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Keefe and Fitz is a friendship pairing of Keefe and Fitz. They are still best friends, although their friendship has drifted since Keefe joined the Neverseen, altering Fitz's trust.

Pairing Names

  • Keefitz (Keef/e and Fitz)
  • Feefe ( F/itz and K/eefe)
  • Fife (Fi/tz and Kee/fe)

Keez (Kee/fe and Fit/z

Pre-Keeper Edit

  • They have been friends since early childhood but end up being best friends

Book 4: Neverseen Edit

  • Keefe calls Fitz a slacker when he explains that he couldn’t have gone on missions as a toddler
  • Keefe grabs Fitz's wrist and insists he's hiding something, and Fitz grumbles about Empaths.
  • Keefe comments that 'that clawed dude's' (a superhero on a human shirt) shirt might be tighter than Fitz's, who flexes 'rather impressive' muscles and asks if Keefe is jealous.
  • Keefe spots some gelato, saying that he wants some of it, and Sophie rejects his idea. Fitz, on the other hand, agrees with Keefe that getting gelato is a good idea, and Keefe tells Sophie that this is why Fitz is his best friend.

Similarities and Differences Edit

Similarities Edit

  • Both are members of the Black Swan.
  • Both are in Level Six at Foxfire.
  • Both have parents in the Nobility.
  • Both have manifested special abilities.
  • Both have a member of the Neverseen in their family (Lady Gisela and Alvar).
  • Both have saved Sophie's life multiple times.
  • Both currently have a crush on Sophie Foster.
  • Both were not chosen for Team Valiant
  • Both have bodyguards from different intelligent species

Differences Edit


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