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This article is about Keefe's short story in Flashback. You may be looking for Keefe's short story in Nightfall.

On June 18th, 2019, it was announced that an additional short story from Keefe's perspective will be published along with the paperback edition of Flashback. It was released on the 8th of October, 2019.


This story takes place before the events of Flashback.

The story starts out when Alden arrives at the Shores of Solace to ask Keefe to attend Alvar's Tribunal. Alden explains that he needed a friend who Fitz would listen to if he got upset, and an Empath to monitor his emotions. Alden says that Sophie is also attending and that Keefe needs to make sure that Fitz doesn't get mad at her or say anything he will regret.

The topic shifts to Sophie and Fitz. Alden tells Keefe about "someone who [Alden] was convinced was [his] perfect match, but it turns out that she preferred a close friend of [his]." It is unknown who this person is, or who the close friend is. Alden gives advice to Keefe, which is "let them be happy." He leaves the choice to attend the Tribunal again to Keefe and then leaves before Keefe answers. Keefe decides to attend the Tribunal, and Ro says that Alden just wants to keep "his spoiled son happy" by "getting rid of the competition." Keefe shouts that Sophie is not a prize for him and Fitz to fight over, and heads to his room to get changed. Ro makes him promise that he won't give up, and he responds "I'm not." The story ends with "He wasn’t giving up. He was just... waiting. Being the best friend he could be. Trying not to wreck anything. And hoping, hoping, hoping that someday things would change." 

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