The Hekses (also known as Logner) are a rude family (at least, according to Sophie, many mentors, and students at Foxfire) that takes a lot of pride in their family name, always trying to up their social status. It is rumoured that one of the Heks family members works in the Matchmaking office and rigged the matchmaking test, which is why Timkin and Vika weren't ruled a bad match, even though Timkin is actually Talentless.

Known Members Edit

Timkin Heks Edit

A talentless elf, the father of Stina and husband of Vika. In Neverseen, it's revealed he is part of the Black Swan, disguised at Coiffe.

Vika Heks Edit

An Empath who works in the Sanctuary. A relative of hers was the Empath that cared for Greyfell which is why their family is well known among nobles. When Silveny was found by Sophie, the Heks' thought they should be the ones to rehabilitate her because their relatives rehabilitated Greyfell, the only other alicorn. In Flashback Vika helps Silveny give birth to Luna and Wynn, along with the help of Edaline Ruewen and Stina Heks.

Stina Heks Edit

A very tall, very skinny, girl who Sophie describes as a 'bean pole'. She has frizzy, curly brown hair and is somewhat of the school bully at Foxfire. She is a Level Three and is an Empath. She is particularly rude to Dex because his parents are considered a bad match. In Flashback, she helps Vika and Edaline help Silveny give birth to Luna and Wynn.

Ollie Heks Edit

Related to the Heks, on Jolie's Matchmaking list.

Silla Heks Edit

Related to the Heks, mentioned in Exile.

She was the elf who took care of Greyfell. Silla Heks noted all kinds of interesting observations about the way her alicorn had affected her emotions. She also thought that alicorns have a special way of inflicting their feelings on others - both good and bad. Silla relocated Greyfell before the KOTLC series. 

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