Humans, also known as Homo Sapiens, are one of the so-called intelligent species on Earth. After they violated the treaty and decided they wanted the world for themselves, the rest of the intelligent creatures were forced to go into hiding. They tried to keep helping the humans with the Human Assistance Program but that needed to be stopped after the humans used elven intelligence to help to create weapons. The Neverseen want to take humans and put them in a Sanctuary.

Human CharactersEdit

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Minor Characters

Elves (Category)
Councillors (current and former)
Councillor AlinaCouncillor BronteCouncillor ClaretteCouncillor DarekCouncillor EmeryCouncillor LioraCouncillor NolandCouncillor OralieCouncillor RamiraCouncillor TerikCouncillor VeliaCouncillor ZarinaCouncillor Kenric Elgar FathdonFintan PyrenFallon Vacker

Stina HeksJensi BabblosMarucaDempseyValinLexRexBexDamel KafutaShayda AdelTrellaAudricHuxley

Sir AstinLady GalvinLady IskraLady BelvaSir ConleyLady AlexineSir DonwellSir RosingsSir HardingLady VedaLady AnwenSir BeckettSir CatonLady DaraLady EveraSir FaxonLady NissaLady ZillahLady SanjaCoach RohanaCoach BoraCoach Wilda

Benesh VackerKesler DizzneeBrisaCaprise RedekCeriCyrah EndalHarlin VackerJujiJurekMarella's DadLuzia VackerMai SongNorene VackerOllie HeksOrem VackerQuan SongQuinlin SondenSilla Heks

Humans (Category)
Foster (Freeman) Family
Amy Rose FosterEmma Iris FosterWilliam David FosterConnor, Kate, and Natalie Freeman
Mr. SweeneyGarwin ChangBethany Lopez

Goblins (Category)
Queen HyldaBrielleBunheadCadocCouncillors' BodyguardsLefty and RightyLoviseWoltzer

Ogres (Category)
King DimitarQueen GundulaCadfael

Gnomes (Category)
CallaBarth the ReaperBrierLurMityaSiorGoraGerdaYuriAmisi

Dwarves (Category)
King EnkiErmeteIrjaKrikorKunYegor

Trolls (Category)
Empress Pernille

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