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Keefe and Ro have a competitive friendship. Ro is Keefe's bodyguard, and was appointed to him by Lady Gisela in NightfallThe two have very similar personalities, as they both love getting into mischief, pranking, and upsetting Keefe's dad. In Flashback, Ro and Keefe make three bets throughout the book.

The first bet is when Ro and Keefe have a bet on how long Alvar's tribunal would last, Ro claiming it'd last until sunset. If she won, Keefe would have to wear a metal diaper to school. If Keefe won, Ro would have to call him Lord Hunkyhair from then on. Ro lost, and stayed true to her bet, but eventually began to re-dub him Lord Funkyhair instead.

The last bet is when Keefe learned that Sophie's new Ogre bodyguard was named Bo, and it was confirmed Ro was "acquainted" with him, Keefe made a bet that Sophie could "get the dirt" on Bo and Ro. Ro bet against that, claiming confidently that Bo wouldn't reveal anything, and thus came the third bet, much to Sophie's dismay. This is where the "Ballad of Bo and Ro" was invented. Keefe lost when he visited Sophie, which was against the bet's rules. Ro now gets a free dare to make Keefe do anything. What that will be is unconfirmed.

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