know what to make of the last part, but her heart flipped into hummingbird mode."
—  Shannon Messenger, Keeper of the Lost Cities Neverseen
  • "'I can't pretend I'm who you want me to be anymore.'"
—  Shannon Messenger, Keeper of the Lost Cities: Neverseen
  • "'I'm Batman. I could be your hero any day.'"

- Shannon Messenger, Keeper of the Lost Cities: Neverseen

  • "'I don't care about that,' Sophie jumped in. 'I care about Keefe. Look at him!'"
—  Shannon Messenger, Keeper of the Lost Cities Everblaze
  • "'Thanks. Oh. . . and Sophie?' 'Yeah?' she asked, surprised he was using her first name. 'Please don't hate me, okay?' 'Keefe, I will never hate you.'"
—  Shannon Messenger, Keeper of the Lost Cities Everblaze
  • "'Not as long as I have you. Fix me, Foster. You're my only hope.'"
—  Shannon Messenger, Keeper of the Lost Cities Everblaze
  • "'Keefe--' He took her hand, waiting for her to meet his eyes. 'Don't make me beg, Sophie.'"
—  Shannon Messenger, Keeper of the Lost Cities Everblaze
  • "Keefe scooted close, so close she could see his reflection in the mirrors. 'Well, we both know I'm not good at the serious, supportive thing, so I may be a jerk for saying this but . . . when are you going to realize that they can't tell you who you are? Maybe they can tell you a bunch of weird junk about your past and your family--and I get that some of that might be freaky. But if they tell you that your mom is the most open, go-with-the-flow person they've ever know, is that suddenly going to make you stop being so stubborn or keeping so many secrets?'"
—  Shannon Messenger, Keeper of the Lost Cities Everblaze
  • "'Whoa, are you crying?' Keefe asked, and she blushed as she tried to smear away her tears. 'You're supposed to cry when bad things happen, Foster, not good things.' 'I know, I'm sorry. I don't know what's wrong with me.' 'I do,' Keefe said, taking her hand as Dex grabbed the other and Fitz and Biana each squeezed her shoulders. 'Absolutely nothing.'"
—  Shannon Messenger, Keeper of the Lost Cities Exile
  • "'I know I crack a lot of jokes, Sophie, but . . . that's just because it's easier, you know? It's how I deal. But that doesn't mean I don't care. I do. A lot.'"
—  Shannon Messenger, Keeper of the Lost Cities Exile
  • "Grady rubbed his temples. 'So . . . Keefe Sencen?' 'What about him?' 'What about Dex?' 'What about Dex?'"
—  Shannon Messenger, Keeper of the Lost Cities Exile
  • "She stared at her hands, trying not to think about the fury she'd seen in Fitz's eyes the day before. 'That no matter what you learn . . . you won't hate me.' 'Why would I hate you?' 'Just promise, okay?' 'Uh, that one's a no-brainer. Still not so sure on the whole letting-you-boss-me-around thing. But the last one's easy.'"
—  Shannon Messenger, Keeper of the Lost Cities Exile
  • "She waited for Keefe to tease her, but he just scooted closer, lifting her head so it rested on his knee instead of the rocky ground. 'Sorry', she mumbled when the crying fit finally passed. 'For what?' 'I should be braver than this.' 'Um, I don't know if you realize this, but you're the bravest person I know--by far. Freak out all you want. If anyone deserves to, it's you.'
—  Shannon Messenger, Keeper of the Lost Cities Exile
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