Goblin Throwing Stars are a type of metal weapon used by most goblins. They are handmade, and, according to Sandor, one blade is always a bit lighter than the others, while another blade is a bit heavier. It makes a very small difference, depending on the way you throw it. Sophie is depicted on the cover of Flashback throwing a star at an unknown and unseen person, revealed in the book to be Tarina the troll. Keefe also used goblin throwing stars to wound Lady Gisela, and successfully sliced her shoulder. Sandor and Grizel also use throwing stars, as well as swords.

Quotes[edit | edit source]

“"Of course there are variations. One blade is always slightly lighter than the others, and one is always slightly heavier, and whichever you choose to throw with makes a difference, both in how the weapon spins, and how it slices through the air."”

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