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Gnomes are a very peaceful species of plant-like species that assist the elves in day-to-day life. It's a symbiotic relationship, with the elves protecting the gnomes and the gnomes assisting the elves by growing plants and attending to any tasks that interest them as they do not need sleep. They can manipulate trees roots to carry them or make them grow.

In Neverseen, the plague was released and hundreds of gnomes were affected. Calla had to give her life and become a Panakes to cure the gnomes and save the species.

It was also discovered that the same plague had been released on the gnomish leaders many years ago. The leaders died and became the Four Seasons Tree. Their dying wish was for the Council not to tell the other gnomes what had killed them.

Since then, the gnomish species recognizes no official leader. When represented in diplomatic caucuses, they select an ambassador to represent them; this is seen in Lodestar when Thales the Sower was selected at the drafting of the new ogre treaty.

It was a gnome who showed Sophie Lady Gisela being dragged into a cave, carved with a shamkniv.


Gnomes look more like plants than animals, with rough, brown, earthy skin and bright green teeth and thumbs. They are described to have large gray eyes and have the height of a first grade/elementary school student. They also are mentioned to be wearing clothes woven from plants often.

Similarities With Plants[]

As a species, gnomes themselves are quite plant-like, which explains their innate connection with nature. They derive nourishment from sunlight rather than food, and eat at their leisure. Gnomes shift into Panakes trees themselves once they run out of energy after thousands of years. Some, like Calla, do this early as a sacrifice for their species. Their minds are like forests and their language sounds like rustling leaves.

Known Gnomes[]


  • Their minds are like a forest.
  • Their singing helps plant life.
  • They used to live in Serenvale, but the ogres claimed the area, which is now named Ravagog.
  • In Everblaze, it reveals that at least some of the gnomes who work at Havenfield live in "a grove of tree houses on the property".
  • Gnomes can see vanishers when they vanish because they have glints of life around them.