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Gredaline, or Eddy, is the romantic pairing of Grady and Edaline Ruewen. Grady and Edaline are married and have remained close and supportive of one another through a rollercoaster of tough times; such as their daughter Jolie's sudden death and possibly murder. Despite their loss and a few mishaps, Grady and Edaline have been able to be fantastic parents to their adopted daughter Sophie Foster. As a result of Jolie's demise, Grady and Edaline understand each other better than most other elves, (whom rarely experience loss due to the elves' elongated lifespan), do.

Other Names[]

  • Gradaline (Grad/y and Ed/aline)
  • Gredaline (Gr/ady and Edaline)
  • Eddy (Ed/aline and Gra/dy)
  • Graline (Gr/ady and Ed/aline)
  • Grine (Gr/ady and Edal/ine)


Keeper of the Lost Cities[]

Similarities and Differences[]


  • They have both experienced the loss of ,their daughter.
  • They both grew up in the Lost Cities.
  • They both rehabilitate animals.
  • They are both friends of the Vackers.
  • They both love Sophie.
  • They both like Dex.
  • They both live at Havenfield.


  • Grady is a Mesmer while Edaline is a Conjurer.
  • Grady doesn't trust Keefe but Edaline seems to like him, although she has been warned against trusting him too much before.
  • Edaline has amber hair and turquoise eyes, while Grady has blonde hair and blue eyes
  • Edaline has a sister, while we don't know if Grady has any siblings


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