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Keefe's Legacy

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"Keefe's Legacy" is a main concept in the vision and plans of his mother, Lady Gisela Sencen. She has mentioned it several times, and described it as great and world-changing, but it was never revealed what exactly it is and a lot of it is still mysterious. Lady Gisela's Nightfall may have something to do with it; Lady Gisela has said before that she has planned out a solution to the Elvin world's problems and that, like it or not, her son was part of those plans. It also may have something to do with Keefe’s mysterious ability, which has, as of Legacy, not been revealed. There is also the theory that Keefe's ability will be the ability to block other abilities or take away abilities because the last time Shadowflux and the full spectrum were mixed, Ruy was unable to make force fields.

“Embrace the change.”

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