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Jolie Lucine Ruewen is the deceased daughter of Grady and Edaline Ruewen.

She was a part of the Black Swan and worked for them as a double agent in the Neverseen, intending to break the group from the inside.

Around 16 years ago, she died at the age of twenty in a fire at her fiancé Brant Alger's house. Brant, a member of the Neverseen, had learned of Jolie's involvement in the Black Swan. In his rage, he was the one to set fire to his own house, ultimately murdering Jolie. She was only a Level 8 at Foxfire when she died.

She was a talented Conjurer, like her mother Edaline.

She was also associated with Vertina, her spectral mirror (now owned by Sophie) , who knew valuable information about her (later discovered by Sophie). Vertina was a close friend of Jolie's and became very sad and secluded in Jolie's room until Sophie moved in with the Ruewens. She was a very faithful friend to Jolie and kept her secret with the password "Swan Song" until Sophie figured it out to crack the code. This code involved her secret diary.


Jolie was a slender, blonde haired girl with turquoise eyes. She is said to have owned lots of laced, frilly purple dresses, and loved fashion and beauty. It is mentioned that she looks very similar to Sophie; Vertina comments on their resemblance but also remarks that Jolie's "hair was shinier than Sophie's" – and she had the most gorgeous turquoise eyes, unlike Sophie's "ugly brown ones"[1].


Elevated on a small hill and silhouetted against the sky, Jolie's Wanderling is a fragile-looking tree with pale bark, dark green leaves, and slender limbs that fan out toward the sun. Soft yellow leaves drape off the end of each bough like Spanish moss, making the tree elegant and wispy. Large blossoms exactly the same turquoise blue as Edaline's eyes blanket the branches, carrying the scent of honey, berries, and sugar.


Match Status: Registered, five lists received

Grady Howell Ruewen[]

  • (father)

Grady is Jolie's father. He cared for her deeply and was heavily impacted by his daughter's death. This caused him and Edaline to seclude themselves in Havenfield until Sophie's arrival and adoption.

Edaline Ruewen[]

  • (mother)

Edaline is Jolie's mother. Like Grady, she cared a lot about her daughter, whose death caused her immense pain. From the way she slipped back into the role of a mother and cared for Sophie, it appears that Edaline was very close with Jolie during her life.

Brant Alger ( REDACTED )[]

Brant was Jolie's fiancé. He was an important figure in the Neverseen and one of three known Pyrokinetics. He sparked the fire that killed her, and deep inside was still regretful. He pretended that his sanity was shattered to get others to trust him more, though the truth was his mind must have still had a few splits since Grady couldn't mesmerize his actual mind, only his body. Jolie and Brant had met at a young age and were going to marry, not caring about the scorn they would face because Brant was considered Talentless, even though he was secretly a pyrokinetic. This meant that he and Jolie would be a bad match since the Matchmakers only match two people with abilities. Jolie always saw the good in him, and when she discovered his place in the Neverseen, she tried to convince him to change. Unfortunately, he lost his temper and ignited the fire that resulted in her death.


Vertina was Jolie's talking spectral mirror and best friend. Jolie told her all of her secrets and would spend time just chatting with her. Before her death, Jolie gave Vertina a clue about where to find a hidden journal of hers and instructed Vertina to only tell the clue to a person who knows the password, which was 'swan song.' Vertina proved to be a loyal friend when refusing to tell Sophie the clue Jolie told her. Sophie eventually figured out the password, and Vertina reluctantly tells her the clue she was hiding and said it was hard to tell her this secret because she had been keeping it so long.

Juline Kalea Dizznee[]

  • (Aunt)

Juline Kalea Dizznee/Disney is Edaline's sister which means that she is Jolie's aunt. Juline is married to Kesler Ardal Dizznee and was a Bad Match. Brant and Jolie when married were going to be a bad match so Jolie likely talked to Juline quite a bit to handle being a bad match. Edaline and Grady's decision to making Jolie finish the Elite Levels without Brant was based on Juline's parents' decision to do just that when she married Kesler.

Kesler Ardal Dizznee[]

  • (Uncle, by marriage)

Kesler Ardal Dizznee is Juline’s husband, meaning he is Jolie’s uncle by marriage. Kesler and Juline are a bad match, just like Brant and Jolie would have been.

Prentice Endal[]

  • (Coworker)

Prentice Endal recruited Jolie to the Black Swan. He was the Beacon of the Gold Tower and overheard Jolie telling her friend that the old ways don't apply to the new ways. She meant it for matchmaking, but Prentice showed her how her ideas could apply to the Council. At first, Jolie resisted, but after the Neverseen tried to recruit her too, she became the Black Swan's double agent. When Sophie read Prentice's broken mind, Jolie was there with a black swan and told Sophie to "follow the pretty bird across the sky," a line from an old Dwarvish poem. After he was exiled, his son was left with his wife, who soon after died of losing her concentration during a light leap and fading. Prentice's son was adopted by Tiergan.

Black Swan[]

  • (Associated Organization)

Jolie worked for the Black Swan deep undercover, finding information about the Neverseen to help them.


  • (Associated Organization/Enemy)

Jolie was a double agent against the Neverseen, spying on them and giving the information to the Black Swan. A fan theory is that Jolie may have faked her death and goes by the alias of Glimmer. It is speculated that she could be using her ability as a conjurer to transport light in and out of the Void.

Sophie Elizabeth Foster[]

  • (Adopted Sister)

Sophie would have been Jolie's sister by adoption if Jolie hadn't died before Sophie came to the Lost Cities. It is said that Sophie and Jolie looked a lot alike. They most likely would have liked each other if they knew each other. They are very similar, in looks and personality, and they both are/were part of the Black Swan. Jolie probably would've thought of Sophie as a sister. Sophie speculated that Jolie may have been her mother, but Mr. Forkle assures her that her theory is incorrect.

When Prentice's mind was still broken in Book 5: Lodestar, Sophie communicated with him telepathically, and he spoke to her through the image of Jolie because he couldn't figure out who he was.


  • Jolie means "pretty" in French
  • Lucine means "light" in Latin
  • In Book 5: Lodestar, it can be noted that her favorite color is pale-purple/lavender.

Book Mentions[]

Book 3: Everblaze[]

Page 87

Jolie's room has Raven LovelyLocks and Liquid Amber Eyes.

Page 109

Vertina tells Sophie that Jolie used Glimmer Dust for her dark circles.

Page 163

For the annual Solstice Gala, (it's implied that the Ruewens hosted this until she died) Jolie had a dress with every other thread made out of Lumenite. The color switches between silver and teal.

Page 193

Jolie had "stacks of sketchbooks, too, filled with gorgeous renderings of landscapes, and creatures, and other prodigies at school." She also owns a book called "The Elemental Guide to Conjuring and Translocation", which is how Sophie discovered she was a Conjurer.

Page 194

According to her match list, Benesh Vacker was Jolie's 24th match, Ollie Heks was her 37th, and Harlin Vacker was her 77th.

Page 199

Edaline said that "'She [Jolie] was six, and we were in a pet store in Atlantis, and they both wanted the same gremlin. Brant offered to let her have it, but Jolie suggested they share, and that was all it took. Instant best friends-completely inseparable.'" and that "'Brant's family was in the Nobility"'

Page 200

Jolie and Brant's wedding decorations included "flower garlands" Grady and Edaline gave Jolie a "fragile headpiece-swirls of gold and silver set with amethysts and pearls and diamonds" the day they blessed her marriage. It's also described as a circlet. Jolie was known to "yell at the matchmakers" over her and Brant's bad match.

Page 201

Grady and Edaline made a deal that even though Brant couldn't go, Jolie would still take the elite levels.

Page 395

Some wedding decorations Jolie had were "tiny silver butterflies" that "spring to life" when someone snaps their fingers.

Page 468

Jolie wrote her "slim lavender journal" using the Black Swan's Cipher Runes." it was titled Reflections.

Page 528

Sophie finds out the Black Swan's Cipher Runes have to be read using a Human mirror.


“Jolie had Grady's light hair and Edaline's bright turquoise eyes. She was striking and graceful and smiling, with rosy cheeks and gleaming white teeth.”

—Narration, in Exile

“If you found this journal, it’s too late to stop him.”

—Jolie's Notebook, in Everblaze

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