“Linh and Keefe looked just as relieved, clinging to each other as the world smudged and blurred.”

—Narration, in Book 6: Nightfall

Leefe/Kinh is the friendship/romantic pairing between Linh Song and Keefe Sencen.

Ship Names Edit

  • Leefe (L/inh and K/eefe)
  • Kinh (K/eefe and L/inh)
  • Lineefe (Lin/h and K/eefe)
  • Life (Li/nh and Kee/fe)
  • Senong (Sen/cen and S/ong)
  • Keefinh (Keef/e and L/inh)

Moments Edit

Nightfall Edit

  • Linh says that she's "better than okay" with a dreamy expression because Sophie was boosting her and Linh was holding both Keefe's and Sophie's hands.
  • Keefe sends a cool breeze to help Linh with her emotions. And does the same thing to Sophie.
  • Linh and Keefe and Sophie cling to each other as they levitate down to the streets of Atlantis.

Similarities Edit

Differences Edit

  • Keefe is loud, rambunctious, and sometimes considered annoying, while Linh is quiet, shy, and sweet.
  • Linh has a twin, while Keefe is an only child.
  • Linh is a Hydrokinetic, whereas Keefe is an Empath.
  • Linh has black hair, while Keefe has blonde.
  • Keefe has ice blue eyes, but Linh has Silvery Blue eyes.
  • Keefe is a boy
  • Linh is a girl
  • keefe doesn't have dyed hair but linh does.
  • Linh likes tam whereas keefe doesn't.
  • Keefe likes Sophie in a special way, but Linh only likes her as a friend.
  • They live seperate places
  • Keefe's mom is a ruler of the neverseen, and Linh's parents are not.
  • Keefe once joined the Neverseen but Linh didn't
  • Keefe risks his life for Sophie way more than Linh
  • Linh spends Wylie a lot.
  • Keefe joined the black swan with Sophie with 3 others a looooooong time before Linh and tam did.

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