“Linh and Keefe looked just as relieved, clinging to each other as the world smudged and blurred”

—Narration, in Book 4: Neverseen
Leefe/Kinh is the friendship/romantic pairing between Linh Song and Keefe Sencen.

Ship Names

  • Leefe (L/inh and K/eefe)
  • Kinh (K/eefe and L/inh)
  • Lineefe (Lin/h and K/eefe)
  • Life (Li/nh and Kee/fe)



  • Linh tries to warn Keefe not to drink the water from Ravagog.
  • Keefe apologizes for not saving her any water.
  • Keefe wows when she uses her powers.
  • Keefe insults Tam's hair, but doesn't insult Linh's hair.



  • Linh and Keefe are holding hands on the cover.
  • Linh uses her ability and knocks a gorgodon away from Keefe with a wave.
  • Linh hurls balls of water at the gorgodon to distract it from Keefe.
  • Linh and Keefe run towards Sophie together.
  • Keefe offers to hold Linh's hand to help her keep calm and focus
  • Keefe was holding her hand helps Linh to keep calm and focus
  • Linh says that she's "better than okay" with a dreamy expression while holding Keefe's hand.
  • Keefe looks impressed when Linh says she can hold back the ocean temporarily
  • Keefe notices that Linh feels drained
  • Keefe sends a cool breeze to help Linh with her emotions
  • Linh tells Keefe that he's amazing
  • Linh and Keefe cling to each other as they levitate down to the streets of Atlantis


  • Both are elves.
  • Both have attended Exillium and Foxfire.
  • Both have trouble cooperating with their parents.
  • Both are good friends with Sophie.


  • Keefe is male and Linh is female
  • Keefe is loud, rambunctious, and sometimes considered annoying, while Linh is quiet, shy, and sweet
  • Linh has a twin, while Keefe is an only child
  • Linh is a hydrokinetic, whereas Keefe is an empath.
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