Eddy; or Gredaline, is the romantic pairing of Grady and Edaline Ruewen. Grady and Edaline are married and have remained close and supportive of one another through tough times in life; such as their daughter Jolie's sudden death. Despite their loss and a few mishaps Grady and Edaline have been able to be fantastic parents to their adopted daughter Sophie Foster. Because of the loss of their daughter, Grady and Edaline understand each other better than most other elves, whom rarely experience loss, do.

Characters Shipped Status Rivals
Grady Ruewen and Edaline Ruewen Married None

(Other) Names

  • Gredaline (Gr/ady and Edaline)
  • Eddy (Ed/aline and Gra/dy)

Similarities and Differences


  1. They are both elves
    File:Grady and Edaline.jpg
  2. They have both experienced losses (while most other elves have not)
  3. They both grew up in the Lost Cities
  4. They both rehabilitate animals


  1. Grady is a Mesmer while Edaline is a Conjurer
  2. Grady doesn't trust Keefe but Edaline seems to mostly like him
  3. Edaline has amber hair & turquoise eyes; Grady has blonde hair and blue eyes


  • In the first book, Edaline seems to have the most trouble dealing with Jolie's death and Grady seems to be the one supporting her but throughout the novels, one begins to see that Edaline is just as tough as Grady and supports him as equally as he supports her. They also cancel the adoption of Sophie Elizabeth Foster, but they take it back at the end.
  • Grady was Edaline's 3rd match and Edaline was Grady's 7th

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