“It took Brant several seconds to untangle the red string, shredding it to bits as he sank into this chair, bulled out a fist sized cluster of indigoobers from the silver bag, and shoved it into his mouth. Blue drool trickled down his lips as he struggled to chew the oversize mouthful.”

—Narration, page 99, in Everblaze

Indigoobers are round sweets. When you bite them a big "gloop" pours out. There are many different colors and flavors. Brant had liked Indigoobers almost as much as he liked Custard Bursts.

Mentioned Edit

Indigoobers are a bluish-purplish treat from the Lost Cities. They are first introduced when Grady gives them to Brant on a surprise visit when Sophie went to try to heal Brant in Book 3: Everblaze.

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