“I do know how to sedate an alicorn.”

—Jurek, in Book 3: Everblaze

Jurek is a talentless elf who works in the Sanctuary. He is the equestrian caretaker and is mainly in charge of Alicorns. He works closely with both Greyfell and Silveny, giving them baths and monitoring their behavior. He is the first to notice when Greyfell and Silveny started acting oddly towards each other, due to the Neverseen's tampering. He is not afraid to speak out about the injustices of the Council and the inequality between those with special abilities and those without. He does, however, worry about losing his job, realizing how rare it is that someone with his status is so highly trusted. He also seems to genuinely care about the Alicorns. When Councillor Terik visits the Sanctuary, Jurek catches himself, glancing at Terik. Jurek is really nice to Sophie throughout the books that he appears in.

Appearance Edit

Jurek is a tall, skinny elf with thick and long tangled black hair. He wears a dark brown tunic with green patches on it.