Not much is known about Gulons, except how they were involved in the Great Gulon Incident, which took place three years before Keeper of the Lost Cities book one, and may or may not have been masterminded by Keefe.

They are described to be bright green, and are associated with stinky gas.

The twenty-ninth floor of Candleshade that had hidden Lord Cassius's favorite cape was rigged with gulon gas. According to Keefe, poop blasts out of them like a geyser.

Unlocked Description[edit | edit source]

Incredibly stinky greenish creatures that are rarely seen aboveground (though a number became visable during the Foxfire's infamous Great Gulon Incident). Their bodies are similar size to a large rabbit, but shaped more like a rodent - with the exception of their noses, which elongated like an anteater's.

Known Gulons[edit | edit source]

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