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Sophie and Keefe, Sokeefe, or Team Foster-Keefe (the latter being dubbed by Keefe Sencen) is the romantic and/or platonic pairing of Sophie Foster and Keefe Sencen. Sophie and Keefe have supported each other throughout the series and have comforted each other after traumatic experiences. They are often seen holding hands. Sophie has often had "fluttery moments" with Keefe where her heart goes into "hummingbird mode." As the series has progressed, Sophie has grown closer to Keefe. Keefe clearly likes Sophie, concrete proof of which was given in Keefe’s Short Story in Nightfall. Sophie has also shown some signs of liking Keefe, especially in Exile, Neverseen, Lodestar, Nightfall, Legacy, and Unlocked - though it has not been confirmed, meaning they are only a possible relationship.

Sophie and Keefe grow closer as they rely on each other to move on from their losses. They always try to keep each other safe and care for each other. Keefe dubbed them 'Team Foster-Keefe' in Exile. In the Keefe Short Story, Keefe admits his feelings and says he'll tell Sophie soon, but that he's waiting for Sophie to trust him first. Keefe says that he [doesn't want] to be the hero, just a friend, until she was ready for more.

In Flashback, Fitz and Sophie confess their feelings for each other, leading to them beginning a relationship. This causes a rift in the relationship between Sophie and Keefe. Although Keefe tells Sophie he is happy for them and thinks they are "perfect for each other", he seems slightly upset. As of Unlocked, they're shown to still be friends with one another, but Keefe can't be around Sophie due to his new ability. When Keefe ran away, he left a letter for Sophie only, but we don't know how Sophie reacted to it, as the book did not depict her reaction.

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Pairing Names

  • Sokeefe (So/phie and Keefe)
  • Keephie (Kee/fe and So/phie)
  • Seefe (S/ophie and K/eefe)
  • Team Foster-Keefe (Sophie Foster and Keefe Sencen)
  • Keefoster (Keef/e and Sophie Foster)
  • Fosteefe (Sophie Fost/er and K/eefe)
  • Senster (Keefe Sen/cen and Sophie Fos/ter)
  • Sopeefe (Sop/hie and K/eefe)
  • Sofe (So/phie and Kee/fe

Sophie and Keefe art by Shannon Messenger


Keeper of the Lost Cities

  1. Sophie admits to herself he is "good looking", when she thinks he is joking about Lady Belva having a crush on him. (Pg. 204)
  2. Sophie refers to him as "cool and cute" while wondering why he wanted to be her friend. (Pg. 204)
  3. While at Everglen, Keefe says that they should actually giggle about boys to find out who Sophie likes. Sophie blushes and lies, saying she doesn't have one. (Pg. 249)
  4. Keefe grins and tells Sophie "I have a feeling you can do pretty much anything you put your mind to. So stop doubting yourself and go prove me right. You know, so I can brag about it" when she asks him how he knows she will do good, and she smiles and thanks him. (Pg. 272)
  5. Keefe teases Sophie when he finds a card from Valin in her thinking cap, and Sophie is glad he is back to his old self without his father around. (Pg. 283)
  6. Keefe claims he's the "President of the Sophie Foster Fan Club, and that he'll take care of her", and winks. (Pg. 283)

Keeper of the Lost Cities: Exile

  1. Keefe smiles at Sophie and jokes about her habit of always keeping secrets, claiming it's "how she keeps her sense of mystery". (Pg. 44-45)
  2. Prior to coming late to meet Sophie due to Keefe fixing his hair, Keefe excuses it by saying he needed to look good for the ladies, (meaning Sophie)
  3. Keefe stops Fitz and Sophie from having secret telepathic conversations, and claims he can "feel Foster's secrets", and that he felt some "pretty intense emotions right now". (Pg. 51)
  4. Sophie comes out wearing a red dress that compliments her eyes and catches both Keefe and Fitz staring at her. She questions it, but both of them mumble, "Nothing." (Pg. 179)
  5. Sophie blushes when Keefe jokes that she "always knows how to clear a path"; he smirks and compliments the mastodon trunk on her Foxfire Opening Ceremonies costume. Sophie smiles and compliments him on his sabertooth tiger fangs. (Pg 281)
  6. Keefe insists that someone has to keep Sophie company, and he scoots his chair closer to hers. (Pg 361)
  7. Keefe leans very close to Sophie and tells her that even though he makes a lot of jokes, he really cares about her and promises to Sophie that he'll take care of her. (Pg. 493)
  8. Keefe tells Sophie not to have any "almost deaths" while he is gone, and winks at her as he leaps to Candleshade. (Pg. 537)
  9. Keefe takes Sophie's hand and encourages her by saying there is absolutely nothing wrong with her. (Pg. 568)

Keeper of the Lost Cities: Everblaze

  1. Keefe attempts to comfort Sophie and help her when she believes that they are trapped in the void. (Pg. 10 - 12)
  2. Keefe says "It's nice to know the Mysterious Miss F cares." when Sophie asks him if his dad ever hurt his mom when he got angry because of the red wound on Lady Gisela's shoulder. (Pg. 35)
  3. Sophie holds Keefe's hand and attempts to comfort him when he wonders if his parents are worried about him. (Pg. 409)
  4. When Sophie starts explaining about the light of the unmapped stars, Keefe teases her and says "Cute and smart. No wonder Dex gave you a ring.", making her blush and hide behind her hair. (Pg. 410)
  5. Keefe begs Sophie not to hate him because of his father, and Sophie says that she could never hate him, and reassures him that he will never be his father. (Pg. 466)

Keeper of the Lost Cities: Neverseen

  1. Sophie holds Keefe's hand when he recalls how his mother ambushed him and his friends.
  2. When Sophie insists Keefe and the others can't go with her to get gelato because they'd be too conspicuous since they look like models, Keefe asks "Wait. Is Foster saying she thinks we're hot?" which makes her blush. (Pg. 31)
  3. Keefe offers to share his lufterator with Sophie after Mr. Forkle says that the people sharing would have to keep their faces very close together. (but winds up having to share with Dex). (Pg.59)
  4. Keefe slides on to Sophie's eckodon, and they have a short conversation about Lady Gisela and Keefe's bitterness towards her. Due to his closeness, Sophie's heart switches to hummingbird pace. (Pg. 63 -65)
  5. Sophie takes Keefe by a river and holds his hand while she tells him about what happened to Lady Gisela. He is angry and sad, and Sophie lends him her shoulder to cry upon. Keefe asks her to stay with him so he won't do anything reckless out of anger, and he leans his head upon her shoulder. Sophie was glad he didn't want her to leave. They stay like that until it becomes dark, then they walk home with their hands entwined. Sophie assures him that she is always a window away if he ever needs her. (Pg. 165 - 167)
  6. Sophie throws shoes at Keefe's window to get his attention, and after a small talk, he makes Sophie promise that she won't hate him. They confide in each other about having a shaky future and feeling like outsiders. When it is time to go back to sleep, Sophie suggests that they have a "window slumber party" and they both sleep by their windowsills with blankets and pillows and enjoy each other's company. (Pg. 174 - 176)
  7. Sophie storms into Keefe's room after he doesn't come out for many days after taking the fathomlethe and tells him that she won't leave until he talks to her. (Pg. 234)
  8. Keefe holds Sophie steady when they go to see Fitz, and he tightens his hold on her shoulders. (Pg. 287)
  9. Sophie's mood shifts when she realizes how close they are. Keefe notices this and, with a slight grin, asks her if she's okay. (Pg. 341 - 342)
  10. Sophie goes through Keefe's memories; memories of his horrible childhood and all the battles with the Neverseen. Sophie puts her hand on his shoulder and reassures Keefe that she thinks he is very brave and that he shouldn't work alone. (Pg. 343 - 345)
  11. Sophie blushes when Keefe asks if she wants a demonstration of how he kissed Biana. (Pg. 386)
  12. Keefe pointedly insists to Tam that he (Keefe) is "President of the Foster Fan Club" and that they are closed to new members. (Pg. 474)
  13. Sophie and Keefe, without speaking, have another window slumber party, although this one is much more somber, and Sophie assures Keefe that she is always there for him. (Pg. 506 - 507)
  14. When Keefe gets very upset about having to wait until the next morning to go to Ravagog, Sophie convinces him again to wait for them. He looks into her eyes and whispers that he will wait only because of her, and Sophie's heart flips to hummingbird mode again. (Pg. 575)
  15. Sophie leans her head on Keefe's shoulder, and they both get embarrassed when Alvar says "Awww, you guys look so cute! ... Sorry, didn't mean to interrupt cuddle time." after Sophie jumps away. She blushes and hides behind her hair. (Pg. 615)
  16. Sophie goes over to sit by Keefe and holds his hand when he tells her that Alvar tried to recruit him into the Neverseen the day before. She reassures him that he is nothing like Alvar. (Pg. 626 - 627)
  17. Keefe gives Sophie his mother's necklace outside the Sanctuary. Sophie really appreciates the gift and wears it immediately. (Pg. 643 - 645)
  18. Sophie accidentally says to Keefe that she likes him (not in a romantic way) and is worried about him; he reassures her that she doesn't have to take care of him, and then says that is what he likes about Sophie. Her stomach gets all fluttery when she realizes how their boots are almost touching and how she can feel his breath on her cheeks. (Pg. 653 - 654)
  19. Keefe jumps in front of Sophie to protect her once Fintan, Brant, and Alvar arrive and begs them to let her go. (Pg. 658)
  20. Keefe tells Sophie that he gave her the necklace to remember him by. Pg. 663)

Keeper of the Lost Cities: Lodestar

  1. Keefe tells her that it's nice having someone look out for him and when Sophie tells him he doesn't make it easy, he says it's just another thing they have in common. (Pg. 57)
  2. Keefe says the thing he missed most about Sophie is her whole adorable-when-angry thing and she replies by saying she misses him too. (Pg. 58 - 59)
  3. When Sophie finds out the memory which made Keefe join the Neverseen, she hugs him as tight as she can and tells him not to make a joke out of it. When Keefe says he had to, she buries her face in his shoulder and cries. (Pg. 361 - 362)
  4. Keefe says that nothing good ever comes from his mom, but Sophie says "One thing did. One of my favorite things."(Pg. 364)
  5. Sophie states that the intensity of Keefe's stare turned everything floaty and fluttery. (Pg. 569)
  6. Keefe stroked her cheek and Sophie leaned against him for support. (Pg. 648 - 649)
  7. Keefe says that Sophie could never look bad. (Pg. 649)
  8. Keefe asks Sophie why he got a 'crazy rush' whenever he held her hand. After Sophie explains that she had manifested as an Enhancer, he asked if the rush was a clearer reading of her feelings and looked away as he grinned when she answered, "Probably." (Pg. 655)
  9. Keefe holds her tight when Mr. Forkle dies. (Pg. 661)
  10. Sophie holds onto Keefe when she realizes that her human family was not found when she looked for them on her Spyball. (Pg. 669)

Keeper of the Lost Cities: Nightfall

  1. Keefe reaches for Sophie's shaking hand when she worries about her parents and promises her, “We’ll get them back safe. I promise.” She squeezes his hand, twining their fingers together when she knows Keefe has been working hard. (Pg. 7)
  2. Keefe's voice is “soft, timid even,” when he asks her if she hates him. She assures him that she would never hate him while smiling at him, and he smiles back. (Pg. 14)
  3. Keefe moved closer to Sophie and whispered in her ear that he'll take good care of her sister, and that Amy can stay with him where's he's living. (Pg. 18)
  4. When Alden threw a strong sedative in the room where Sophie was starting to faint, Keefe lunged to catch her. (Pg. 21)
  5. Keefe traces his hand across her braid. He adds that if she's trying to impress him it's working, even if he's always impressed by her. Keefe says that she must have someone else in mind if she's trying to impress someone (by dressing up) because she always impresses him. (Pg. 109)
  6. Keefe moves closer to Sophie and her throat goes dry as he touches her braid again. His mouth curves with one word until it changes. (Pg. 111)
  7. Keefe watches as Sophie reaches for his hand when he said that he hasn't believed that his 'mommy loves him and misses him' for years and as they talk about his mom Sophie comforts him. (Pg. 113 - 114)
  8. When Sophie asks if he wants to risk everything on a 'pretty sure,' he says that the only thing they're risking is him. She replies, saying that's way more than she's willing to lose. (Pg. 114)
  9. Keefe wraps his free arm around Sophie while his mom is talking about her kidnapping and her parents' kidnapping. (Pg. 121)
  10. He assures her that they'll get the starstone back the next day and he asks if she knows why. Sophie doesn't respond. Keefe takes both of her hands and Sophie's mind "can't ignore the rush of warmth that tingled through her when she met his eyes" when Keefe replies to her that Team Foster-Keefe is going to win. (Pg. 141)
  11. Keefe jokingly says he must go into Ravagog with Sophie because "y'know, Foster can't live without me." to which Sophie says not to make her smack him. Keefe smirks and insists he'd like to see her try. (Pg. 154)
  12. Fitz and Keefe make a bet about which stair Sophie will trip on. Keefe says the 6th and Fitz says at least the 10th. Then Keefe nudges Fitz over and places a hand on her shoulder to catch her if she falls, saying "I think this is a two-person job. It is Foster, after all." Soon enough, Keefe's prediction came true, and Sophie tells him "Not a word." (Pg. 161 - 163)
  13. When they find out that there are two Mr Forkles and it's Keefe's turn to speak, he instead goes over to Sophie's armchair and crouches down to her level to make sure she's really okay. (Pg. 189)
  14. Keefe gives his cape to Sophie insisting that they can't have her freeze and reminds Sophie that she didn't refuse Fitz's gift when she was given the honor to throw Alvar's award. Sophie didn't want Keefe to be cold, so she scoots closer to Keefe and pins it around both of them. Tam snorts and says, "Guess we have score one for Keephie." Then Keefe rests his head on her shoulder, and Sophie reacted by shoving him away and keeping the cape, saying now he can freeze. Keefe declares that it was worth it. (Pg. 209 - 210)
  15. Sophie worries about the fact that she could have lost Dex (when she kissed him to prove they weren't compatible), but Keefe reassures her that she hasn't and will most definitely not lose him either and says to trust the Empath. When she didn't smile, he leaned in and whispered, "And here's another thing you can count on. You'll never lose me. No matter how any of this stuff goes down." There was a softness to his voice. Maybe even a sweetness. And for a second, Sophie's breath seemed to catch.' (Pg. 272 - 273)
  16. Keefe almost face plants onto the deck of Lady Cadence's houseboat before Sophie catches him, and he says "Whoa, you're catching me?" with a teasing grin. (Pg. 281)
  17. Sophie scoots close to Keefe "Partially to shield herself behind him, but mostly because he was slumped over the railing like a piece of soggy laundry." Sophie asks if he's okay. (Pg. 282)
  18. Keefe insists he doesn't think he's going to make it (because he is seasick) and says there's something Sophie needs to know. He motions for her to lean closer, and was 'so close she could feel his breath on her cheek, and a fresh wave of goosebumps streaked across her skin.' (Pg. 283)
  19. Keefe whimpers and says "Someone hold me." when Lady Cadence says they have three more river changes. Sophie felt like he wasn't kidding because of how soaked and shaky and pale he was, and because she couldn't stop shivering, she moved behind him and wrapped her arms around his shoulders. Then she pulls him close and down onto the deck, leaning against each other and wrapping her cape around him, warning him if he has to throw up, do NOT turn around. Keefe tells her it helped a lot, and he stopped shaking. (Pg. 284 - 285)
  20. When they are talking about how they were flying over the ocean on Silveny, Keefe says it was the first he'd ever felt her really trust him, and quietly adds that he likes it when she trusts him. Sophie says she does too, and he scoots ever so slightly closer and asks her if she still trusts him, to which Sophie promises she does. (Pg. 287 - 288)
  21. Sophie holds Keefe's arms and says she has a bad feeling, but Keefe covers her hand with his and promises that he won't lose against King Dimitar. (Pg. 322)
  22. During that time, Keefe takes off Sophie's gloves and crush cuffs, and entwines his fingers with hers to help calm her down by channeling her emotions. (Pg. 330)
  23. Ro calls Keefe's and Sophie's fight a "lovers' quarrel,” and Sophie tries to deny it, while Keefe whispers that Sophie isn't ready to face her feelings. (Pg. 339)
  24. Keefe explains that he noticed when Sophie was losing it in Ravagog, so he took her gloves off and synced with her emotions in hopes of calming her down. (Pg. 346)
  25. Keefe wraps his arm around Sophie saying that Sophie gets worked when she's trying to protect him, but Sophie shoves him away and says he might get killed if he does whatever he wants. (Pg. 349)
  26. Keefe leans closer and tells Sophie he's sorry, really, and he'll do whatever it takes to make it up to her. (Pg. 559)
  27. When Lady Gisela says that Sophie's parents' mind will experience trauma, Keefe says not to let any of her words get into Sophie's head while holding her by the shoulders. (Pg. 568)
  28. Keefe knows that Sophie is distressed and blocks Sophie from walking away as he wipes a tear flowing down her cheeks. (Pg. 574)
  29. Keefe joked with Sophie after she was crying about not getting anything done to help her parents, which she said made her feel better. Then, Keefe helped Sophie carry her books, while "Grady, meanwhile, was studying Keefe as he'd never seen him before in his life." Then Sophie lowers her voice so Grady couldn't hear and told Keefe that she was glad he was back. Then, "Keefe's smile turned unbearably sweet" as he told her he was glad too. (Pg. 577)
  30. When Sophie hears about human experimentation, Sophie feels like vomiting, but Keefe takes off her gloves and shifts her emotions to sooth away the darkness. (Pg. 620)
  31. Sophie filled herself with darkness when she hears that the experimented humans died causing Keefe to scoot closer to her and send more soft glowing breezes to push the darkness away and reminds Sophie to once again breathe from the information she has taken in. (Pg. 624)
  32. Keefe wraps his arm around Sophie to keep her steady. (Pg. 625)
  33. Sophie worries about how Lord Cassius treats his son and questions if he can handle it. Keefe answers that he can and the thing that worries him is Sophie who's been feeling nothing for the past few days. During that moment Ro chants: "Kiss! Kiss! Kiss!," when Keefe says he needs his Foster back. (Pg. 639 - 640)
  34. Keefe gave Sophie two paintings he made for her, one of Sophie, Grady, and Edaline, and one with all of her friends near Calla's Panakes tree. He says that Sophie was bugging him to draw something for her room, which barely had anything, as a joke, but Sophie “tackle-hugs” him, causing Keefe to say, "Breathing is overrated," and Sophie agrees without loosening her grip on him. In return, Sophie says thank you and Keefe hugs her closer and replies with, "Anytime, Foster." Then she pulls away when Fitz and Lord Cassius arrive at the scene. (Pg. 643 - 645)
  35. When Keefe traces the crease between Sophie's eyebrows, she finds it incredibly hard to come up with an answer. (Pg. 663)
  36. Sophie feels bad when she realizes that Keefe can get lost in others’ emotions, and hers are even worse. Keefe assures her that it's “worth it” and walks closer to her. She crashes into the wall and he stands in front of her, blocking her from moving, knowing that Sophie's being ridiculous when she said that he should stay away from her, but Keefe claims that he likes to take on a challenge. When he leans in Sophie's stomach flutters as his breath tickles her skin. Keefe starts to say, "Speechless again? You know, there's—," but is interrupted. (Pg. 668 - 669)
  37. During the questioning that Vespera had for Sophie, Sophie shakes from the fear that she held for her parents well being so Keefe wraps his arm around Sophie's waist to calm her shaking. (Pg.695)
  38. When Sandor and Grizel take Sophie's parents to Elwin, Keefe reminds Sophie that they'll be alright and sends her a mental breeze which Sophie clings on to. (Pg. 716)
  39. Lady Gisela pulls out a flashing white object, blinding everyone; as that happened, Sophie clung to Keefe. (Pg. 742)
  40. When Lady Gisela shoots Ro with soporidine, Keefe grabs her hands to send her blue breezes and reminds her in a choked voice to breathe. (Pg. 743)
  41. Keefe grabs Sophie's hand and tells her not to let them get into her head, and that she knows what needs to be done. (Pg. 752)
  42. Keefe joins hands with Sophie and Linh when she starts to connect the water together. When Sophie begins to feel the pull of the water, Keefe asks if she's okay and sends her a blue breeze to calm her mind. After Sophie tells him a minute later that she feels the water wanting to take over, Keefe smiles and sends another gentle breeze, saying that they are trying to stop the water, although it would be fun to call her the "Foster of Many Floods." (Pg. 756 - 757)
  43. After Sophie's parents memories are Washed, Keefe is waiting for her under Calla's Panakes tree, saying he figured she'd probably had a rough morning. He tells her he brought her a present to cheer her up, and holds out his arms. Sophie doesn't understand, and Keefe smirks and says "Foster, Foster, Foster. Always so adorably oblivious. I'm the gift. I'm all yours today -- thought I might be willing to extend my services if you call me the Gift Master." She calls him ridiculous, and he responds by telling her that she loves it. Then his voice shifted into "something softer, something that made her stomach tighten." He asks what she needs, whether it be a shoulder to cry on, help to brainstorm the favor he owes her, or a good old-fashioned cuddle. (Pg. 788 - 789)

Keeper of the Lost Cities: Flashback

  1. Keefe tells her she looks perfect, making her blush. (Pg. 5)
  2. When Sophie starts to feel guilty about Kenric, Keefe makes sure she's okay. (Pg. 7)
  3. Keefe steps closer to reach for Sophie's hands. (Pg. 12)
  4. Their eyes meet after Keefe tells Sophie she can trust him. (Pg. 12)
  5. Keefe moves to Sophie's side, whispering that he understands what she's saying. (Pg. 15)
  6. After the Neverseen attacked Sophie and Fitz, Sophie is unconscious in the Healing Center when she hears Keefe's voice begging her to wake up, realizing that Sophie is afraid to, Keefe tells her to sleep and sends her mental breezes. (Pg. 109)
  7. Keefe squeezes Sophie's hand, interlacing their fingers to send her a gentle breeze. He whispers and asks if she's okay, and Sophie is reluctant to let go of his hand. (Pg. 231)
  8. Keefe's smile "softened into something that made Sophie's cheeks warm. And her heart seemed to trip over itself as he leaned close and. . ." when he gently pinned "Krakie" (the kraken pin from the Prattle's box) onto her bandage. (Pg. 246)
  9. Keefe tells her "Aw, the little shrieking sounds you're making are adorable." when Sophie plunges her hand into a bucket of ice water to learn body temperature regulation. (Pg. 248)
  10. Keefe says he'll leap over to Havenfield if Sophie needs him, even though it means losing his bet with Ro, and Sophie thinks that she doesn't deserve that kind of devotion. (Pg. 521)
  11. When Sophie asks Keefe to stay after everyone else leaves he says, "Don't worry Foster, I'm not going anywhere." (Pg. 719)
  12. Keefe becomes emotional when he learns that Sophie used her one question to ask about his memory and says, '"Thank you for thinking about me,' he whispered. 'No one ever does that.'" (Pg. 725)
  13. Sophie reassures Keefe that people care about him. (Pg. 725)
  14. Keefe sends Sophie blue mental breezes while reminding her to breathe and tells her, "You've got this". (Pg. 756- 757)
  15. When Sophie is being chased by one of the mutant troll babies, Keefe tries to divert its attention towards him to save Sophie. (Pg. 797)
  16. Keefe hugs Sophie and admits that he was worried about her. (Pg. 800 - 801)
  17. When Sophie learns about what happened with Umber, Keefe moves closer to her and lets her lean on him. (Pg. 802)
  18. Before Sophie goes into the hive, Keefe promises he would be there for emotional support when Sophie got back. (Pg. 806)
  19. When Sophie comes out of the hive after seeing Alvar "dead", she notes that "Keefe was right where she left him - right where he'd said he'd be - his arms stretched out and ready to catch her, like he'd known she'd be dizzy and heaving by the time she finally fled." then he leads her away from the hive and comforts her. (Pg. 808 - 809)
  20. Keefe takes both her hands and helps her sit down, holding her together. (Pg. 809)
  21. Lady Gisela says that Keefe "has always been the best at keeping Sophie together during these stressful situations." (Pg. 816)
  22. When Lady Gisela shoots Silveny with soporidine, Keefe keeps Sophie from falling and sends her mental breezes.
  23. After Tam leaves with Lady Gisela, Sophie tells Keefe, "You can't blame yourself for this." Then Keefe pulls her into a hug. (Pg. 826)

Keeper of the Lost Cities: Legacy

  1. The thought of going into Keefe’s room for the first time makes Sophie’s cheeks warm. (Pg. 65)
  2. Keefe becomes very flustered after Sophie catches him off-guard and shirtless. (Pg. 66)
  3. Sophie complimented Keefe’s change in hair, admitting that, “the beachy look really worked for him. Not that Keefe needed any improvement.” She calls Keefe particularly handsome, noting that he was well aware. (Pg. 66)
  4. Keefe says that Sophie has a cute crease in-between her eyebrows and then points out that her feelings seem fluttery around him. (Pg. 70)
  5. Sophie gets worried about Keefe, because he used Fathomlethe (pg. 78)
  6. After explaining Tam’s warning to Keefe, Sophie supports Keefe by taking his hand, which he tightly hangs onto. (Pg. 73)
  7. Keefe drew Sophie comforting him at Havenfield (in Flashback) as one of his “happy memories.” (Pg. 83)
  8. Sophie doesn't know how she is going to live if something happens to Keefe. (Pg. 91)
  9. Sophie tells Ro her secret to ensure Keefe’s safety. (Pg. 99)
  10. Keefe comforts Sophie by saying that being unmatchable won’t change anything, at least to people who matter. (Pg. 101 - 102)
  11. Sophie and Keefe stared at each other, and there was an intensity in his stare that made Sophie's heart change rhythm. (Pg. 103)
  12. Keefe laughs when he's talking about his plan to find out who her biological parents are and says that he loves that he has to explain it to her because it's "proof that no matter how feisty you get, you'll still always be our sweet little Foster." and Sophie blushes. (Pg. 105)
  13. Keefe worriedly asks her what's wrong and wraps an arm around her shoulders so she didn't fall when Sophie panics, worrying that she might be related to Fitz. Keefe guides her over and sets her down on the bed and brings her a bottle of Youth. (Pg. 108 - 109)
  14. Keefe reassures her while she's worried about her biological parents, and then twines their fingers together and tells her how he's always been jealous of the way she just handles problems instead of running away and calls her amazing. He tells her he's always there for her if she needs him. (Pg. 110 -1 112)
  15. "Without caring that it might be awkward or what anyone would think, Sophie, pulled Keefe into the tightest hug possible, and whispered, 'Thank you.' Keefe’s breath was warm in her ear as he told her, ‘Anytime, Foster. I'm always here.'" (Pg. 115)
  16. When Keefe tells Sophie he thinks Bronte is her biological father, he sends a lot of mental breezes to calm her and holds her hand very tightly. (Pg. 224 - 225)
  17. Keefe tells Sophie (again) that no one will care if she is unmatchable. (Pg. 229)
  18. When Keefe explained his theory on Bronte being her biological father, Sophie gets really upset and tries to start breaking stuff. Keefe growls, "screw it," and wraps his arms around her, and Sophie sinks into the hug. He lets her cry on his shoulder and soak his tunic with her tears. While they were hugging, Sophie and Keefe momentarily forget about all the bodyguards in the room and hallway until Ro interrupts. (Pg. 229 - 231)
  19. When Ro is trying to convince them Bronte isn’t Sophie’s dad, Ro calls Sophie a “blond hottie,” and Keefe agrees. Sophie doesn’t know if Keefe is agreeing that she is a “blond hottie” or that Bronte’s not her dad. (Pg. 233 - 234)
  20. Even when Keefe flashes a smug smirk, Sophie can sense his sadness behind it and pulls him back into a hug. (Pg. 237 - 238)
  21. Sophie admits that she wouldn’t know what to do if she didn’t have him, and Keefe reassures her that she’d be fine. (Pg. 238)
  22. Keefe calls Sophie, “awfully cute in a crown,” and even though Sophie knows he’s teasing her, she blushes from head to toe. (Pg. 238)
  23. Sophie goes to talk to Keefe about her decision to not reset her abilities because she knows that he won't judge her. (Pg. 352 - 353)
  24. Keefe comforts Sophie and tells her that "the Black Swan didn't make a gadget. They made a person. So they're going to have to deal with the fact that you have a mind of your own- and a pretty darn smart one too." (Pg. 355)
  25. Sophie had to make sure Keefe was okay before she left. And she said, "Thanks for listening, Keefe. It really helped." (Pg. 371)
  26. Keefe had been beside her for nearly the whole three days Sophie was recovering from the ability reset. He also sent her green breezes during the reset to calm her down. He tries to explain why he's been there for three days while making it sound like it was just logical but just ends up rambling. (Pg. 500 - 501)
  27. Keefe gently lifted her by the shoulders to ease her into a sitting position and propped her up with extra pillows in her bed after her ability reset. (Pg. 502)
  28. Sophie thanks Keefe for being there for her. Then Keefe whistles and says it's ridiculous how hard she is on herself after she says she's glad she didn't ruin anything else. (Pg. 503)
  29. Keefe says that the only thing Sophie has to be is Sophie Foster. Ro says "Awwwwwww -- good one, Hunkyhair!", and Sophie describes her as ruining the moment; then she rushes to tell herself "Not that it was a moment or anything like that."(Pg. 504)
  30. After Sophie inflicts on Lady Gisela, Keefe asks her if she is okay. (Pg. 583)
  31. Sophie helped Keefe calm down after Tam leapt away with Lady Gisela. She led him to the Panakes tree and wrapped a blanket around him. Sophie hugged Keefe as hard as she could without caring who might be watching. (Pg. 586)
  32. Sophie brings Keefe E. L. Fudges, and he turned very, very red when he realizes what a mess he must look to Sophie. He did an "adorable double-take between her and the cookies." (Pg. 596 - 597)
  33. Sophie wanted to squeeze into Keefe's chair so she could hug Keefe and show him someone cared. (Pg. 603)
  34. Keefe whistled and tells her he doesn't know where all of this "Foster confidence" is coming from but he's "here for it", and Sophie's cheeks warmed. (Pg. 604)
  35. Sophie agrees with Ro that she and Keefe understand each other better than anyone. (Pg. 641)
  36. Sophie comforts Keefe after learning about his legacy. (Pg. 641 - 642)
  37. Sophie almost starts to smile when she and Keefe held hands after Sophie turned off her enhancing. (Pg. 700)
  38. Sophie grabs Keefe's hand and put it on her collarbone so he would know what happened with her and Fitz. (Pg. 706)
  39. They lock eyes across the room and Sophie’s heart aches. Keefe said he trusts Sophie and is really glad he met her. Sophie says she is glad she met him too.Sophie and Keefe's minds were still connected, and it was like their minds were holding hands, which she said might have been the goofiest, sappiest thought she'd ever had, but it helped her feel happier. (Pg. 743)
  40. Sophie tells Keefe she's here and that she won't let him lose himself. Sophie doesn't want Keefe to go. (Pg. 747)
  41. Because Sophie promised Keefe she would get him through this, she tells Keefe about her new teleporting, her conversation with Elwin, that she was scared for him and proud of him, and that he will always be her friend and Keefe Sencen. (Pg. 774)

Book 8.5: Unlocked

  1. In the commentary for Keefe's memories, on the one for when it was revealed that Mr. Forkle had a secret twin, and was alive, Keefe remembers that he made a promise to Mr. Forkle to "protect the moonlark". (Pg. 498)
  2. In the commentary for Keefe's memories, on the one about when Keefe's ability was triggered, he mentions that if Sophie hadn't left their minds connected, he would've retreated into the darkness, but he came back for her, and he always will. (Pg. 502)
  3. Keefe and Sophie share a heartfelt conversation about feelings, which helps them both fall asleep.
  4. In his letter, Keefe tells her that she means more to him then she will ever know.
  5. Keefe ends his letter to Sophie with "Love, Keefe."
  6. When Keefe is commenting on his memories, he says the reason he picked the second memories moment is because she is blushing. He also said it felt like the first time he had a shot at getting this 'brave, beautiful girl' to like him.
  7. In Unlocked, Ro mentioned ""Now you just need to tell her you're helplessly in love with her so she can be like"--Ro shifted her voice up an octave and clasped her hands against her heart--"'Oh Hunkyhair, I never realized you felt that way even though it was ridiculously obvious to everyone else. And I've been in love with you forever --I just didn't know it because I'm super oblivious. I'm sorry I wasted so much time crushing on Captain Perfect--come here, let's do all the smooching ever!'" Ro said this implying Keefe likes Sophie. (Pg. 644)


  • They are both elves.
  • They have both manifested multiple abilities.
  • They both have blonde hair.
  • They both have a photographic memory.
  • They are both Polyglots
  • They are both Silveny's favorites and among the few she trusts.
  • They have both joined the Black Swan at one point.
  • They both have stuffed animals (Sophie has Ella and Keefe has Mrs Stinkbottom).
  • They both have tense relationships with their biological mothers.
  • They both have gotten banished to Exillium.
  • They have both visited a Forbidden City.
  • They are both very close to Fitz.



  • Grady, as an overprotective parent, dislikes it when Sophie and Keefe hang out, although Edaline finds it adorable.
    • However, as of Unlocked, Grady seems to be more understanding to Keefe as a person. While Grady says he doesn't understand Sophie and Keefe's relationship, he does respect that Keefe is important to Sophie and believes that Sophie will need Keefe in the future.
  • Keefe considers himself to be the "President of the Foster Fan Club."
  • Keefe has dubbed their team as "Team Foster-Keefe."
  • In Keefe's short story, he admits his crush on her and vows to always be there for her, "Until she was ready for more."
  • Keefe once did a drawing of her, Grady and Edaline. He also did one of her and all of her friends and a painting of Sophie and Fitz.
  • Ro keeps remarking on Sophie's obliviousness and is a strong supporter of Team Foster-Keefe.
  • On the popular fanfiction site Archive of Our Own, the romantic pairing (Sophie Foster/Keefe Sencen) is the most popular overall relationship tag with over 22% of all KOTLC stories on the site featuring the tag. The platonic pairing of the two (Sophie Foster and Keefe Sencen) is the 7th most popular relationship tag overall and the most popular platonic relationship tag.


“Keefe leaned closer to her. 'I can handle him. What I can't handle is any more of the Sophie Shell who's been wandering around for the last few weeks, scaring the snot out of all of us. I need my Foster back - the real one, who bosses me around and is way too much fun to tease.”

“Fine, I'll wait until dawn." His eyes found hers as he whispered, "For you." Sophie didn't know what to make of the last part, but her heart flipped into hummingbird mode.”

Keefe, in Neverseen

“'I know.' She hugged him as hard as she could--not caring who was watching.”

Sophie, in Legacy

“Keefe gave her another reassuring shoulder pat- but when she flung the pillow aside and buried her face in her hands she heard him growl something like, 'screw it.' Then his arms wrapped around her and she sank into the hug not realizing she was crying until she felt her tears soak into his tunic.”

—Narration, in Legacy

“And Keefe was right where she'd left him - right where he'd said he'd be - his arms stretched out and ready to catch her, like he'd known she'd be dizzy and heaving by the time she finally fled.”

—Narration, in Flashback

“'Tonight would've been . . . pretty rough if you hadn't stopped by.' 'I know,' he told her. 'For me too.'”

Sophie and Keefe, in Flashback

“Sophie wasn't sure why her voice sounded so thick when she said, 'It's good to have backup.' 'It is.' His smile softened into something that made Sophie's cheeks warm. And her heart seemed to trip over itself as he leaned close and carefully pinned Krakie to the back of her hand, right in the center.”

Keefe and Sophie, in Flashback

“'No, Foster. You look… perfect.' She blushed at the slightest catch in his voice – and then wished she hadn't when he flashed his trademark smirk.”

“Then he was lost to his floaty dreams, most of which focused on the gold-flecked brown eyes he could never get out of his head.”

“From that point on, he only had one goal: to be whatever Sophie needed. Not the hero. Not the one taking charge of everything. Just a guy ready to listen and help and be there for her. A friend. Until she was ready for more.”

“'... And I know you're going to tell me it won't be that simple -- and it probably won't be. But whatever it takes, it's going to happen. Do you know why?' When she didn't answer, he took both of her hands, and she couldn't ignore the rush of warmth that tingled through her when she met his eyes.There was no teasing glint to be found. Just pure determination when he told her, 'Because Team Foster-Keefe is going to win.'”

“'Foster, Foster, Foster--always so adorably oblivious. I'm the gift. I'm all yours today--though I might be willing to extend my servitude if you call me the Gift Master.' Sophie rolled her eyes as she smiled. 'You're ridiculous, you know that?' 'And you love it.' His grin shifted into something softer, something that made her stomach tighten.”

Keefe and Sophie, in Nightfall

“Grady, meanwhile, was studying Keefe as if he'd never seen him before in his life. 'I'm glad you're back,' Sophie told him, keeping her voice low--just for the two of them. Keefe's smile turned unbearably sweet, 'Me too, Foster. Me too.'”

Sophie and Keefe, in Nightfall

“I don't know if I'm going to make it, Foster. And in case I don't, there's something I need you to know.”

“'And here's another thing you can count on. You'll never lose me. No matter how all this stuff goes down.' There was a softness to his voice. Maybe even a sweetness. And for a second, Sophie's breath seemed to catch.”

“'If I thought there was even the slightest chance we could catch her, Foster and l would be having a slumber party tonight.' 'No you wouldn't,' Grady informed him. Keefe smirked. 'Worried I'd prank you?' 'Definitely not what I'm worried about.'”

Keefe and Grady, in Nightfall

“She threw her arms around his shoulders, hugging him as tight as she could. Maybe if she never let go, she could hold the broken pieces together.”

—Narration, in Lodestar

“'Is this the best time to reach out to you each night?' she asked. ‘Yep--it's a date. Tell your boyfriends not to be jealous.'”

Sophie and Keefe, in Lodestar

“She shook her head. 'We can beat them together. Team Foster-Keefe, remember?”

“The deep, crisp accent was instantly recognizable. And yet, the teasing words made Sophie wish she'd turn and find a different boy.”

—Narration, in Lodestar

“'Thanks,' He whispered back, so close she could feel his breath on her cheek. His arms tightened ever so slightly, making her heart switch to hummingbird pace.”

“‘You keep trying to fix everything, Sophie. You even fixed Exillium. But you can't fix me.’”

“‘I know. It’s one of the things I like about you.’ Her stomach filled with fluttering things, which flitted around even more when she noticed how close they were now standing. The toes of their boots were almost touching, and his breath felt warm on her cheeks.”

“He stepped closer then, so close she could count the snowflakes in his eyelashes, which were much longer and darker than she realized.”

—Narration, in Neverseen

“'Fine, I'll wait until dawn.' His eyes found hers as he whispered, 'For you.' Sophie didn't know what to make of the last part, but her heart flipped into hummingbird mode.”

“'I'm Batman. I could be your hero any day.'”

“'I don't care about that,' Sophie jumped in. 'I care about Keefe. Look at him!'”

“'Thanks. Oh. . . and Sophie?' 'Yeah?' she asked, surprised he was using her first name. 'Please don't hate me, okay?' 'Keefe, I will never hate you.'”

Keefe and Sophie, in Everblaze

“'Not as long as I have you. Fix me, Foster. You're my only hope.'”

“'Keefe--' He took her hand, waiting for her to meet his eyes. 'Don't make me beg, Sophie.'”

Sophie and Keefe, in Everblaze

“'Whoa, are you crying?' Keefe asked, and she blushed as she tried to smear away her tears. 'You're supposed to cry when bad things happen, Foster, not good things.' 'I know, I'm sorry. I don't know what's wrong with me.' 'I do,' Keefe said, taking her hand as Dex grabbed the other and Fitz and Biana each squeezed her shoulders. 'Absolutely nothing.'”

Keefe and Sophie, in Exile

“'I know I crack a lot of jokes, Sophie, but . . . that's just because it's easier, you know? It's how I deal. But that doesn't mean I don't care. I do. A lot.'”

Keefe, in Exile

“Grady rubbed his temples. 'So . . . Keefe Sencen?' 'What about him?' 'What about Dex?' 'What about Dex?'”

Grady and Sophie, in Exile

“She stared at her hands, trying not to think about the fury she'd seen in Fitz's eyes the day before. 'That no matter what you learn . . . you won't hate me.' 'Why would I hate you?' 'Just promise, okay?' 'Uh, that one's a no-brainer. Still not so sure on the whole letting-you-boss-me-around thing. But the last one's easy.'”

Sophie and Keefe, in Exile

“She waited for Keefe to tease her, but he just scooted closer, lifting her head so it rested on his knee instead of the rocky ground. 'Sorry', she mumbled when the crying fit finally passed. 'For what?' 'I should be braver than this.' 'Um, I don't know if you realize this, but you're the bravest person I know--by far. Freak out all you want. If anyone deserves to, it's you.'”

Sophie and Keefe, in Exile

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