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The Hall of Illumination is a hall in the Silver Tower at Foxfire Academy.


The hall is made of two rows of mirrors, one on each of side. There are at least twenty mirrors in the hall. Each mirror is designed to teach the Level Eight prodigies something about themselves, and one of the requirements for commencement (graduation) is to figure out what each of them means.

To master them all would be achieving true wisdom.


Each mirror reflects a different aspect. The Human Mirror lips the reflection, the Cimmerian mirror multiplies shadows, and the Lodestar mirror reflects pure light. The other mirrors and their purposes are unknown.

It can be said that the Neverseen use the Lodestar Mirror as a way into Foxfire. It can also be noted that Sophie got one of her headaches from a mirror in the Hall Of Illumination, which led to yet another Elwin visit.

Known Mirrors[]

Human Mirror[]

This is about the prodigies learning something about themselves.

Lodestar Mirror[]

It reflects pure light. In Book 2: Exile, Sophie looks into it and faints. In Book 5: Lodestar, it serves as a guide to the Cimmerian, the mirror across from it.


It has the ability to multiply shadows, which can be manipulated by Shades, and it is also one of the tougher mirrors to decipher as many are distracted by their altered appearance. It also serves as a secret entrance to a Neverseen room with the Lodestar symbol, which formerly allowed you to leap to any of the Neverseen's sixteen former hideouts. It is one of the hardest for Prodigies to understand==See also==

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