Jolie's bedroom is a room on the second floor, across the hall from Grady's office. It was kept as a preservation of the past until the third book. Lacy curtain had blocked most of the sunlight, and there is not proper lighting to make a garden here either. Crystal chandeliers also fill the room, ridden with dust are another lighting feature. A group of objects reflecting on Jolie's youth lied here, which include stuffed unicorns, prattles pins on lanyards, dolls, and books. Two notable photos reside here as well, one depicting Jolie and the other showing Edaline, Grady, and Jolie before disaster turned their lives array. It has been planned to use it as a garden of some form since Everblaze. It is also the hiding place for Jolie's purple notebook, which helps Sophie figure out Brant is part of the Neverseen.

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