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The Gateway to Exile is a quicksand patch that leads to the Entrance to Exile. It can easily be overlooked because it is located in a scorching hot, empty desert, no signs of life, with streams of sand leading to it. Alden and Sophie take the journey to Exile for Fintan's memory break, their secret mission together. In Legacy, Mr. Forkle shows Sophie that it is in the middle of the Sahara Desert, with Exile being underneath.

Unlocked Description[]

In truth, there are no striking geographical features to identify the Gateway to Exile amid the endless scorching desert—but given that it's the first means of access to an underground prison where the worst criminals from all the Intelligent Species are kept, that's largely to the point. Those granted permission to enter Exile are provided with intricate instructions for how to find the pool of quicksand that will allow them to sink to the Entrance of Exile, where dwarves will be waiting to make sure they have the required piece of Magsidian before allowing them to continue down the long, winding flight of stairs to the center of the earth. The final step takes place in the The Room Where Chances Are Lost, where magsidian is used to open the door into Exile, a spiraling prison that winds in on itself, filled with horrible sounds and horrible cells—though the worst part in the Somnatorium (where the "hopeless cases" are permanently sedated.)

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