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In Chapter 71 of Nightfall, Keefe gives Sophie two paintings as a gift (done by himself) because he notices she doesn't have many personal items in her room. The first painting is a picture of Edaline, Sophie, and Grady together, with Jolie's Wanderling in the background, looking like a true family.

The second painting is of the main characters standing in front of Calla's Panakes tree at Havenfield. Although the tree is depicted as pink in one of Shannon Messenger's illustrations, in this the tree is a purple-blue because it can change colors. From left to right, it goes Dex, Biana, Fitz, Sophie, Keefe, Tam, Linh, and Wylie. In the chapter, it is stated that Keefe paints the way he interprets them, and it acts as an explanation for why he is painted next to Sophie.

On the back of the paintings, Keefe writes 'family' in the Black Swan's cipher rune. Sophie is at first confused, but then Keefe explains that Mr. Forkle helped him write them. Sophie then fills with gratitude and hugs him.

These two portraits were done by and credited to Laura Hollingsworth (who also drew most of the other official portraits).


Painting 1[]

Note: Keefe paints it in the way he interprets it.

Painting 2[]

Note: Keefe paints it the way he interprets it.

  • Fitz, Keefe, and Sophie are in hero poses.
  • Linh looks a little nervous and shy.
  • Biana is the most dressed up.
  • Fitz's hair is neat and gelled while Keefe's is messy, as he likes it.
  • Keefe paints himself next to Sophie, directly in the center.
  • Wylie looks confident.
  • Tam looks a little angry and wary.

Possible Pairings of Painting 2[]