Jensi Babblos is a Level Three at Foxfire and one of Sophie's first friends there. He is an energetic boy who helped Sophie find her classes and invited Sophie to eat lunch with him when Dex had detention. He reappeared in Lodestar when Sophie and her friends went back to Foxfire. In Exillium training, he was the only one other than Sophie and Magnate Leto to complete the challenge.


Jensi is a short boy with a round face and messy brown hair.


Jensi has yet to manifest. However, he hopes to be a Phaser, like his older brother, or a Charger. (as mentioned in Lodestar). He also states that Telepathy would be "AWESOME!"


Jensi was one of Sophie's first friends, and the first person at Foxfire to approach her to be her friend. He helped her find her classes and invited her to eat lunch with him and is friends, including Valin.

Jensi is portrayed as having a crush on Biana, asking about where she is when she isn't present in the group and standing close to her when he can.

Valin is part of the Drooly Boys.


  • Some believe that Jensi's older brother is Blur because, in Keeper of the Lost Cities, Jensi referred to his brother's interesting manifesting experience and the fact that he's a Phaser. In Nightfall, when the water washes over him, Sophie says that he is shorter than she imagined with dark hair, and that his features seem familiar. Despite this, Blur refrained from revealing his identity, and so this theory is yet to be confirmed.

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