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This article is about Keefe's short story in Nightfall. You may be looking for Keefe's short story in Flashback.

The Keefe Short Story is a short story from Keefe's point of view that was part of the Barnes & Noble Special Edition of Nightfall. It's primarily composed of dialogue between Ro and Keefe. The dialogue mainly centres on Keefe's healing process after his sparring match with King Dimitar, with Elwin and Ro as side characters. It shows Keefe trying to escape to help his friends, as well as teasing from Ro about his crush on Sophie. 

This short story is available to read on Shannon Messenger's website under Fun Extras here: https://shannonmessenger.com/keeper-of-lost-cities/fun-extras.html


Keefe's Short Story consists of six days in the Healing Center during Book 6: Nightfall after he duels with King Dimitar.

Day 1: In one of Keefe's first days in the Healing Center and he is not exactly happy with it. He complains to Ro and Elwin to try to get out of it but eventually has to stay.

Day 2: Keefe attempts to escape the Healing Center but Ro tells him that if he doesn't get back in bed, she'll cover him with flesh-eating bacteria.

Day 3: Keefe sends Ro to Candleshade find Lady Gisela's hidden artifacts from the Neverseen on the condition that she can destroy things there, knowing that it is his only way to make it up to Sophie while in bed rest.

Day 4: Keefe, not knowing that it is the Archetype's key, attempts to decipher four small metal bits that Ro had brought back from Candleshade.

Day 5: Keefe confesses his crush on Sophie to Ro when she asks. He also continues to attempt with the Archetype key.

Day 6: Keefe figures out one way of piecing together the Archetype key, although it is learned later in Book 6: Nightfall that it was not the correct way. He vows to be whatever Sophie needs from that point on.

“From that point on, he only had one goal: to be whatever Sophie needed. Not the hero. Not the one taking charge of everything. Just a guy ready to listen and help and be there for her. A friend. Until she was ready for more.”

Keefe Sencen, in the Keefe short story (Nightfall Special Edition)

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