Keefe and Fitz is the romantic/friendship pairing of Keefe Sencen and Fitz Vacker. They were best friends at the beginning of the series; they still are, but there is also an implied rivalry for Sophie. They both seem to like her, Fitz giving her many little "gifts" and Keefe sharing things about his mom that he doesn't share with anyone else. Although their friendship has drifted because of how Keefe joined the Neverseen.

Other Names

  • Keeitz (Keefe and Fitz)
  • Feefe (Keefe and Fitz)
  • Fife (Keefe and Fitz)
  • Kitz (Keefe and Fitz)
  • Keez (Keefe and Fitz)


Every time Fitz is jealous of Keefe when he's with Sophie, he's actually jealous of Sophie for being with Keefe, and vice versa.

Similarities and Differences


  • Both are members of the Black Swan
  • Both are elves
  • Both are boys
  • Both canonically have a crush on Sophie
  • Both attend Foxfire
  • Both are in the Nobility
  • Both are in level Six, although Keefe is 15 and Fitz 17
  • Both have manifested. (Fitz as a Telepath and Keefe as Empath)


  • Keefe is 15 and Fitz 17
  • Fitz has begun to fill out his Matching Packet out, and Keefe has not
  • Fitz has two siblings, Keefe has none
  • Keefe has "ice blue" eyes, and Fitz has teal eyes
  • Keefe has blonde hair, and Fitz has dark hair
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