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Gethen Inar Ondsinn is a current member of the Neverseen, and is their only known Telepath.



Gethen has been with the Neverseen for at least eleven years, as he was the one who recruited Ruy Ignis(who is twenty-nine now and would have been around seventeen or eighteen when he was recruited)straight out of Exillium.

Book 1: Keeper of the Lost Cities[]

Gethen was sent to San Diego in an attempt to kidnap Sophie. He posed as a human jogger running with his dog and tried to get Sophie to follow him down the street, but was forced to leave when Mr. Forkle arrived and told him to get lost, threatening to call the police thus Gethen's exit.

When Sophie and Fitz meet at school, Sophie thinks she sees Gethen's face, but whether he was there is unknown.

Much later, Brant, Gethen, and Alvar kidnap Sophie and Dex, taking them to the Neverseen's Paris hideout. Gethen serves as mental security, monitoring Sophie's thoughts and telling Brant when she tries to telepathically reach out for help. After Sophie and Dex temporarily escape, Gethen makes the mistake of showing his bare hands, which allows Sophie to notice the dog bite scar and confirm him, although not by name, as the jogger from before.

Book 2: Exile[]

Although it is not confirmed, it is possible that Gethen was one of the five Neverseen members who attempted to kidnap Silveny.

Book 3: Everblaze[]

Gethen was present during the ambush on Mount Everest. He temporarily incapacitated Sophie with two melder blasts, but was knocked out after Fitz returned fire and hit him with a melder blast of his own. Choosing to prepare for the next phase of the timeline early, the Neverseen left him behind, allowing him to be captured by the Black Swan. Before Gethen was led away, Sophie punched him in the nose with a Sucker Punch, breaking it and causing it to become permanently crooked.

Book 4: Neverseen[]

Following his capture during the Everest Ambush, Gethen forced himself into a coma-like state so that the Black Swan would not be able to gain any information out of him, verbally or telepathically.

After the Black Swan staged a fake rescue, believing that he would wake up if he thought the Neverseen had come for him, Gethen comes out of his coma, wanting to talk directly to Sophie. While he was temporarily distracted, Mr. Forkle probed his mind and discovered that the Neverseen had plans involving Merrowmarsh, as well as the tracking enzymes that had been placed under Gethen's fingernails. Having learned all they could for the time being, Sophie, Keefe, and Mr. Forkle left, and Squall came back later to remove the tracking enzymes from Gethen by freezing off his fingernails, who had gone back into his coma.

Following the Black Swan's failed attempt to break Prentice out of Exile, they made a deal with the Council, agreeing to trade Gethen in exchange for Prentice. Although it seemed like a bad trade at first, Mr. Forkle reasoned that they had already exhausted their efforts on Gethen, so the Council might have better luck with him. Gethen was taken into the Council's custody and was moved to the dungeons of Lumenaria.

Book 5: Lodestar[]

Gethen remained in the Lumenaria dungeons for several months, continuing to be impervious to all Telepaths trying to penetrate his mind. Councillor Oralie eventually sets up a meeting, allowing Sophie, Mr. Forkle, and herself to go down and interrogate Gethen. There, Oralie tells him that if he gives them information, the council would move him somewhere where he could feel time pass by. Sophie ends up making an agreement with him, promising to tell him if the Peace Summit has occurred, he would tell her about Cyrah Endal's involvement with the Neverseen. Both answer truthfully, with Gethen revealing that starstones were Cyrah’s involvement with the organization.

After fellow Neverseen members Fintan, Brant, and Ruy are captured and held in the dungeons, Gethen and his co-conspirators used outward mental channeling, releasing the pent up energy Gethen gained from his time in captivity to bring down the Lumenaria castle on the night of the Peace Summit. While in the process of escaping, Gethen tried to make good on his earlier threat, tracking down Councillor Oralie. Mr. Forkle saved her life by using a mind trick to force him to back off. Brant came to Gethen's aid, but Mr. Forkle retaliated and shoved him into the path of falling debris, killing him. Upset over Brant's death, Gethen stabbed Mr. Forkle in the stomach with the sword in the stone, which had been freed by rubble, and fled as his victim bled out and died.

Book 6: Nightfall[]

Gethen wiped all of Alvar Vacker's memories in preparation for the next phased of the timeline, which was later learned in Flashback.

While the battle played out in the Nightfall complex, Gethen and Ruy met with Wylie outside in the Atlantis plaza, asking him some questions about Prentice. There may have originally been a bigger plan to kidnap Wylie, but Gethen probably scrapped the plan after Ruy left to help Lady Gisela.

Book 7: Flashback[]

Gethen led the battle during the desert ambush, ordering Umber to torture Sophie, Fitz, and Sandor for information about Wylie's whereabouts. He also brags about killing Mr. Forkle, not realizing that his twin is still alive. After Ruy's force fields are destroyed by Wylie, Gethen and the other Neverseen members flee.

Gethen shows up once again at Everglen, pausing to try and goad Fitz into killing his brother, Alvar, as well as brag about murdering the goblin guards stationed around the perimeter. Once Alvar's memories were restored, Gethen led them all to the experimental troll hive. He had no reaction when Umber was mortally injured by the newborn trolls, and responded with only quiet interest when Ruy's force fields were taken down by Tam. Realizing they were no longer protected, Gethen, Vespera, and Ruy light leaped away, leaving Umber behind.

Book 8: Legacy[]

After Lady Gisela forced Tam to join the Neverseen as a replacement for Umber, Gethen immediately probed his mind, learning many Black Swan secrets including the involvement of Tiergan, Juline Dizznee, and Timkin Heks; the fact that the deceased Mr. Forkle had an identical twin; Mr. Forkle's alternate identities as Magnate Leto and Sir Astin; the location of Alluveterre; and any information the Black Swan had already learned about the Neverseen.

Gethen shows up with Vespera in the Loamnore plaza while the battle plays out in the Grand Hall, convincing the dwarves to turn against the Councillors and members of Team Valiant, then light leaps away.

Book 8.5: Unlocked[]

Neither Gethen nor any members of the Neverseen were present in Unlocked, but Sophie is revealed to believe Gethen is the villain they should be focusing on(as it’s possible he’s a Keeper and Sophie is confident she can surpass his mental barriers), and that she believes it’s possible that Gethen may be waiting for Vespera and Lady Gisela to “take each other out” so he can become the new leader of the Neverseen.


Gethen has swept blonde hair and piercing blue eyes, and is physically fit from all the training done at the Neverseen's various hideouts. He also received a crescent-shaped scar on his hand after the dog he was jogging with bit him as he tried to kidnap Sophie in Keeper of the Lost Cities. In his subsequent capture following the Everest Ambush in Everblaze, Gethen's nose was broken and permanently crooked after Sophie punched him, and he had all ten of his fingernails frozen off by Squall to prevent the Neverseen from tracking him.


Gethen has a brutal sense of humor, often bragging about the people he has murdered. He will frequently toy with Sophie and the others, manipulating them by leaving useless trails of information that lead nowhere. His interaction with Sophie and the Black Swan are usually sarcastic, or morally degrading to them. He also appears to have an unusually strong resistance to guilt.

Abilities and Skills[]

Gethen is a powerful Telepath, being a Washer capable of completely wiping someone’s mind of their past. He is adept at hiding secrets within his mind, as Mr. Forkle, a talented Telepath, has failed repeatedly at searching his memories in their previous encounters.

Gethen knows how to outward channel, as shown when he helped destroy Lumenaria in Lodestar.


Lady Gisela (Leader/Ally) - Gethen frequently interacts with Lady Gisela, and is usually involved in her plans.

Ruy Ignis (Recruit/Ally) - Gethen recruited Ruy straight out of Exillium. Gethen also expresses worry over Ruy in Legacy.

Mr. Forkle (Victim/Enemy) - Gethen was the one who killed one of the Forkle brothers.

Cyrah Endal (Victim) - to prevent Cyrah from divulging information about the Neverseen, Gethen injured her while she was light leaping, causing her to fade away.

Sophie Foster (enemy) - Gethen’s interactions with Sophie are demeaning, with him frequently taunting her in their encounters.


“Besides, all he said was to bring her in alive. He didn't say anything about untouched.”

—Gethen just after dropping Sophie Foster with a melder blast, in Book 3: Everblaze

“You’re choosing the wrong side, boy. You’ll regret it when you see your mother’s vision realized. But then it’ll be too late.”

—A captured Gethen manipulating Keefe Sencen during his interrogation, in Book 4: Neverseen

“But wouldn't it be ironic if someday I used that blade to chop off your pretty head?”

—A captured Gethen threatening Councillor Oralie, in Book 5: Lodestar

“This is what happens when you capture people. It lights a fire in their loved ones that burns wilder than Everblaze.”

—A captured Gethen when Sophie Foster tells him the Neverseen tried to capture Wylie Endal, in Book 5: Lodestar

“How’s the Black Swan faring without their bloated leader, by the way? I still have the sword. I’m sure I’ll find another use for it eventually.”

—Gethen gloating about murdering Mr. Forkle, in Book 7: Flashback

“Does it bother you knowing that you'll always be weak because your creators were too afraid to make you strong?”

—Gethen manipulating Sophie during the desert ambush, in Book 7: Flashback

“Told you I’d find another use for it eventually. I do hope those guards weren’t friends of yours.”

—Gethen taunts Sandor and Grizel after he kills the guards at Everglen, in Book 7: Flashback


  • The name Gethen means "dark" in Welsh.
  • The middle name Inar means "one warrior" in Scandinavian or "battle leader" in Old Norse.
  • The surname Ondsinn means "evil" in Swedish.

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