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This article is about Keefe's gold journal, where Keefe records private memories. You may be looking for Keefe's Brown Journal, Keefe's Silver Journal, or Keefe's Green Journal.

Keefe's Gold Journal is one of the journals that Keefe uses to record his memories. He uses this journal to record memories he doesn't want others to see. We don't know what is in these journals because Keefe keeps this journal private and doesn't let anyone see it. These gold journals were first mentioned in the first few chapters of Legacy, when Sophie visited Keefe to tell him about Tam's warning message.

This, along with the other journals, is kept in a false bottom of a drawer protected by a tripwire at the Shores of Solace

Some fans have speculated that this book is related to the memories that Keefe hid from Sophie and Fitz when they searched his mind in Flashback, as he tinted those memories gold with a telepathic trick that Tiergan told him to do.

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