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Glimmer is a defected Neverseen member and a Flasher. In Legacy, she made the etherine bonds for Tam's wrists that let the Neverseen control him. However, later in Legacy, she breaks those bonds and leaves the Neverseen.


Book 8: Legacy[]

During the battle in Loamnore, she breaks Tam's ethertine bonds so he can help Sophie and her friends, and offers assistance to help Sophie.

Later, after the Loamnore battle, she's invited by Tam to live with him and Linh. However, she refuses to tell people her real identity and show herself, keeping herself hidden underneath her cloak. Tam seems to trust Glimmer very much, though Glimmer is still guarded by Botros, or more commonly known as Bo, one of Sophie’s bodyguards, who seems to be threatening Glimmer constantly. Sophie is also seen questioning her loyalties.

More about her is revealed in Tam's Short Story. Glimmer tries to make friends with Tam while he is with the Neverseen, but he is determined to ignore her at all costs.

Book 8.5: Unlocked[]

When Sophie and Fitz attempt to persuade her to give them any information she knows regarding the Neverseen, Glimmer initially snaps at them and claims they have ulterior motives and tells them that she doesn’t want to be on a side that constantly loses- however, after Tam's persuasion, she eventually admits she knows some information lets them use a Starstone hidden in the hem of her cloak to travel to the Neverseen’s storehouse. She claims to have used a light trick to make Gisela think that the star stone was defected. She then grabs her belongings from the storehouse, not sharing what is inside. Glimmer encourages Sophie to burn down the storehouse, and remarks that that they are finally playing by the Neverseen’s rules, and that she thinks they might have a chance of “winning.”

Identity Clues/Theories[]

  • Long black hair
  • Flasher
  • Female
  • Sounds like Linh
  • Trusts Tam (and vice versa)
  • Likely a teenager (according to vocabulary/attitude)

The only female flashers we know of are Luzia Vacker, Councillor Clarette, and Cyrah Endal. It is also possible that she is a new character that hasn't been introduced, or Eleanor Wright.


“So the fact that you never wear your hood–is that a protest? Or because you want everyone to see your awesome bangs?”

—Glimmer to Tam, in Tam’s Short Story

“If you break my cat statue, I'm going to be super mad!”

—Glimmer, in Unlocked 8.5, page(s) 723, Hardback

“But what's the point of being 'better' if you keep getting beaten? You want to do some actual good in this world? You need to take them down.”

—Glimmer, in Unlocked 8.5

“"I just . . . don't understand why you have to be so stubborn," she said to him. "You don't have to be all alone here. You could have friends."”


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  1. [1] Biana calls her this on page 668 of Unlocked, in Chapter 9 of the Unlocked Novella