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The Foxfire Healing Center (also called the Foster Center by Keefe Sencen, because of the sheer number of times she has had to visit) is where Elwin works. Sophie goes to the Healing Center frequently. For example, in Flashback, Sophie and Fitz are attacked by Umber during a training session, and they spend a significant amount of the book getting better in the Healing Center. As a matter of fact, the healing center houses a bed specifically for Sophie. It has a picture of her dancing as a mastodon at the Level Three Opening Ceremonies hanging above it.

There are four beds in this room. It was once thought that Elwin should put a picture of Keefe up next to it, as he is the runner-up for Most Frequent Visitor to the Healing Center. In Flashback, it is stated that Keefe rested his head against the wall which contained the framed pictures of him and Sophie in their costumes from the Foxfire Opening Ceremonies.[1] Bullhorn the banshee also resides at the Healing Center. The Healing Center is divided into three rooms: Elwin's personal office, an alchemy area, and the treatment area. The treatment area contains rows of cots for the patient to rest/sleep in and many shelves filled with healing elixirs, balms, poultices and salves. Elwin is a Flasher and uses his abilities to check his patients' vitals/conditions. Elwin is known for giving away stuffed animals to his patients, such as Mrs. Stinkbottom, Mr. Snuggles, and Betty the Yeti, whose name was later changed to Lady Sassyfur.

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