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“'I know. It’s one of the things I like about you." Her stomach filled with fluttering things, which flitted around even more when she noticed how close they were now standing. The toes of their boots were almost touching, and his breath felt warm on her cheeks.”

Keefe Sencen, in Book 4: Neverseen

Sokeefe or Team Foster-Keefe (as dubbed by Keefe) is the romantic/friendship pairing of Sophie Foster and Keefe Sencen. Sophie and Keefe trust each other and try to be there for the other. For example, the window slumber parties in Book 4: Neverseen when Keefe was upset about his mom, Lady Gisela. Sophie has had "fluttery moments" with Keefe that she calls her heart going into "hummingbird mode." As the series progresses, Sophie grows closer to Keefe. Fitz seems to realize that to some degree. Keefe clearly likes Sophie, as stated in Keefe’s Short Story and Sophie, although she likes Fitz, has shown some signs of liking Keefe. Keefe has his parents, and Sophie has her brown eyes and all her different abilities that some don't seem as special. Especially in Book 4: Neverseen, Book 5: Lodestar, and Book 6: Nightfall, Sophie and Keefe grow closer as they rely on each other to move on from their losses. Keefe is always putting Sophie before anyone else. They always try to keep each other safe, even if they don't think it through, like when Keefe joined the Neverseen, trying to act as a spy. He's constantly trying to act like a hero for her, and it is said that she impresses him. Sophie cares about Keefe a lot. Every time Keefe gets hurt she gets worried and does her best to keep him safe and as far away from danger as possible; yet, Keefe always comes back for Sophie. Keefe is quick to volunteer for anything Sophie plans and sometimes the first one Sophie let into her plans and secrets. Keefe dubbed them team 'Team Foster-Keefe' in Book 2: Exile. Some theories arise that Shannon introduced the Cassius Sencen Head Vs. Heart theory to foreshadow Sophie liking Fitz in her head and Keefe in her heart, but this has not been confirmed. In the Keefe Short Story, Keefe admits his feelings and says he will tell Sophie soon, that he is waiting for Sophie to trust him first. However, in Flashback, Fitz and Sophie confront their feelings for each other, which makes them start a relationship, causing the relationship of Sophie and Keefe to possibly be lowered slightly. Keefe tells Sophie he is happy for them and thinks they are "perfect for each other" although seems upset. Sophie feels a rush of "tangled emotions" at Keefe's upset face too, making fans wonder if she's feeling regret about her relationship with Fitz or simply sympathy for Keefe.


Keeper of the Lost Cities: Keeper of the Lost Cities

  1. Keefe and Sophie's first meeting happens when Keefe, lying down on a bench, states that Sophie must be lost. Sophie analyzes him and notices that Keefe is, "watching her with curious, ice blue eyes." Pg 195
  2. Sophie blushes when Keefe's grateful that skipping class would be a good thing because he got "to meet the mysterious new girl." Pg 197
  3. Sophie blushes during the splotching match when Keefe states that Sophie, a Level Two, is able to make it to the top ten was very mysterious. This causes Keefe to ask if Sophie has any hidden talents he is unaware of, then becomes interested when Sophie turns pale. Pg 217
  4. Keefe wraps an arm around Sophie's shoulders after making her blush. Pg 226
  5. While at Alden's home, Keefe says that they should actually giggle about boys to find out who Sophie likes. Sophie blushes and lies saying she doesn't have one. Pg 239
  6. When Keefe announces that they are playing Base Quest, he claims Sophie on his team and places his arm around her shoulders, although Sophie shrugs him off. Pg 239
  7. Keefe winks at her while reaching for her hand and offers to read her emotions. Sophie gets away from Keefe though he says it's futile because he can still read her emotions without touching her. Pg 255
  8. During detention with Lady Galvin, Keefe clears his throat when he feels Sophie's emotion as she starts to think about Fitz. Sophie turns away when she meets Keefe's eyes, rejecting the idea that Keefe can feel her emotion with the distance put between them. Pg 257
  9. Keefe whispers to Sophie that she has to relax because she's beginning to worry him with the negative emotions she's bringing out. Pg 260-261
  10. Keefe is surprised that Sophie's a Telepath and it officially makes her the most mysterious girl ever. After a while, he demands that Sophie to get well since the school was no longer the same and became dull without her. Pg 454-455

Keeper of the Lost Cities: Exile

  1. Prior to coming late to meet Sophie due to Keefe fixing his hair, Keefe excuses it by saying he needed to look good for the ladies, meaning Sophie, causing her to blush. Pg 45
  2. Sophie finally comes out with a red dress that compliments her eyes and catches both Keefe and Fitz staring at her. She questions on it, but both of them mumble, "Nothing." Pg 179
  3. Keefe feels Sophie's panic from a long distance, so he rushes over to her to see what's the problem as Sophie explains the situation about Alden collapse. Keefe comforts and reassures her that Alden is in good hands, and even takes the advance of hugging her but decides against it. pg 287
  4. Keefe affirms that he is never wrong and that Alden will be all right. Sophie holds onto that hope while pulling out her crystal to go to Havenfield. At the last second, Keefe almost extended his hand to hold Sophie's, but pulls back and salutes her. pg 288
  5. Keefe runs after Sophie pressing her to tell him about her plan. He tells her that she is the only one he believes can fix Alden. pg 376-379
  6. Keefe reassures Sophie that she is perfectly fine, and not in fact "malfunctioning". pg 389
  7. Keefe tells Sophie that she looks much better with color, and tells her not to fade again. pg 400
  8. Keefe compliments Sophie on her bravery when they realize the Black Swan stole her memories. pg 429
  9. Keefe says that Sophie is cute when she is panicking. pg 465
  10. Keefe wraps his arm around Sophie as they board Silveny. pg 490
  11. Keefe leans very close to Sophie and tells her that even though he makes a lot of jokes, he really cares about her. pg 493
  12. Keefe promises Sophie that he'll take care of her. pg 493
  13. Sophie tries to tell Keefe that his parents really do care about him, and he tells her that her parents do the same. pg 494-495
  14. Keefe tightens his grip on Sophie's waist as they descend, and helps her off Silveny. pg 495
  15. When Sophie curls into a ball and starts to cry, Keefe picks up her head and sets her head on his knee so it's off the ground, and tells her that she is one of the bravest people he has ever met. pg 515
  16. Keefe helps Sophie to her feet and allows her to hold on to his shoulders as they walk to Silveny, and lifts Sophie onto her back. pg 516
  17. Keefe looks into her eyes and tells Sophie that her ability is going to work. pg 537
  18. Keefe tells Sophie not to have any "almost deaths" while he is gone, and winks at her as he leaps to Candleshade. pg 537
  19. After Alden's healing, Keefe wraps his arm around Sophie and yells that Team Foster-Keefe triumphed. pg 548
  20. Keefe takes Sophie's hand and encourages her by saying there is absolutely nothing wrong with her. pg 568

Keeper of the Lost Cities: Everblaze

  1. Keefe drapes his hand over Sophie's shoulders and assures Sandor that he can take care of her.
  2. Keefe assures Sophie that her Teleporting abilities are strong, and she needs to stop doubting herself.
  3. Sophie holds Keefe's hand very tightly when they go to Teleport.
  4. Keefe attempts to comfort Sophie and help her when she believes that they are trapped in the void.
  5. Sophie holds Keefe's shaking hands as the leap to Candleshade.
  6. Keefe grabs Sophie's hands as she has a flashback and steadies her.
  7. When Keefe tells Sophie to hold on tight onto the vortinator, Sophie mistakenly tightens her grip on his hand.
  8. Keefe gives Sophie his cape when he realizes she is cold at the Sanctuary.
  9. When Sophie tries to return his cape when she sees that he too is cold, he denies it saying that she deserves it, since she saved his life before.
  10. Keefe holds Sophie's gaze for what she considers "a second too long" after he fixes his cape to cover her ears.
  11. Keefe teases Sophie when she barrels into him, saying "that there are less painful ways to knock him off of his feet." Sophie blushes.
  12. Keefe holds Sophie to his chest and asks if she's okay after she returns from being in Greyfell's mind.
  13. Keefe catches Sophie when she almost falls trying to see Greyfell's sedated state.
  14. Sophie blushes when she realizes she and Keefe are holding onto each other longer than intended.
  15. Keefe assures Sophie that the Black Swan needs her and that she is in the right.
  16. When Sophie jokingly says he is hopeless, Keefe responds by telling her to fix him and that she's his only hope, to which Sophie blushes.
  17. Sophie calls Keefe amazing when he mimics Dame Alina perfectly without being a Polyglot.
  18. Keefe compliments Sophie's ring, a present from Dex, with a wink.
  19. Keefe asks Sophie is she is okay during Kenric's Wanderling Planting.
  20. Sophie clings to Keefe hand and squeezes really hard when King Dimitar says that there is nothing special about her.
  21. Keefe winks at Sophie when he talks about his wedding planning skills.
  22. Keefe attempts to comfort Sophie and help her figure things out when she thinks the Black Swan didn't leave a note for her.
  23. Sophie holds Keefe's hand and attempts to comfort him when he wonders if his parents are worried about him.
  24. Sophie grabs Keefe's arm when she wonders if their whole endeavor was a trap by the Black Swan.
  25. Keefe grabs Sophie's arm when he thinks he sees something on the shore.
  26. When Sophie teases Keefe on his fancy clothes, he blushes.
  27. Keefe cheers Sophie up by throwing sand at her, and Edaline smiles at them.
  28. Keefe scoots very close to Sophie as he reminds her that no matter what information the Black Swan tells her, they can never change her because no matter what, she'll always be Sophie Foster.
  29. Sophie holds Keefe steady when he is in shock of learning his father is part of the Neverseen.
  30. Keefe looks into Sophie's eyes and tells her that he is going to make things right and fix things, even though Sophie tells him it's not his fault.
  31. Keefe gives Sophie a heartbreakingly-sad smile as he heads home to Candleshade.
  32. Keefe begs Sophie not to hate him because of his father, and Sophie says that she could never hate him, and reassures him that he will never be his father.
  33. Sophie feels selfish when she is worried about her circlet when Keefe's whole world is falling apart and asks him how he is doing.
  34. Keefe holds Sophie's hand, looks into her eyes and asks her not to make him beg to go with her.

Keeper of the Lost Cities: Neverseen

  1. Sophie holds Keefe's hand when he recalls how his mother ambushed him and his friends.
  2. Keefe offers to share his lufterator with Sophie (but winds up having to share with Dex).
  3. Keefe slides on to Sophie's plesiosaur and they share a short conversation about Lady Gisela and Keefe's bitterness towards her. Due to his closeness, Sophie's heart switches to a hummingbird pace.
  4. Keefe grabs Sophie when she almost faints and begs her to tell him about the conversation between her, Lur and Mitya in gnomish.
  5. Sophie takes Keefe by a river and holds his hand while she tells him about what happened to Lady Gisela. He is angry and sad, and Sophie lends him her shoulder to cry upon. Keefe asks her to stay with him so he won't do anything reckless out of anger, and he leans his head upon her shoulder. Sophie was glad he didn't want her to leave. They stay like that until it becomes dark, then they walk home with their hands entwined. Sophie ensures him that she is always a window away if he ever needs her.
  6. Sophie throws shoes at Keefe's window to get his attention, and after a small talk, he makes Sophie promises that she won't hate him. They confide in each other about having a shaky future and feeling like outsiders. When it is time to go back to sleep, Sophie suggests that they have a "window slumber party" and they both sleep by their windowsills with blankets and pillows and enjoy one another's company.
  7. Keefe offers Sophie his hand when they prepare for the tredgeon to make a pathway to Gethen's prison.
  8. Sophie storms into Keefe's room after he doesn't come out for many days after taking the fathomlethe and tells him that she won't leave until he talks to her.
  9. Sophie begs Keefe to let her help him sort out his memories.
  10. Sophie grabs Keefe's hand after he talks about always wanting to be a Vacker, and how being a Sencen is getting worse and worse.
  11. Sophie says Keefe is one of the best guys she knows.
  12. Keefe tries to make Sophie laugh when she is worried about Fitz, saying that he looked nothing like she did when she was kidnapped and faded.
  13. Keefe holds Sophie steady when they go to see Fitz.
  14. Keefe tightens his grip on Sophie's shoulders.
  15. Sophie's mood shifts when she realizes how close they are. Keefe notices this and, with a slight grin, asks her if she's okay.
  16. Sophie goes through Keefe's memories; memories of his horrible childhood and all the battles with the Neverseen. Sophie puts her hand on his shoulder and reassures Keefe that she thinks he is very brave and that he shouldn't work alone.
  17. Sophie blushes when Keefe asks if she wants a demonstration of how he kissed Biana.
  18. Keefe tells Sophie that he likes her eyes because they are much warmer than blue eyes.
  19. Keefe tickles Sophie's neck and when he tries to do it again, she grabs his wrist to stop him.
  20. Sophie and Keefe, without speaking, have another window slumber party, although this one is much more somber, and Sophie assures Keefe that she is always there for him.
  21. Sophie holds Keefe's hand when he sees his father.
  22. Sophie reassures Keefe that his family problems would never deter her away from being friends with him.
  23. When Keefe gets very upset about having to wait until the next morning to go to Ravagog, Sophie convinces him again to wait for them. He looks into her eyes and whispers that he will wait only because of her, and Sophie's heart flips to hummingbird mode again.
  24. Keefe begs for Sophie to boss him around and include him in on the plan. She begs him to be careful and she tells him that she trusts him.
  25. Keefe grabs on to Sophie when she says they should stay in groups.
  26. Keefe drags Sophie back before she went overboard off of their piece of the Ravagog bridge.
  27. Sophie clings to Keefe when they dive under the water for Linh's protection.
  28. Keefe tells Sophie that he likes his and Sophie's group better, and he saves her from nearly being impaled by a rock.
  29. Sophie leans her head on Keefe's shoulder.
  30. Sophie goes over to sit by Keefe and holds his hand when he tells her that Alvar tried to recruit him into the Neverseen the day before. She reassures him that he is nothing like Alvar.
  31. Keefe and Sophie hold hands when they hear that Calla is going to sacrifice herself.
  32. Keefe gives Sophie his mother's necklace outside the Sanctuary. Sophie really appreciates the gift and wears it immediately.
  33. Sophie holds Keefe's hand when the Councillors appear.
  34. Sophie and Keefe hold hands as they watch Silveny and Greyfell fly away.
  35. Sophie accidentally says to Keefe that she likes him (not meaning it in a crush way) and is worried about him; he reassures her that she doesn't have to take care of him, and then says that is what he likes about Sophie. Her stomach gets all fluttery when she realizes how their boots are almost touching and how she can feel his warm breath on her cheeks. They almost kissed.
  36. Keefe tells Sophie not to worry about him and begs for her not to hate him, but trust him. They are standing really close again and Sophie realizes how dark and long Keefe's eyelashes are.
  37. Keefe is very worried that Sophie is with him and desperately tries to make her go back home.
  38. Keefe jumps in front of Sophie to protect her once Fintan, Brant, and Alvar arrive and pressures them to let her go.
  39. Sophie tells Keefe that she and he could work together to save his mom.
  40. Keefe tells Sophie that he gave her the necklace to remember him by. Instead of branding her, he uses a small crystal he placed on her necklace to send her safely back to Havenfield and begs her not to hate him. The minuscule bead contains two words intricately painted on it: Trust me

Keeper of the Lost Cities: Lodestar

  1. Sophie believes that she and Keefe can beat the Neverseen together, referencing 'Team Foster-Keefe'.
  2. Keefe assures Sophie that he is not like the Neverseen and knows the hard lines, and he won't cross them.
  3. Sophie tells him that they can figure out a plan together, and offers him her hand.
  4. Sophie admits that she cried more than any of her friends about him leaving, but that she is furious with him as well because he stole the cache.
  5. Keefe brushes a fallen eyelash off of Sophie's cheek, and Sophie admits that the past few weeks have been really rough.
  6. He thanks her for believing in him, and Sophie describes his smile as 'glorious'.
  7. Keefe steadies her when her knees wobble.
  8. Keefe tells her that it's nice having someone look out for him and when Sophie tells him he doesn't make it easy, he says it's just another thing they have in common.
  9. Keefe says the thing he missed most about Sophie is her whole adorable-when-angry thing and she replies by saying she misses him too.
  10. Sophie makes Keefe promise that if things got too tough, he'll walk away no matter what.
  11. Keefe says that nothing good ever comes from his mom, but Sophie says "One thing did. One of my favorite things." (Meaning Keefe)
  12. When Sophie finds out the memory which made Keefe join the Neverseen, she hugs him as tight as she can and tells him not to make a joke out of it. When Keefe says he had to, she buries her face in his shoulder and cries.
  13. Keefe says he is always serious, especially when she thinks he's joking.
  14. Sophie states that the intensity of Keefe's stare turned everything floaty and fluttery.
  15. Keefe stroked her cheek.
  16. Keefe said that Sophie could never look bad.
  17. Sophie leaned against Keefe.
  18. Keefe asks Sophie why he got a 'crazy rush' whenever he held her hand. After Sophie explains that she had manifested as an Enhancer, he asked if the rush was a clearer reading of her feelings and looked away as he grinned when she answered, "Probably."
  19. Keefe holds her tight when Mr. Forkle dies.
  20. Sophie holds onto Keefe when she realizes that her human family was not found when she looked for them on her Spyball.
  21. Keefe hooks his arm through Sophie's and tries to keep her calm while they are walking around her human family's house.
  22. Keefe fiercely promises that they'd find her human family when the house appears empty.

Keeper of the Lost Cities: Nightfall

  1. Keefe reaches for Sophie's shaking hand when she worries about her parents and promises her, “We’ll get them back safe. I promise.” She squeezes his hand, twining their fingers together when she knows Keefe has been working hard. Pg 7
  2. Sophie plunges into a terrifying flashback and Keefe tightens his hold on her hand, asking if she's okay. Pg 10
  3. Keefe assures her that he’ll “fix everything“, but Sophie corrects that with, "WE are going to fix this." Pg 14
  4. Keefe's voice is “soft, timid even,” when he asks her if she hates him. She assures him that she would never hate him while smiling at him, and he smiles back. Pg 14
  5. When Alden threw a strong sedative in the room where Sophie was starting to faint, Keefe lunged to catch her. Pg 21
  6. Keefe traces his hand across her braid. He adds that if she's trying to impress him it's working, even if she always impresses him. Keefe says that she must have someone else in mind if she's trying to impress someone (by dressing up) because she always impresses him. Pg 109
  7. Keefe moves closer to Sophie and her throat goes dry as he touches her braid again. His mouth curves with one word until it changes. Pg 111
  8. Keefe watches as Sophie reaches for his hand when he said that he hasn't believed that his 'mommy loves him and misses him' lie for years and as they talk about his mom Sophie comforts him. Pg 113-114
  9. When Sophie asks if he wants to risk everything on a 'pretty sure' and he says that the only thing they're risking is him she says that's way more than she's willing to lose. Pg 114
  10. Keefe wraps his free arm around Sophie while his mom is talking about her kidnapping and her parent's kidnapping. Pg 121
  11. He assures her that they'll get the starstone back the next day and he asks if she knows why. Sophie doesn't respond. Keefe takes both of her hands and Sophie's mind "can't ignore the rush of warmth that tingled through her when she met his eyes" where Keefe replies to her that Team Foster-Keefe is going to win. Pg 140
  12. Keefe gives his cape to Sophie insisting that they can't have her freeze and reminds Sophie that she didn't refuse Fitz's gift when she was given the honor to throw Alvar's award. Sophie didn't want Keefe to be cold, so she scoots closer to Keefe and pins it around both of them.
  13. Keefe holds Sophie's hand when they're talking about the attack on Havenfield.
  14. Sophie worries about the fact that she could have lost Dex (when she kissed him to prove they weren't compatible), but Keefe reassures her that she hasn't and will most definitely not lose him either and says to trust the Empath. When she didn't smile, he leaned in and whispered, "And here's another thing you can count on. You'll never lose me. No matter how any of this stuff goes down." There was a softness to his voice. Maybe even a sweetness. And for a second, Sophie's breath seemed to catch.'
  15. Sophie scoots close to Keefe "Partially to shield herself behind him, but mostly because he was slumped over the railing like a piece of soggy laundry." Sophie asks if he's okay.
  16. Sophie holds Keefe's arms and says she has a bad feeling, but Keefe covers her hand with his and promises that he won't lose against King Dimitar.
  17. During that time Keefe took off Sophie's glove and crush cuffs and twined his fingers with hers where he helped calm her down by channeling her emotions.
  18. Ro calls Keefe's and Sophie's fight a "lovers' quarrel,” and Sophie tries to deny it, while Keefe whispers that Sophie isn't ready to face her feelings.
  19. Keefe noticed when Sophie was losing it in Ravagog. He took her gloves off and synced with her emotions in hopes of calming her down.
  20. Keefe wraps his arm around Sophie saying that Sophie gets worked when she's trying to protect him, but Sophie shoves him away and says he might get killed if he does whatever he wants.
  21. Keefe leans closer and tells Sophie he's sorry, really, and he'll do whatever it takes to make it up to her.
  22. When Lady Gisela says that Sophie's parents' mind will experience trauma, Keefe says not to let any of her words get into Sophie while holding her shoulder.
  23. Keefe knows that Sophie is distressed and blocks Sophie from walking away as he wipes a tear flowing down her cheeks.
  24. When Sophie hears about Human experimentation, Sophie feels like vomiting, but Keefe undid her gloves and shifted her emotions to sooth away the darkness.
  25. Keefe whispered to Sophie, telling her to breathe when he saw her holding her breath.
  26. Sophie fills herself with darkness when she hears that the experimented humans die causing Keefe to scoot closer to her and send more soft glowing breezes to push the darkness away and reminds Sophie to once again breathe from the information she has taken in.
  27. Keefe wraps his arm around Sophie to keep her steady.
  28. Sophie grabbed Keefe's hand when they leap to the beach house.
  29. Sophie worries about how Lord Cassius treats his son and questions if he can handle it. Keefe answers that he can and the thing that worries him is Sophie who's been feeling nothing for the past few days. During that moment Ro chants: "Kiss! Kiss! Kiss!," when Keefe says he needs his Foster back.
  30. Keefe said that Sophie was bugging him to draw something for her room, which barely had anything, as a joke, but Sophie “tackle-hugs” him causing Keefe to say, "Breathing is overrated," and Sophie agrees without loosening her grip on him. In return, Sophie says thank you and Keefe hugs her closer and replies with, "Anytime, Foster." Then she pulls away when Fitz and Lord Cassius arrive at the scene.
  31. When Keefe traces the crease between Sophie's eyebrows, she finds it incredibly hard to come up with an answer.
  32. Sophie feels bad when she realizes that Keefe can get lost in others’ emotions, and hers are even worse. Keefe assures her that it's “worth it” and walks closer to her. She crashes into the wall and he stands in front of her, blocking her from moving, knowing that Sophie's being ridiculous when she said that he should stay away from her, but Keefe claims that he likes to take on a challenge. When he leans in Sophie's stomach flutters as his breath tickles her skin. Keefe starts to say, "You know, there's—," but is interrupted.
  33. During the questioning that Vespera had for Sophie, Sophie shakes from the fear that she held for her parents well being so Keefe wraps his arm around Sophie's waist to calm her shaking.
  34. When Sandor and Grizel take Sophie's parents to Elwin, Keefe reminds Sophie that they'll be alright and sends her a mental breeze which Sophie clings on to.
  35. Lady Gisela pulls out a flashing white object, blinding everyone; as that happened, Sophie clung to Keefe.
  36. In Nightfall, Keefe takes Sophie's hand and tells her not to let a word get into her and that they need to do something else.
  37. Keefe joins hands with Sophie and Linh and when Linh starts to connect the water together. Sophie starts to feel the pull of the water. Keefe asks if she's okay and sends her a blue breeze to calm her mind. When Sophie expresses that she feels the water wanting to take over, Keefe smiles and gives another gentle breeze, saying that they are trying to stop the water, although it would be fun to call her the "Foster of Many Floods."

Keeper of the Lost Cities: Flashback

  1. Keefe tells her she looks perfect, making her blush. Pg 5
  2. When Sophie starts to feel guilty about Kenric, Keefe makes sure she's okay. Pg 7
  3. Keefe steps closer to reach for Sophie's hands. Pg 12
  4. Their eyes meet after Keefe tells Sophie she can trust him. Pg 12
  5. Keefe moves to Sophie's side, whispering that he understands what she's saying.
  6. After the Neverseen attacked Sophie and Fitz, Sophie is unconscious in the healing center when she hears Keefe's voice begging her to wake up, realizing that Sophie is afraid to, Keefe tells her to sleep and sends her mental breezes.
  7. Keefe says he'll leap over to Havenfield if Sophie needs him, even though it means losing his bet with Ro, and Sophie thinks that she doesn't deserve that kind of devotion.
  8. When Sophie asks Keefe to stay after everyone else leaves he says, "Don't worry Foster, I'm not going anywhere."
  9. When Sophie (yet again) promises Keefe she will never hate him, he says: "Well. I guess that's good enough. For now."
  10. Keefe becomes emotional when he learns that Sophie used her one question to ask about his memory and says,'"Thank you for thinking about me,' he whispered. 'No one ever does that.'"
  11. Sophie reassures Keefe that people care about him.
  12. Keefe tells Sophie that she's not a wimp.
  13. Keefe sends Sophie blue mental breezes and tells her, "You've got this".
  14. When Sophie is being chased by one of the mutant troll babies, Keefe tries to divert its attention towards him to save Sophie.
  15. Keefe hugs Sophie and admits that he was worried about her.
  16. When Sophie learns about what happened with Umber, Keefe moves closer to her and lets her lean on him.
  17. Before Sophie goes into the hive, Keefe promises he would be there for emotional support when Sophie got back.
  18. When Sophie comes out of the hive after seeing Alvar "dead", she notes that "Keefe was right where she left him - right where he'd said he'd be - his arms stretched out and ready to catch her, like he'd known she'd be dizzy and heaving by the time she finally fled" then he leads her away from the hive and comforts her.
  19. Keefe takes both her hands and helps her sit down, holding her together.
  20. Lady Gisela says that Keefe "has always been the best at keeping Sophie together during these stressful situations."
  21. When Lady Gisela shoots Silveny with soporidine, Keefe keeps Sophie from falling and sends her mental breezes.
  22. After Tam leaves with Lady Gisela Sophie tells Keefe, "You can't blame yourself for this." Then Keefe pulls her into a hug.

Keeper of the Lost Cities: Legacy

  1. The thought of going into Keefe’s room for the first time makes Sophie’s cheeks warm. Pg. 65
  2. Keefe becomes very flustered after Sophie catches him off-guard and shirtless. Pg. 66
  3. Sophie complimented Keefe’s change in hair, admitting that, “the beachy look really worked for him. Not that Keefe needed any improvement.” Pg. 66
  4. Sophie calls Keefe particularly handsome, noting that he was well aware. Pg. 66
  5. Keefe said Sophie has a cute crease in between her eyebrows. Then, Keefe points out that her feelings seem fluttery around him. Pg. 70
  6. After explaining Tam’s warning to Keefe, Sophie supports Keefe by taking his hand which he holds onto tight. Pg. 73
  7. Sophie gets worried when she realizes Keefe has been taking fathomlethes. Pg. 78
  8. Keefe drew Sophie comforting him at Havenfield (in Flashback) as one of his “happy memories.” Pg. 83
  9. Keefe wishes for the best with Sophie and Fitz by staying out of their relationship. Pg. 85-87
  10. Sophie doesn't know how she is going to live if something happens to Keefe. Pg. 91
  11. Sophie tell’s Ro her secret to ensure Keefe’s safety. Pg. 99
  12. Keefe comforts Sophie by saying that being unmatchable won’t change anything, at least to people who matter. Pg. 101-102
  13. Sophie and Keefe stared at each other. There was an intensity in his stare that made Sophie's heart change rhythm. Pg. 103
  14. Without caring that it might be awkward or what anyone would think, Sophie pulled Keefe into the tightest hug possible, and whispered, "Thank you.“ “Keefe’s breath was warm in her ear as he told her, ‘Anytime, Foster. I'm always here." Pg. 115
  15. When Ro dyes Iggy ice blue, which is Keefe's eye color, she tells Sophie "...So I went with a nice ice blue. The kind of color you can't help but love. Classic. Reliable-". She gets cut off by Keefe, who asks her to talk about anything else. Pg 218
  16. When Keefe tells Sophie he thinks Bronte is her biological father, he sends a lot of mental breezes to calm her. Pg. 225
  17. Keefe says that no one will care if Sophie is unmatchable again. Pg. 229.
  18. When Keefe explained his theory on Bronte being her biological father, Sophie gets really upset and tries to start breaking stuff. Keefe growls, "screw it," and wraps his arms around her, Sophie sinking to the hug. Pg. 230
  19. Caught up in all their hugging, Sophie and Keefe momentarily forget about all the bodyguards in the room and hallway until Ro interrupts. Pg. 231
  20. Keefe takes Sophie’s hand again and sends another breeze, begging for her to not overthink the situation. Pg. 233
  21. When Ro is trying to convince them Bronte isn’t Sophie’s Dad, Ro calls Sophie a “blond hottie,” and Keefe agrees. Sophie doesn’t know if Keefe is agreeing that she is a “blond hottie” or that Bronte’s not her dad. Pg. 233-234
  22. Even when Keefe flashes a smug smirk, Sophie can sense his sadness behind it and pulls him back into a hug. Pg. 237
  23. Sophie admits that she wouldn’t know what to do if she didn’t have him, and Keefe reassures her that she’d be fine. Pg. 238
  24. Keefe calls Sophie, “awfully cute in a crown,” and even though Sophie knows he’s teasing her, she blushes from head to toe. Pg. 238
  25. Keefe stops Fitz from snapping at Sophie and making a stressful situation more stressful then it already is for her. Pg. 242
  26. Sophie mentioned that kissing Fitz in front of Keefe was wrong. Pg. 246
  27. Sophie goes to talk to Keefe about her decision to not reset her abilities because she knows that he won't judge her. Pg. 352-353
  28. Keefe comforts Sophie and tells her that she isn't an imparter and that, "the Black Swan didn't make a gadget. They made a person. So they're going to have to deal with the fact that you have a mind of your own- and a pretty darn smart one too." Pg. 355
  29. Keefe made Sophie laugh with a joke and distracted her from her worries for a minute. Pg. 360
  30. Sophie called Keefe's muscles pretty impressive. Pg. 369
  31. Sophie had to make sure Keefe was okay before she left. And she said, "Thanks for listening Keefe. It really helped." Pg. 371
  32. Keefe had been beside her for nearly the whole 3 days Sophie was recovering from the ability reset. He also sent her green breezes to calm her down. Pg. 500
  33. Sophie worries about what she smelled like because Keefe was with her and she was knocked out for 3 days. Pg. 502
  34. Keefe gently helped her sit up on the bed after she was almost dying. Pg. 502
  35. Sophie thanks Keefe for being there for her. Pg. 503
  36. Keefe says that the only thing Sophie has to be is Sophie Foster. Ro says it was a good one, and Sophie describes her ruining the moment. Pg. 504.
  37. Sophie tries to convince Keefe that his mom had nothing to do with the death of Mr. Wright. Pg. 546 and 553-555
  38. Keefe believes that Sophie will be able to control her enhancing. Pg. 566-567
  39. After Sophie inflicts on Lady Gisela, Keefe asks her if she is okay. Pg. 583
  40. Sophie helped Keefe calm down after Tam took Lady Gisela. She led him to the Panakes tree and wrapped a blanket around him. Sophie hugged Keefe. Pg. 586
  41. Sophie fidgets when Keefe turns to study her. Pg. 594
  42. Sophie gives Keefe E. L. Fudges. Pg. 596-597
  43. Sophie wanted to squeeze into Keefe's chair so she could hug Keefe. Pg. 603
  44. Sophie's cheeks warmed when Keefe said she was confident. Pg. 604
  45. Sophie thought that Keefe deserved so much better than his father's ways of love. Pg. 609
  46. Sophie agrees with Ro that she and Keefe understand each other better than anyone. Pg. 641
  47. Sophie comforts Keefe after learning about his legacy. Pg. 641-642
  48. Keefe tells Sophie she is not failing anything. Pg. 644
  49. Sophie is worried about Lady Gisela hurting Keefe. Pg. 694
  50. Sophie almost started to smile when she and Keefe held hands when Sophie turned off her enhancing. Pg. 700
  51. Sophie grabbed Keefe's hand and put it on her collarbone so he would know what happened with her and Fitz. Pg. 706
  52. Sophie wanted to hug Keefe goodbye. Pg. 707
  53. Sophie promised Keefe she would help him get through the thing. Pg. 743
  54. Keefe said he trusts Sophie and is really glad he met her. Sophie says she is glad she met him too. Pg. 743
  55. They lock eyes across the room and Sophie’s heart aches.
  56. Sophie and Keefe's minds were still connected, and it was like their minds were holding hands. It helped her feel happier.
  57. Sophie tells Keefe she's here and that she won't let him lose himself. Sophie doesn't want Keefe to go. Pg. 747
  58. Sophie runs as fast as she can to get Keefe to Elwin. She tells him to stay with her. Pg. 765
  59. Because Sophie promised Keefe she would get him through this, she tells Keefe about her new teleporting, her conversation with Elwin, that she was scared for him and proud of him, and that he will always be the same. Pg. 774.

Notable Similarities and Differences


  • They have both manifested an ability, possibly more than one.
  • They both have blonde hair.
  • They both have photographic memories.
  • They are both Silveny's favorites and are among the few she trusts.
  • They have both joined the Black Swan at one point.
  • They both see Alden as a father figure.
  • They are both (to our knowledge) only children.
  • They both have stuffed animals (Sophie has Ella and Keefe has Mrs. Stinkbottom).
  • They both currently live in the Lost Cities.
  • They both have some sort of genetic experimentation on them.


  • Keefe is 16 and Level 6 at Foxfire while Sophie is 15 and Level 4.
  • Keefe has ice blue eyes, while Sophie has brown ones with golden flecks.
  • Sophie was born and raised in the Forbidden Cities, while Keefe has lived in the Lost Cities all his life.
  • Keefe is an Empath and an unknown ability, while Sophie is an Inflictor, Telepath, Polyglot, Enhancer, and Teleporter.
  • They both have visited a Forbidden CIty.
  • Keefe joined the Neverseen as a spy before escaping, while Sophie has always been part of the Black Swan.
  • Keefe has a crush on Sophie (revealed in Nightfall Barnes and Noble Edition Short Story) but Sophie doesn't know if she likes him or not.
  • Sophie is a Regent in the Nobility, while Keefe is not.


  • Grady, as an over-protective parent, dislikes it when Sophie and Keefe hang out, although Edaline finds it adorable.
  • Keefe considers himself to be the "President of the Foster Fan Club."
  • Keefe has dubbed their team as "Team Foster-Keefe."
  • In Keefe's short story, he admits his crush on her and vows to always be there for her, "Until she was ready for more."
  • Keefe once did a drawing of her, Grady and Edaline. He also did one of her and all of her friends and a painting of Sophie and Fitz.
  • Ro keeps remarking on Sophie's obliviousness and is a strong supporter of Team Foster-Keefe.


  • "'I know.' She hugged him as hard as she could--not caring who was watching.
Shannon Messenger, Keeper of the Lost Cities Legacy
  • "Keefe gave her another reassuring shoulder pat- but when she flung the pillow aside and buried her face in her hands she heard him growl something like, 'screw it.' Then his arms wrapped around her and she sank into the hug not realizing she was crying until she felt her tears soak into his tunic."
Shannon Messenger, Keeper of the Lost Cities Legacy
  • "And Keefe was right where she'd left him - right where he'd said he'd be - his arms stretched out and ready to catch her, like he'd known she'd be dizzy and heaving by the time she finally fled."
Shannon Messenger, Keeper of the Lost Cities Flashback
  • "'Tonight would've been . . . pretty rough if you hadn't stopped by.' 'I know,' he told her. 'For me too.'"
Shannon Messenger, Keeper of the Lost Cities Flashback
  • "Sophie wasn't sure why her voice sounded so thick when she said, 'It's good to have backup.' 'It is.' His smile softened into something that made Sophie's cheeks warm. And her heart seemed to trip over itself as he leaned close and carefully pinned Krakie to the back of her hand, right in the center."
Shannon Messenger, Keeper of the Lost Cities Flashback
  • "'No, Foster. You look… perfect.' She blushed at the slightest catch in his voice – and then wished she hadn't when he flashed his trademark smirk."
Shannon Messenger, Keeper of the Lost Cities Flashback
  • "From that point on, he only had one goal: to be whatever Sophie needed. Not the hero. Not the one taking charge of everything. Just a guy ready to listen and help and be there for her. A friend. Until she was ready for more."
Shannon Messenger, Keeper of the Lost Cities Nightfall (Extended Edition)
  • "Then he was lost to his floaty dreams, most of which focused on the gold-flecked brown eyes he could never get out of his head."
Shannon Messenger, Keeper of the Lost Cities Nightfall (Extended Edition)
  • " '... And I know you're going to tell me it won't be that simple -- and it probably won't be. But whatever it takes, it's going to happen. Do you know why?' " When she didn't answer, he took both of her hands, and she couldn't ignore the rush of warmth that tingled through her when she met his eyes.
  • 'There was no teasing glint to be found. Just pure determination when he told her, 'Because Team Foster-Keefe is going to win.'"
Shannon Messenger, Keeper of the Lost Cities Nightfall
  • "'Foster, Foster, Foster--always so adorably oblivious. I'm the gift. I'm all yours today--though I might be willing to extend my servitude if you call me the Gift Master.' Sophie rolled her eyes as she smiled. 'You're ridiculous, you know that?' 'And you love it.' His grin shifted into something softer, something that made her stomach tighten."
Shannon Messenger, Keeper of the Lost Cities Nightfall
  • "Grady, meanwhile, was studying Keefe as if he'd never seen him before in his life. 'I'm glad you're back,' Sophie told him, keeping her voice low--just for the two of them. Keefe's smile turned unbearably sweet, 'Me too, Foster. Me too.'"
Shannon Messenger, Keeper of the Lost Cities Nightfall
  • "I don't know if I'm going to make it, Foster. And in case I don't, there's something I need you to know."
Shannon Messenger, Keeper of the Lost Cities Nightfall
  • "'And here's another thing you can count on. You'll never lose me. No matter how all this stuff [crushes] goes down,' there was a softness to his voice. Maybe even a sweetness. And for a second, Sophie's breath seemed to catch."
Shannon Messenger, Keeper of the Lost Cities Nightfall
  • "If I thought there was even the slightest chance we could catch her, Foster and l would be having a slumber party tonight." "No you wouldn't," Grady informed him. Keefe smirked. "Worried I'd prank you?" "Definitely not what I'm worried about."
Shannon Messenger, Keeper of the Lost Cities Nightfall
  • "She threw her arms around his shoulders, hugging him as tight as she could. Maybe if she never let go, she could hold the broken pieces together."
Shannon Messenger, Keeper of the Lost Cities Lodestar
  • "'Is this the best time to reach out to you each night?' she asked. ‘Yep--it's a date. Tell your boyfriends not to be jealous.'"
Shannon Messenger, Keeper of the Lost Cities Lodestar
  • "She shook her head. 'We can beat them together. Team Foster-Keefe, remember?'"
Shannon Messenger, Keeper of the Lost Cities Lodestar
  • "The deep, crisp accent was instantly recognizable. And yet, the teasing words made Sophie wish she'd turn and find a different boy."
Shannon Messenger, Keeper of the Lost Cities Lodestar
  • "'Thanks,' He whispered back, so close she could feel his breath on her cheek. His arms tightened ever so slightly, making her heart switch to hummingbird pace."
Shannon Messenger, Keeper of the Lost Cities Neverseen
  • "Keefe giggled. 'Everyone farts, Foster. It's cool. I still think you're cute.'"
Shannon Messenger, Keeper of the Lost Cities Neverseen
  • "‘You keep trying to fix everything, Sophie. You even fixed Exillium. But you can't fix me.’"
Shannon Messenger, Keeper of the Lost Cities Neverseen
  • "‘I know. It’s one of the things I like about you.’ Her stomach filled with fluttering things, which flitted around even more when she noticed how close they were now standing. The toes of their boots were almost touching, and his breath felt warm on her cheeks."
Shannon Messenger, Keeper of the Lost Cities Neverseen
  • "He stepped closer then, so close she could count the snowflakes in his eyelashes, which were much longer and darker than she realized."
Shannon Messenger, Keeper of the Lost Cities Neverseen
  • "'You're Keefe Sencen. Master mischief-maker. Tormentor of principals. Frequenter of Detention. And one of the best guys I know.' He raised one eyebrow as he turned to study her. 'I'm not the best?' 'It's a three-way tie. And you're also always there when your friends ever need you.'
Shannon Messenger, Keeper of the Lost Cities Neverseen
  • "'Fine, I'll wait until dawn.' His eyes found hers as he whispered, 'For you.' Sophie didn't know what to make of the last part, but her heart flipped into hummingbird mode."
Shannon Messenger, Keeper of the Lost Cities Neverseen
  • "'I can't pretend I'm who you want me to be anymore.'"
Shannon Messenger, Keeper of the Lost Cities: Neverseen
  • "'I'm Batman. I could be your hero any day.'"
Shannon Messenger, Keeper of the Lost Cities: Neverseen
  • "'I don't care about that,' Sophie jumped in. 'I care about Keefe. Look at him!'"
Shannon Messenger, Keeper of the Lost Cities Everblaze
  • "'Thanks. Oh. . . and Sophie?' 'Yeah?' she asked, surprised he was using her first name. 'Please don't hate me, okay?' 'Keefe, I will never hate you.'"
Shannon Messenger, Keeper of the Lost Cities Everblaze
  • "'Not as long as I have you. Fix me, Foster. You're my only hope.'"
Shannon Messenger, Keeper of the Lost Cities Everblaze
  • "'Keefe--' He took her hand, waiting for her to meet his eyes. 'Don't make me beg, Sophie.'"
Shannon Messenger, Keeper of the Lost Cities Everblaze
  • "Keefe scooted close, so close she could see his reflection in the mirrors. 'Well, we both know I'm not good at the serious, supportive thing, so I may be a jerk for saying this but . . . when are you going to realize that they can't tell you who you are? Maybe they can tell you a bunch of weird junk about your past and your family--and I get that some of that might be freaky. But if they tell you that your mom is the most open, go-with-the-flow person they've ever know, is that suddenly going to make you stop being so stubborn or keeping so many secrets?'"
Shannon Messenger, Keeper of the Lost Cities Everblaze
  • "'Whoa, are you crying?' Keefe asked, and she blushed as she tried to smear away her tears. 'You're supposed to cry when bad things happen, Foster, not good things.' 'I know, I'm sorry. I don't know what's wrong with me.' 'I do,' Keefe said, taking her hand as Dex grabbed the other and Fitz and Biana each squeezed her shoulders. 'Absolutely nothing.'"
Shannon Messenger, Keeper of the Lost Cities Exile
  • "'I know I crack a lot of jokes, Sophie, but . . . that's just because it's easier, you know? It's how I deal. But that doesn't mean I don't care. I do. A lot.'"
Shannon Messenger, Keeper of the Lost Cities Exile
  • "Grady rubbed his temples. 'So . . . Keefe Sencen?' 'What about him?' 'What about Dex?' 'What about Dex?'"
Shannon Messenger, Keeper of the Lost Cities Exile
  • "She stared at her hands, trying not to think about the fury she'd seen in Fitz's eyes the day before. 'That no matter what you learn . . . you won't hate me.' 'Why would I hate you?' 'Just promise, okay?' 'Uh, that one's a no-brainer. Still not so sure on the whole letting-you-boss-me-around thing. But the last one's easy.'"
Shannon Messenger, Keeper of the Lost Cities Exile
  • "She waited for Keefe to tease her, but he just scooted closer, lifting her head so it rested on his knee instead of the rocky ground. 'Sorry', she mumbled when the crying fit finally passed. 'For what?' 'I should be braver than this.' 'Um, I don't know if you realize this, but you're the bravest person I know--by far. Freak out all you want. If anyone deserves to, it's you.'
Shannon Messenger, Keeper of the Lost Cities Exile
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