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Gwynaura (Star)

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{{Youmay|the star: Gwynaura|the [[Gwynaura (Hideout|Gwynaura Hideout]]|Disambiguation = }}
'''Gwynaura''' is a star mentioned in the series that [[Sophie Elizabeth Foster|Sophie]] has memorized the position of.
'''Gwynaura''' is a [[Solo Stars|solo star]], meaning that it is unaffected by the light of other stars, and therefore has pure white light. It is one of the stars on the Lodestar map, and was used as inspiration for [[Gwynaura (Hideout)|one of the Neverseen's former sixteen hideouts]]. It is also a star that [[Sophie Elizabeth Foster|Sophie]] has memorized the position of.
== Neverseen Hideout ==
The [[Neverseen]] name their hideouts after solo stars, which are stars that aren't in any constellations, or near any other stars (they shine pure white light), as revealed in [[Book 5: Lodestar|Lodestar]]. One major Neverseen hideout was called Gwynaura, and was one of the first Sophie and her friends accessed.
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