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Iggy is Sophie's pet imp.

She rescued him in Keeper of the Lost Cities when he was stuck in the mouth of a verminion. At first, Grady protested her keeping Iggy, saying that imps could be troublesome, but he eventually gave in and let Sophie keep Iggy after he saw how much Sophie loved him.

Dex likes to give Iggy makeovers, dying his fur different colors and textures though out the series.

Iggy has a friendly relationship with Biana, who took care of Iggy in Nightfall, as well as other times when Sophie was unable to. He also slept next to Biana numerous times in Neverseen. Biana also asked Dex if he could dye Iggy a different color for her.


Iggy originally had black wings, green eyes, and gray fur when Sophie first found him.

In Exile, Dex gives Iggy an elixir, turning Iggy's fur pink and curly. Dex later turns Iggy's fur orange with dreadlocks during Everblaze, blue and soft in Neverseen, purple and puffy in Lodestar, green and silky in Nightfall, yellow and sparkly in Flashback, and is ice blue with crimped fur in Legacy, courtesy of Ro. In the newest book: Unlocked, Iggy has mermaid colors (blue, purple, and green) with stripes. In book 9 (Stellarlune) Iggy (and Ro) are set to be a twilight ombré.


Iggy has notorious "Iggy Breath," which smells horrible due to his stinky diet. "Iggy Breath" makes Sophie cringe every time she smells it. He likes to curl up with Sophie at night and play. One of his favorite places to be petted is his tummy. Iggy is described to have "chainsaw” or “leaf blower” snoring, as described by Sophie. In Flashback, Iggy unleashed a buttload of toxic farts on Sophie when she came back to Havenfield after her recovery. He has been known to release toxic farts and burps throughout the series. Many times, Sophie has said that Iggy has ground shaking/earth rattling farts.


Book 1: Keeper of the Lost Cities[]

During Keeper of the Lost Cities, Sophie learned to talk telepathically to Iggy and give him simple commands. Under Sophie's instruction, Iggy attempted to help Sophie by biting the Neverseen agents who kidnapped her. Imp bites are venomous but not deadly, as Grady has stated.

Book 2: Exile[]

In Exile, Iggy gets jealous of how much time Sophie is spending with Silveny so he starts putting his food in her shoes, under her pillow, etc., in attempts to win her attention. His food includes a type of gross, long worm called a sludger.

In Neverseen, Edaline surprises Sophie with Iggy when she visits to help Sophie hide Kenric's cache. After that, Biana asks if Iggy can sleep with her and she start working with him on a vegetarian diet.

Book 5: Lodestar, Book 6: Nightfall, Book 7: Flashback, Book 8: Legacy[]

Throughout Lodestar, Nightfall, Flashback, and Legacy, Iggy is shown farting/using his 'Iggy' breath, or sometimes comforting Sophie.



  • Shannon Messenger had fans vote on what they wanted Iggy to look like in the 7th book. Sparkles won by a landslide, while it was very close between red and yellow for the coloring.
  • Shannon Messenger had fans vote on the color and style of Iggy in the 8th book. The choices were ice-blue and teal, and ice-blue won. Iggy was ice-blue with crimped fur.
  • The pink dancing Iggy probably refers to Iggy Azalea.
  • Iggy's "Purple Reign" is most likely a reference to Prince, with his famous song, "Purple Rain."
  • The elixir used to turn the stinky imp green was called Greenleaf.
  • Iggy loves chomping on his fur if it is long enough.
  • Iggy was inspired by a Pygmy Marmoset and was originally supposed to be a mini kangaroo, but Shannon Messenger kept imagining him (or her) falling off Sophie's shoulder because of the small arms.
  • Shannon Messenger had fans vote on Iggy's color for Book 8.5: Unlocked, the choices were Mermaid or Unicorn. Mermaid won by a landslide. Iggy ended up being Mermaid with Tiger Stripes.
  • In Unlocked, Shannon Messenger says that an adorable little girl asked her at one of the Exile tour what Iggy's color going to be in Book 3.

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