Imparters are an Elvin invention using technology that allows the user to call other elves' imparters as a method of communication, without any actual physical contact.

About Imparters Edit

Imparters are thin crystal squares that work via voice control.

For example, if you wanted to call Elwin, you would say, "Show me Elwin". Once the person you want to call is connected the device works like a video chat, unless someone messed with the wiring to make it only voice chat, such as Lady Gisela does in Book 6: Nightfall. Sophie has once called them "an Elvin video phone." An Imparter also can display words as a message from someone else, like a text message. They were invented by a technopath named Lady Iskra.

Contacting a Councillor Edit

When contacting a Councillor, one needs to have been given clearance first by the Councillor themselves.

Out of Range Edit

When an imparter flashes "out of range" when trying to contact someone, it means that they are in one of the few places where imparters don't have signal; dark, forbidden places.

Trivia Edit

  • The word Imparter means "an object that tells or relays information."
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