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Keefe and Fitz is the romantic/friendship pairing of Keefe and Fitz. They are still best friends, although they have drifted apart since Keefe joined the Neverseen, losing a lot of Fitz's trust.

Pairing Names[]

  • Keefitz (Keef/e and Fitz)
  • Feefe ( F/itz and K/eefe)
  • Feetz
  • Fife (Fi/tz and Kee/fe)
  • Keez (Kee/fe and Fit/z)
  • Vacksen (Vack/er and Sen/cen)



  • They have been friends since early childhood but end up being best friends
  • Keefe's mom pushed them together to get closer to the Vackers and figure out what Fitz was doing in the Forbidden Cities

Book 4: Neverseen[]

  • Keefe calls Fitz a slacker when he explains that he couldn’t have gone on missions as a toddler
  • Keefe grabs Fitz's wrist and insists he's hiding something, and Fitz grumbles about Empaths.
  • When he learns what Fitz was hiding (that he felt "feelings"), Keefe seemed surprised
  • Keefe comments that 'that clawed dude's (a superhero on a human shirt) shirt might be tighter than Fitz's, who flexes 'rather impressive' muscles and asks if Keefe is jealous.
  • Keefe spots some gelato, saying that he wants some of it, and Sophie rejects his idea. Fitz, on the other hand, agrees with Keefe that getting gelato is a good idea, and Keefe tells Sophie that this is why Fitz is his best friend.
  • Fitz is worried for Keefe and tries to cheer him up
  • Keefe tried to joke around about Fitz's incident with the arthopleura, but was too worried about Fitz to do so.

Book 5: Lodestar[]

  • When Keefe leaves to join the Neverseen, Fitz doesn't get mad, and instead cries

Book 7: Flashback[]

  • Keefe is jealous of Sophie and Fitz's relationship but he tries to be happy for them

Book 8: Legacy[]

  • Keefe calls Fitz his "best dude"
  • Keefe says Fitz won't agree to calling themselves "the Keefitzinator"

Book 8.5: Unlocked[]

  • Fitz offers to watch over Keefe while he’s in his coma
  • Keefe wakes up when Fitz is there, and they both work together to see if everyone was okay
  • Fitz was staring at Keefe for a long time while Keefe went through some tests from Elwin
  • Keefe wasn’t sad when Fitzphie broke up, although he tried to hide it
  • Keefe teased Fitz by imitating his accent
  • Fitz read Keefe’s memories to help Elwin figure out what was wrong, but he felt guilty
  • Keefe calls Fitz’s hair “perfect”
  • Fitz tells Keefe he deserves help and it’s okay to accept help
  • Keefe doesn’t want to admit Fitz is right, but he knows his friend is
  • Fitz tries to comfort Keefe, saying having two abilities isn’t bad
  • Fitz teased Keefe and smiled at him, but Keefe felt tension between them
  • Fitz suggests transmitting to Keefe
  • Fitz said Keefe was his best friend
  • “Fitz sighed. “I know. But he was afraid he might lose control of his new ability. It’ll be way different if you use your telepathy. Trust me—I’m his best friend. I know these things. Plus, I saw the look on his face after you left, so I’m sure he’d feel better if you talked everything through. He’s probably been waiting for you to reach out since you guys talk that way a lot.”
  • Fitz reassures Sophie that talking to Keefe will be okay
  • Keefe thought Fitz would be a better boyfriend to Sophie than he could ever be
  • He was jealous of Fitzphie, and the word “we” stung

Similarities and Differences[]


  • Both are members of the Black Swan
  • Both are in Level Six at Foxfire.
  • Both have parents in the Nobility.
  • Both have manifested special abilities.
  • Both have a member of the Neverseen in their family (Lady Gisela and Alvar).
  • Both have saved Sophie's life multiple times.
  • Both currently have a crush on Sophie Foster.
  • Both were not chosen for Team Valiant
  • Both have bodyguards from different intelligent species
  • Both are friends with Sophie Foster


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